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Old 31st July 2013, 07:42 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Clubs here offer "X-rated" entertainment to draw in the crowd

Clubs here offer "X-rated" entertainment to draw in the crowd

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 - 06:30
Jennifer Dhanaraj
The New Paper

SINGAPORE - Clubbers, clearly excited, queue at the side of the elevated podium, looking up at women clad in bra tops and short skirts gyrating on the laps of men.

Nearby, women clubbers gather at an ice sculpture of a man with an erection. Some women pose next to the sculpture, some sip from a strategically located straw.

That cheap thrill is free. For a lap dance, however, clubbers have to buy a $200 bottle of Ron de Jeremy rum.

Jeremy, of course, is a famous American porn star. Sounds a bit X-rated? Well, that's the point.

The activities were part of the promotions at Chameleon Club Lounge's "X-rated party" on Friday night.

One of the scantily-clad dancers, who wanted to be known only as Sophie, told The New Paper that men had been steadily queueing all night to get their lap dances.

Mr Ralph Lee, the 38-year-old sales manager of the Ron de Jeremy brand here, said: "It's just all for fun - it's an appropriate theme for the drink, and everyone enjoys it.

"In fact, the numbers at Chameleon Club doubled on Friday night."

When The New Paper visited the club at about 12.30am, both the indoor club and the larger outdoor area - 4,200 sq ft space with a maximum capacity of 300 patrons - were packed.

It is not the only nightspot that is upping the sex factor to draw the crowds. Just last month at Chijmes, Club Lava caused a stir when it offered the highest-spending patron at its opening night a 10-second kiss with notoriously busty Chinese model-actress Gan Lu Lu.

She also played suggestive games like "suck and blow", using jelly shots, with some members from the audience.


Do such promotions cross the line of acceptable behaviour? No, said Mr Lee.

"We think it's all right for us to hold such parties. As long as it is legal, we will carry on. After all, every one is of age and willing. There's no harm."

The age limit at Chameleon and Club Lava is 18 and above, although both clubs have an older clientele.

Chameleon's patrons are mostly above 30 while Club Lava tends to attract those in their mid-20s and late-30s.

A French expat, who did not want to be named, got a free minute-long lap dance at Chameleon. He said: "I was a little shy at first, but it was fun."

And it wasn't just the men who were enjoying it. A 28-year-old financier, who wanted to be known only as Diane, got a free lap dance from the topless male dancers courtesy of her friends, who paid for the bottle of rum.

"I have never been to a party like this, but I've really enjoyed myself so far. I like grown-up fun," she said.

The Arena at Clark Quay also holds weekly themed parties, organised by events planning company Alliance Initiative, that feature sexy models who are paid to mingle with partygoers.

Alliance's business development manager Isaac Netto said: "Our parties often feature themes like school girls or military so the girls would wear sexy outfits to get the clubbers going."

He added that there would be some ice breaker games involved. "Some of the games we play include tying a knot in a cherry stem using the tongue," he said.

The Arena has also hosted the suck and blow jello shots. "It's cheeky, but it doesn't go overboard and it's definitely not illegal," said Mr Netto.

Clubbers seem to welcome such activities.

Miss Jolene Su, a 28-year-old administrative assistant who was at the "X-rated party", said: "It's about time we have parties like this.

"While music plays a huge part in the clubbing experience, I would like for there to be other elements that enhance the clubbing atmosphere and sexy parties are one of them.

"In a way, it makes everyone loosen up."

In the same way that some clubs choose to focus on inviting renowned DJs, others choose to draw in the crowds with risque parties, said Mr Netto.

"The club scene here has become extremely saturated in recent years, with a new club opening every other month. "So clubs are doing everything to differentiate themselves," he said.

Are such acts condoned by the law? Under the Public Entertainments and Meetings Act, bars and nightclubs that want to provide any form of public entertainment, including music, singing or dancing, need to apply for a Public Entertainment Licence.

The managing partner of Efocusholding, which runs Club Lava, Mr Zach Wen, told TNP that they have toned down after turning up the heat for its opening with the appearance of Gan.

"We knew that she would help put our name out there, especially to our target audience of affluent Chinese clubbers in their mid-20s to mid-30s," he said.

"Club Lava is not about sex and sleaze. In fact, we want to be known as a club that plays commercial dance hits while selling affordable drinks.

"Those sexy games were just a one-time thing that we did for fun."

What do comparatively tamer rivals say?

The manager of marketing and music at Kyo, Mr Kavan Spruyt, 33, said: "Frankly, I can't pass any judgment because the clubs are just thinking of creative ways to make it out there in the club scene.

"Of course, instead of sex, we choose to offer the whole experience by providing good food as well. So, to each his own."

But some nightspot operators and partygoers think that risque parties are going a bit too far.

Director of The Emerald Hill Group, Ms Heather Seow, 56, who is also a committee member of the Singapore Nightlife Business Association, said:"It is inevitable that some outlets will try to push the envelope to compete for business because the scene is saturated. But they have to make sure they do it within the realms of the licensing conditions.

"In the short term, they may be successful in getting more business, but in the long run, it is possible that these clubs may get into trouble with the police if they are found to breach the licensing conditions."

Clubber Jasmine Tay, a 20-year-old student, said: "I usually go on the clubs' Facebook pages and if I see many posts with a scantily-clad model, I know it's not for me. I'd rather pay more for good music."

Another partygoer, 28-year-old bank clerk Natasha Teo, said: "With all these girls gyrating their hips furiously on podiums and coming down poles, I feel like I could be in a strip club and that's not what I signed up for."

Risky business

Clubs are walking a thin line because such acts may be considered "improper" under the law.

All nightspots have to be licensed under the Public Entertainments and Meetings Act, which requires bars and nightclubs to apply for a licence when they want to feature music, singing or dancing.

But the Licensing Officer may also suspend or cancel a licence if the acts are deemed indecent, immoral, offensive, subversive or of improper nature. Could such risque activities at the clubs be considered indecent or immoral? Some parents think so.

They fear that their children may be influenced by such acts.

Taken advantage of

Mrs Helen Ng, 49, who has a 19-year-old daughter, worries that her daughter would be taken advantage of at such clubs.

She said: "If my daughter is playing such suggestive games, other men might think she is game for anything."

Madam Isabel Fernandez, 53, whose daughter is 23, said: "I don't want my daughter to become over-sexualised just because the clubs are going in that direction. Considering that porn is illegal in Singapore, I'm shocked that such a drink is actually being promoted and celebrated - in such a sexualised way as well."

But others think it's about time that Singapore loosens up. Mr Nicholas Lim, 28, a real estate agent, said: "This will only make our nightlife scene more vibrant.

"This kind of 'specialisation' also gives us more choices - now we know where to go if we want to have fun that goes beyond the music."

Miss Joanne Soh, 25, agreed that there is nothing to fuss about, adding: "There are so many options here, which is precisely why they have to resort to these gimmicks. So those who are bothered can simply walk away and go to another, safer bar."


"Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth". - 1 John 3:18
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one more year to go...
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Re: Clubs here offer "X-rated" entertainment to draw in the crowd

well I doubt anyone would try to take advantage otherwise he would get permanent scars on his backside.

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