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Old 6th November 2009, 01:33 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Healthy hair starts here

Healthy hair starts here

By Shirley Ho,
Posted: 05 November 2009 2010 hrs

SINGAPORE: We all wash our hair, who doesn't, but if you make a dash to your bathroom for a quick splash and scrub with the nearest bottle of shampoo within reach, you may have clean hair. But is it healthy?

Zhang Ziyi

Keeping your hair both healthy and clean isn’t a difficult task, all it takes is just a little time and attention.

First stop, your shampoo shelf.

If your hair is dyed you should be using shampoos and conditioners that are specially formulated for coloured hair, and some can even be used daily according to Mabel Yeo, Consumer Division Manager of Hoyu Singapore.

The Japanese colour brand has products specially formulated for coloured hair maintenance which help to close the hair cuticle and maintain the vibrancy of dyed hair.

"Hair in its natural state is slightly acidic while hair dyes are alkali in nature" said Yeo who lists salon available colour shampoos and conditioners like Hoyu Beautylabo ColorCare and the Professional Promaster Home Care Set, as suitable after-care products to restore the original pH condition of hair.

But just as a person needs to vary his diet with different foods, it's also important to change your shampoo after a while.

Much depends on the level of the sensitization of the hair and scalp as Wendy Ng, L'Oreal Professionnel Education Manager points out.

"It is recommended to use the shampoo that is suitable for chemically treated hair for maintenance for a period of time. Likewise, after a hair and scalp treatment, the shampoo recommended usually has the same treatment effect."

Those whose tresses are more problematic such as hair that's dry but with an oily scalp, her advice is "use the oily scalp shampoo for cleansing the excessive oil on the scalp and choose a conditioner mainly for the dry hair."

Sometimes, you may find your hair taking a turn from its usual state and surprisingly, it happens after a holiday.

The reason is, while the trip may leave you stress-free, your hair may not take kindly to the changes, so if you take a winter trip for instance, your hair could ends up getting drier.

Simply changing shampoo for a while may not do the trick.

"You will need something richer, something more nourishing for a period of time, to get back the nourishment, the moisture, then perhaps after that you can resume your normal shampoo and conditioner," says Ng.

In the L'Oréal Professionnel Série nature range available in salons, is the Oïiss Softening shampoo.

Touted as a softening and nourishing shampoo that also gently cleanses, it contains green oils, such as avocado and grape-seed used for centuries for their softening power.

In a product test by two reviewers, both found that the shampoo left hair feeling soft to the touch immediately.

Some may not like the way the shampoo leaves hair feeling when semi-dry, which is slightly ‘heavy’ as if with a coat of heavy conditioner or hair oil.

Fortunately, the hair doesn’t appear stringy or greasy and dries off to a healthy, glossy shine with a strong, pleasant scent that’s reminiscent of sun-tan oil.

Whether hair is left to dry on its own or blown with a hair-dryer, you will find that normally fly-away hair is much more tame.

When used together with the Oïliss anti-frizz treatment, hair becomes even more manageable and supple.

While you may have found the right shampoo to use, the other big question is, just how often should you wash your hair?

"A daily wash should be adequate," said Mabel Yeo the Consumer Division Manager of Hoyu Singapore.

"However, it is generally not advisable to shampoo your hair more than two times a day, as this will excessively strip your hair of its natural oils," she added.

But if you’ve done more harm than good to your hair leaving it prone to dryness, frizziness, tangles and split ends, there are solutions such as Kao’s Essential Damage Care.

It’s said to be the solution for chemically processed and long hair, with the promise to provide care right up to the last 15cm of hair with ingredients such as high purity honey and milk protein.

Taking home the shampoo, our reviewer with waist-length hair found that in terms of "volumizing", the product did deliver on its promise. It also detangled hair very well.

Reading what’s in that bottle of shampoo is very important as L'Oréal Professionnel Education Manager, Wendy Ng points out.

It’s also what sets apart salon and off-the-shelf products.

"Products that are found on the shelves, in general, the concentration are not as high as products are found in salon" said Ng.

"Products that are sold in the salon, (require) a professional to recommend because the ingredients are a little more active. Anything that is sold in supermarkets, you don’t need a salesperson to be there because it’s safe to use actually, it’s just that some of the ingredients inside, probably the texture of it, are not as expensive as professional products."

If you’re willing to settle for off the shelf but need salon-perfect results, one of Singapore’s leading hair stylists David Gan recommends Asience, used on the tresses of Chinese superstar Zhang Ziyi.

Among the more popular is the Moisture Balance range which is supposed to give normal to oily hair a moisture boost while gently removing excess dirt and oil.

After testing the Asience Moisture Balance shampoo, it might be useful to note that those with dry and rough hair may not find it suitable, while those with greasy hair will enjoy softer and more manageable hair.

If it’s shiny hair you want, grab some beer. But don’t drink it.

Rinsing hair with beer is not an uncommon practice and as Constance Goh, Retail Marketing Executive from The Skinfood explains, beer is really good for hair.

"By using beer, its natural nutrients coat every strand and strengthen the hair. Other than vitamin B, the proteins found in malt and hops are said to repair damaged hair and boost overall volume. The maltose and sucrose sugars in beer tighten the hair cuticles to enhance shine."

Before you pour your favourite beer over your head – a word of caution.

"If you were to try DIY and use the commercial beers directly, there could be other unwanted ingredients loaded onto your hair" said Goh.

Try instead Skinfood’s Hop Beer shampoo which is suitable for all hair types and contains extra nutrients such as copper peptide, and other herbal extracts.

"It provides deep cleansing and nourishes scalp with vitamin B and proteins. Some users with dandruff or sensitive scalp reported an improvement in their hair condition after a few months," she adds.

A dose of beer shampoo did produce a decent job in getting rid of product buildup on our reviewer’s hair. It also left hair shiny and bouncy when used for the first time.

Best of all, the shampoo comes with a tinge of peppermint and herbal extracts, and doesn’t smell like beer in the least.

While shampoo will clean and care, it’s also important not to ignore after-care even if you’re pressed for time.

"Shampoo is always the first step to hygiene of cleansing for our hair. After that, we need to condition the hair" said L'Oréal Professionnel Education Manager, Wendy Ng.

If time is an issue, keep in mind this tip from Ng.

"Masks are richer, stronger and do not need to be used everyday. Conditioners are less concentrated and can be used everyday."

Alternatively, you could opt for leave-in products such as a serum, which offers both surface protection and a styling effect.

But use it only on washed, clean hair.

Kao's Liese Hair Cocktail Moisturizing Hair Serum with nourishing water and anti-frizz oil combines easily with a few shakes, and is a fairly friendly product that spreads evenly over damp or dry hair leaving a fruity scent.

Even more handy is Liese’s Juicy Shower Moisturizing Hair Mist which, despite its name, is best used outside the shower. It’s great for lunch break touch-ups as a quick spray slicks down hair with a refreshing scent.

Bad hair day? Banish that thought from today.


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Re: Healthy hair starts here

Is there any shampoo for botak Uncle like me? I tried many, all dripped on the floor

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