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Local_Fan 24th April 2014 12:07 PM

Gurmit Singh

Singapore’s very own Jim Carrey, and cultivating a large following with his disarming comic persona, Gurmit Singh is a unique personality well-loved by many. His versatility and multi-faceted talents as a comedian, host, singer, actor makes him a hit with the audience wherever he goes.

Helming the award-winning sitcom “PCK Pte Ltd” as Phua Chu Kang, ‘the best contractor in Singapore, JB and some say, Batam’, Gurmit has penetrated the public’s consciousness with his engaging portrayal of an uncouth Chinese blue-collar worker and created a MediaCorp icon recognised by all. His talents were vindicated when he and “PCK Pte Ltd” won numerous awards at the Asian Television Awards; and himself honoured as the reigning Comedy King after winning the coveted Best Comedy Actor for five years (1998-2001 & 2003).

Best known as a comedian, Gurmit revealed his dramatic flair when he portrayed a rigid disciplinarian father who was guilt-stricken when his son disappears in “Shiver”, a science-fiction series. As a host, Gurmit has done it all, captivating masses with his charisma and talents. Besides having his own talk show and anchoring Singapore Idol, he is regular fixture at “National Day Parade”. His silver screen debut in 2001 with acclaimed director Eric Khoo in “One Leg Kicking” sees him in the lead role Tai Po, an underdog who finally succeeds in pursuing his dream of becoming a soccer star.

Local_Fan 24th April 2014 12:14 PM

Re: Gurmit Singh

maverick 8th April 2015 12:22 PM

Gurmit Singh sold his Lamborghini and downgraded from bungalow for family
Gurmit Singh sold his Lamborghini and downgraded from bungalow for family

As the clock ticked past midnight on New Year's Day this year, actor-host Gurmit Singh did something he had not done in the last 20 years - he wished his family "Happy New Year" in person.

It is perks like this that make the 50-year-old local celebrity grateful that he gave up his full-time acting career last November.

He said: "My family and I were on a flight back from Europe, and we wished each other 'Happy New Year'. It was very surreal. I am glad I could do that."

Gurmit, who is married with three children aged two to 18, has been making effort to spend time with each of his kids individually.

He recently went to Bali with his 14-year-old son, where they spent time catching up like friends.

He plans to take his eldest child on a vacation in December after she completes her studies.

For Gurmit, leaving showbiz meant he had to make some financial adjustments, including selling his Lamborghini and downgrading from a bungalow to a three-bedroom condo.

But there is no financial pressure on him as he is still hosting shows on an ad hoc basis.

These days, Gurmit is very selective about his acting gigs, as he wants to make family his priority.

He said "yes" to the role of Mr Boo, a stern and solemn discipline master, in new movie Young & Fabulous, as he had a good working relationship with director Kelvin Sng on local film Taxi! Taxi! (2013).

When asked what his plans are after filming, Gurmit said calmly: "Nothing! That's the good thing as a freelancer - I get to choose what I want to do these days."

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