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Outing with Chen Su Lan Part 2 (Kite-Flying)

Event: Outing with Chen Su Lan Methodist Children Home
(Home for the Children with musical talents)
Target Audiences:
Children with loss of a family member experiencing a divorce or death of a significant other.
Children who are orphans
Children who are from broken families.
Date: ? September 2010
Number of Volunteer participants: TBC
Meeting Place: TBC
Meeting Time: TBC
Time: TBC
Person-In-Charge: Nancy (Programme Co-ordinator)
Person To contact: Jiawei (84902397/ 91645826)
Confirmed will be having loads of fun, laughter and enjoyment with the active children

Code of Conduct for Volunteers
Please be reminded of the guidelines stated in the acronym

Children have rights to their privacy and so you are advised not to ask for their personal information.

Hand all gifts, food and sweets for the children to the staff to distribute.

Entry to the children’s bedrooms is not allowed. Volunteers are advised to gather at the dining hall if they arrive early and leave the premises after the program.

No smoking in the Home compound. No children are allowed to be brought out of the Home without the CEO’s permission

Should the children ask for your contact number, please inform them to ask permission from the staff instead. Should the children reveal any personal details about themselves, please note that it is confidential.

Unless it is beyond your control, please inform us if you need to make sudden changes to your program.

Leaving valuable items and belongings lying around in the Home is not encouraged. Please approach the staff for a proper storage place or assign someone to take care of them.

Always check with the staff when in doubt of our rules and regulations, e.g. volunteers are advised to dress modestly; no skimpy outfits, spaghetti stripes, tube tops, mini shorts, no attires that suggest negative impressions or influences.

Never fail to inform the staff if the children misbehave or are disobedient and rude to you


Dear Organizer / Sponsor

RE: Outing with Chen Su Lan ChildrenHome
(Event Title)

Thank you for organizing / sponsoring the above event for Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home.

As we are a gazetted Home, we would like to highlight the following guidelines with regards to photo-taking or video recording of residents:

To obtain permission from staff before any photos or video clips of any child / children are being taken
To ensure that photographs or video clips of the event uploaded onto Websites / Blog pages or published in any media do not show the faces of our residents
To forward photographs or video clips with our residents to the Home for our clearance before they are uploaded or published

We seek your understanding on the matter as we aim to exercise sensitivity and safe guard the privacy of children under our care.

Policy explained by: __Ms Nancy___ Date:___6/4/2010______
(Name of Staff)

Name of organizer / sponsor : ____Ng Kar Wei_______

Signature: _____Freddy_________

Details soon under construction...

Yes List:
1) Deenie
2) Chermayne
3) Claraguigui
4) Emolisher
5) abcboy
6) Yunise
7) -Rokugatsu-
8) Krystal
9) Sentinus
12) Zimin
13) krked
14) Astray07
15) Tokomi
16) +1
17) Soupdude
18) Sabrina
19) Shanice
20) Amethyst17
21) joker105
22) frankcnh
23) FBI
24) xiaowen88
25) SaviourZala
26) J13z (Youjie)
27) Kokojun
28) aa
29) Tingsin86
30) Alfordlord

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