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I Want to Choose my Own Personal Nickname Now!

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Old 1st May 2009, 10:16 AM   #1 (permalink)
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DS FAQ: For newbies and veterans alike!

Right. As previously stated this is my first attempt at a FAQ. Should you have any input or spot any errors please post replies and I'll go and fix em as soon as I can.
Hope this helps all the DS virgins out there as well as the current DS owners.

Basics :
The difference between the DS and Dslite.
Where do I get one and how much should one cost? Packages?
Checking your purchase.
Region Coding?

__________________________________________________ ____________________________________

The difference between the DS and Dslite:

Aside from their aesthetic differences both systems are similar with the exception that the Dslite has a “Screen Brightness” option in its menu. This option controls the brightness of your screen display from OFF to SO BRIGHT YOU CAN PLAY IN THE DARK WITHOUT DESTORYING TOO MUCH OF YOUR EYESIGHT THOUGH YOU SHOULDN’T DO IT TOO OFTEN CAUSE ITS REALLY BAD FOR YOU.

I would recommend getting the Dslite as it is the supposed up-grade to the DS. Anyways you can’t find the old one in most shops anymore its not like you have a choice

Where do I get one and how much should one cost? Packages? :

I do not want to go and sell shops but there are a few pointers you should know:

1.The price of a Dslite has fallen in the past few months so expect to pay around $240 for the set alone.

2.You should always buy a screen protector when purchasing a DS thus together with the system it should cost around $250

3.Some shops sell sets in packages (with games) so you should scout them on reliable websites like http://ds.ign.com/ or http://ds.1up.com/ to see what games might suit you as they might not have the title your looking for hence having to settle for another one. You do not want to end up with crap like Tao’s Adventure. A package should cost $260-$290 depending on the popularity of the game.

Please read the threads that talk about the various gaming consumer experiences the members have experienced and make the necessary judgments in choosing the appropriate shops to purchase your DS.

Checking your purchase:

1.Look at the exterior of your DS. Check for cracks or scratches very carefully by holding it against the light. Pretend you are an antiquities dealer if you must.

2.Open the Ds and check the buttons (X, Y, B, A) on the set (L, R) on the top left and right of the set and the D pad. Make sure all buttons spring up properly.

3.This is mucho important. Turn on the Ds and check both screens for dead pixels. What are dead pixels? These are tiny tiny squares on your screen that do not display anything. By turning the Ds on the light should aid in spotting those pesky dead pixels. If they are present point them out to your game dealer.

4.The other stuff you should check for in your DS set is the stylus (there should be two) and the charger (make sure you recognize the pins are insert-able into your power socket).

5.All DSes have a 3 month warranty by our (in)famous distributor Maxsoft. Be sure to ask the procedure in reporting the defaults in your handheld. Reliable game shops usually help send in faulty DSes for you.

Region Coding:

There is none. You can play US (United States of America), EUR (Europe), JAP (Japanese) DS and GBA games on your DS handheld as long as you understand the language. Bear in mind that JAP games are usually more expensive ($15-$30 more) than US ones.

Multi-tasking on your DS (aka The Singaporean DS experience)

__________________________________________________ ____________________________________


Well now that you’ve gotten that shiny new DS let us look at how you can protect it from yourself and your friends/relatives/life-partner from damaging it.

1.Screen protector. These are the most important accessories you should get for your handheld. A good screen protector will help prevent scratches when you get carried away with scribbling with on your bottom touch screen.

I would like to take the opportunity to tell you that the DS touch screen does not have a sensor that responds to the force of your tapping so please do not get carried away when using the stylus. You are not trying to kill a vampire with a stake. Be sure to tell that to those who’re gonna borrow your DS as well.

I recommend brands like Hori which might be expensive ($18) but you know you’re getting good quality protection from that thin film of plastic. Cheaper brands offer protection as well but some films might be thick and sticky which might affect stylus gameplay.

I would also recommend asking the shop you’re buying from to apply the screen protector for you as it is a tricky business. Make sure no pocket bubbles and dust are present after the affixing of the protector. A good sign that the guy knows what he’s doing is when he uses this infant nasal pump-thing to blow away the dust on your screen before laying the protector.

2.Coverings. The exterior of the Dslite is prone to many different dangers ranging from the insignificant (thumb prints) to the major disfigurations (the keys which share the same compartment space as your DS) so getting a cover is the next important thing you should get. There are a variety of covers sold in many of the game shops and it depends on what suits you best.

Those who wish to carry all the available accessories known to the DS world might choose a bigger pouch that acts as protection or there are those who buy plastic coverings to affix on their DSes like the ones you see on mobile phones. Those who like to carry other games with them can op to buy a separate casing that house multiple games at once.

I belong to the latter. I've got a Blackhorn plastic covering with interchangeable rubber lining and a separate casing that holds 9 DS cards and 2 styli. Places like the game shops I’ve mentioned and Comics Connection are good scouting grounds for such covers.

3.Headphones. Standard headphones you use for your mp3 players are adequate for the DS. That long port on the side of the headphone jack is for the microphone. You can purchase a headphone/microphone combo like those you use for skype but you have to get those that are specially designed for the DS. The official ones are expensive ($60) while 3rd party ones range from $20 onwards.

I do not advise getting a combo so soon as many games do not support the microphone function and even if they do it is minimal. More 3rd party combos will be present as Pokemon Diamond & Pearl nears the launch date (22nd April 07) so you’ll have a wider range then.

4.Game Card Holders. These are found rampant in many game shops and like the covers are up to the individual's preference. There are no “bad” holders per se but getting a casing that houses multiple cards at once are the better choice as you won’t have to dig into your bag for separate game cards.

That’s about all you need for accessories. Don’t bother with the other stuff like spare batteries and such cause DS gameplay lasts from 10 to 15 hours and might void your warranty if the casing is removed.

Multi-tasking on your DS (aka The Singaporean DS experience)

So I’m sure you’ve been comparing the DS with then other handhelds out there in terms of multi-functionality. You’re wondering what else can the DS do besides “play games”.
Well your basic DS set does not allow you to do anything but you can purchase other Cards/Carts should you wish to turn it into a multi-function device.

Play-Yan: This Cart that goes into the GBA slot of your DS allows you to play mp3s as well as H.264/MPEG-4 AVC videos. You have to buy an additional SD card which stores the music/video files. The Play-Yan also allows you to play mini-games which can be downloaded from the Nintendo Japanese Website. The interface is in Japanese so you gotta be able to understand the language in order to use the player.

Nintendo Mp3 Player: Like the Play-Yan, this player was released in Europe can play mp3 files but not video ones and features an independent headphone jack.

Nintendo/Opera browser: There are two types of software for this. One is designed for the DS and the other the Dslite. Bear that in mind should you choose to purchase them. The browser comes with a Card and Cart and both have to be inserted in order to use the system properly. The software makes use of the Wi-Fi settings you have saved in your DS. The touch screen is used for input and the page can span both screens. This browser system works well in places where you have to log on to a url site in order to access the internet connection (which basically means everywhere outside yr home). However, the loading of a website is slow (even though you are using broadband) and the browser does not support Java, Flash and movie files. The only files they support are Jpeg and Gif.

So there ya go. I would like to point out that the media players are difficult to get in Singapore and along with the browser, are expensive. Personally, I think that the DS is a great gaming handheld and should only be viewed as that. Investing in a good mp3 player would be much cheaper compared to importing a player for the DS, not to mention the better audio quality.

Mission Start!

The different parts of your DS and how to use em
Charging your DS
Configuring your DS profile
__________________________________________________ ____________________________________

The different parts of your DS and how to use em

Ok. Because I do not know how to put pictures on the forums (and I’m too lazy to learn) I will explain the different parts with text.

Right, so there’s nothing much to see here cept for the power indicator on the top right which is also visible when you open the DS.

When you are playing with the DS the light will be GREEN

When the battery is running out the light will be RED

When you’re connected to the Wi-Fi network or playing a local network game the light will flicker GREEN

When you’re connected to the Wi-Fi network or playing a local network game and your battery is running out the light will flicker RED

The top left and right sides of your DS are the L & R buttons respectively. They are also known as shoulder buttons as they are situated on the “shoulder” of your DS.

In the middle of the shoulder buttons is your DS Game Card slot. This is where you put in your DS game. Push your Game Card in once to insert it and push it in another time to take it out.

On the left of your DSlite rests the stylus. Its easy to access it when you’re playing games as all you need to do is bring your index finger off the R button to the top of the stylus and pull it out.

On the bottom is the GBA Cart slot. This is where your Gameboy Advance games are inserted. Push it in to insert it and pull it out when you want to remove the cart. I have not heard of any GBA game that will not function on the Dslite so I guess its safe to say that most of your old games would work. Also don’t be alarmed if your GBA cart juts out of the slot as the Dslite was designed in a way that it happens.

The middle is where the GBA slot is like I previously mentioned while the left is the volume control of your DS. Slide it left to lower the volume and slide it right to increase it. On the right is the previously mentioned headphone jack. The circular jack is where your standard earphones would be inserted while that rectangular one is for the microphone function.

The middle is where the DS slot is. To its immediate right is the port where you insert your charger and to the right of that is the R button. To the left of the card slot are two tiny holes where you can dangle your strap/toy/keys from and to the extreme left is the L button. I seriously advise against putting your keys there.

The middle is the previously stated stylus slot while to the right of that is the power switch. Slide it right (it will return to its original position) to turn your DS on and slide it one more time to turn it off.

In the middle, the screen displays the same quality graphics as the one below it but does not posses the touch screen function so you can’t use your stylus there. The six holes on each side of the screen are your speakers.

The right side of the hinge is the previously explained power indicator. The hole in the middle with the engraving of the word “MIC.” is of course your microphone.

This screen has the touch screen function. This is where you will be able to interact with your games. On the left is the standard D-pad with the four directions while the X,Y,A and B buttons are situated on the right. The select and start button is on the right hand side as well.

Charging your DS

The typical charge time for the DS is eight hours. Yes the light goes off after four but usually the first time charge takes that long. Subsequent recharges need not be that long as you can remove the DS when the light goes off. The charging light is in orange.

Configuring your DS profile

Step 1: Turn on your DS and take out your stylus.

Step 2: Touch the touch screen once to proceed past the “Warning- Health and Safety Screen”

You will now be in the launch screen. The top screen displays the time and date.

On the touch screen:
The top rectangle displays the image of the DS game card along with the title of the game. Touch it if you want to start playing your DS game.

The middle left rectangle is the PICTOCHAT function that allows you to launch the chatting software of the DS. Its kinda like MIRC but no one really uses it.

The middle right rectangle is the DS Download Play function which I will cover later.

The bottom rectangle displays the GBA game that is inserted. Touch it if you want to launch your GBA game.

The bottom left of your touch screen is the brightness display. There are four kinds of brightness which can be configured by touching the sun icon.

The bottom right of the touch screen is the alarm clock. Touch it and it will prompt you to turn on the alarm you have set.

The bottom middle is where you configure you DS settings. Its icon is a miniature picture of the DS. This is where you should touch.

Four icons with different colors are displayed: Pink. Blue. Green. Yellow

Step 3: Touch the pink icon. You will be presented with 3 pink sub-icons.

The top icon gives you the option of starting your game immediately when you turn on your Dslite. I recommend you do not change these settings as you never know when you might need to launch other applications like the DS Download.

The middle icon gives you the option of choosing your language for the system. This however applies only to the primary functions of the DS and does not affect the game you are playing.

The right icon gives you the option of where the GBA game should be displayed.

When you are done press the “Go Back” button or “B”

Step 4: Touch the blue icon. This displays 3 sub-icons as well.

The top icon is where you configure your date

The bottom icon is where you configure your alarm

The right icon is where you configure your time

When you are done press the “Go Back” button or “B”

Step 5: Touch the green icon. This displays four sub-icons.

The top icon configures the system’s color scheme of your DS. This has no effect on your games.

The middle icon is where you input your nickname that will be displayed to other players when playing networked games.

The left icon is where you input your birthday. I know, why is it such a busybody right? Well there are certain games that give you special items or events on your birthday. A good example is Animal Crossing; residents give you presents in your mailbox on your birthday.

The right icon is where you can choose to input your catchphrase or personal message which is not normally viewed when playing networked games. So you shouldn’t bother.

When you are done press the “Go Back” button or “B”

Step 6: Touch the yellow icon. This option is the stylus calibration screen. Touch the middle of the box 3 times and you’ll be done with the calibration. I recommend doing this at least once when you first purchase the DS for a more accurate gameplay experience when using your stylus.

When you are done press the “Go Back” button or “B”

You are now done with configuring your DS profile. Press “B” or “Quit” one more time and the DS will shut down to save its settings. You are ready to PLAY!

I lie. You have to configure your W-Fi settings if you wanna play online with the rest of the world.

Mission Start! (Part 2)

Configuring your Nintendo Wi-Fi connection
DS Download Play

__________________________________________________ ____________________________________

Configuring your Nintendo Wi-Fi connection

Things you need:

A DS (duh)

A wireless broadband connection with WEP security or no security at all

A game that supports the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection
(Clue: There is a blue circle with the words “Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection” on the box of the game)

I’m using Starhub as an example of how to connect to the Wi-Fi network. For Singtel users you might have to read the other thread about how to configure your settings.

Step 1: Turn you DS on and start your game

Step 2: Scroll down to the “Wi-Fi Settings” option of your game and select it.

All Wi-Fi enabled games will lead you to the same “Setup” page. Touch the big blue square that is written “Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings”

Step 3: Tap “Connection 1”. Then Tap “Search for an Access Point”

The Ds will then search for a Wi-Fi network and display its findings. Should you not find the network you wanted tap “Search Again” to erm… Search for the network again.

The left column displays the names of the routers. The middle the types of security and the right the strength of the signal.

A blue unlocked icon means that the network is not secured by a WEP key and can be accessed by the DS to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

A red locked icon means that you will have to enter a WEP key should you choose to utilize that particular network.

A grey lock means that the DS does not support the security functions of your router.

Choose the network that you have set up and the DS will automatically do a connection test. Should you encounter any errors go to the url provided to see what’s wrong with your settings.


You can store up to 3 different network configurations on your DS.

DS Download Play

The DS Download Play function allows players who do not posses the game you have to play a limited version of the game independently or co-operatively using information from your game card. It is a good way to introduce games to other DS gamers.

Things you need:

2 DSes

A game that supports Download Play
(To check look at the back of your box and you should see an icon with 2 DSes; one with black screens and the other with white)

The dude without the game:
Turn on your DS and select the “DS Download Play” function in your main menu.

The dude with the game:
Start your game and scroll to the option “Download Play”.

There are many games which give different names to the “Download Play” option so I guess you gotta find out which is it through trial and error. Its not that difficult but should you not be able to find it check your game manual.

After both parties have accepted the transfer all that’s left is to enjoy the game.

DS FAQ: The other stuff section

Anything else I missed? If so post a question and I’ll (do my best to) answer it here.

Can I play both the DS game and the GBA one at the same time?
No. That’s ludicrous.

What is this SuperCard thing?
It is a pirated device that allows you to steal games. If you buy such hardware you are basically a thief. You wouldn’t want people taking credit for your work, thus give the developers their rightful dues. Also, it makes the thousands who bought the game feel bad cause you are getting it for free while they had to work for theirs. Don’t be an ass.

I would also like to point out these devices are unstable and should Nintendo find a way around such piracy they can brick your system like what Microsoft did with their Xbox360s.

Good games to recommend?
I would recommend you going to reliable websites like
http://ds.ign.com/ or http://ds.1up.com/
Alternatively I could try to set up a thread that recommends games by members who already own a DS.

Firmware upgrade? Versions?
There are no firmware upgrades hence no “versions” of the DS thus you can buy DSes from anywhere as the language is changeable.

Sleep mode
Your DS can be put to sleep. This means that the game is still running and the system is still on but now they're on energy saving mode. All you have to do is close your DS. The power indicator will flicker green throughout sleep mode thus reminding you that the DS has not been turned off.

Most of the time people use sleep mode when they cannot find a save point in their game and have to stop playing for awhile.

Service Center

You can bring you DS in for servicing at
190 Middle Road, #10-04, Fortune Centre, S188979

Check the website for opening hours.

Note: Credit to benedict_x from gameaxis for making this awesome guide..i just post here to share with you all


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Re: DS FAQ: For newbies and veterans alike!

wow! nice guide the faqs pricing is based on local sets not export sets pricing


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