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Old 1st June 2011, 02:27 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Intriguing Questions?

Question 1 Which one comes first – chicken or egg?

Answer 1 The true answer is neither of both. This question in itself is incomplete in a practical point of view. Both chicken and egg could not pop out from thin air in a sudden phenomenon. Scientifically, we need to view this process in an entirety perspective rather than a limited view scope.

To start of with, we need to look at basic elements – Energy, Matter and Space.

These 3 elements would interact together to begin the very first dot of becoming process (integration process). The same elements would disintegrate from each other in any time of maturity to begin the unbecoming process (disintegration process). The whole process of becoming and unbecoming would create myriad of activities in a fully occupied realm of existence.

So to answer correctly on this question, one would need to look at the evolution and mutation processes. It is inevitable that everything that exists would need to go through some kind of evolution and mutation processes. There is no permanency in any realm of existence due to conditional law of circumstances that dictate natural processes.

If one was to work in goods manufacturing environment, it would be clearly understood that before the process of initiating any new items, one would need to engage with research and development. The outcome of it would be formation of a near perfect sample. However, samples are not permanent and would subject to various trial modifications until perfection is achieved. Only then could the next process of mass production commence (duplicating process - like producing chicken and egg).

So, here is the answer - it is neither the chicken nor the egg that comes first. It is some kind of life form sample that becomes the predecessor of both chicken and egg.

In addition, we could view it from another perspective i.e. the category of perpetual and non-perpetual. Sample belongs to non-perpetual category and chicken or egg belongs to perpetual category. At the end of the day, only perpetual process would last for some period of time (not permanently) and non-perpetual process would dissolve over short period of time.

As a summary, it is the evolution and mutation processes that dictate all the rising and falling activities in the realm of existence.

Question 2 Perhaps, you have heard of destiny; you are my other half; we are destined to meet with each other; we seemed to share with common chemistry; why I happened to meet and love you - not your neighbour? What are all these about?

Answer 2 The explanation lies in the wonders of nature again. When the 3 basic elements interacted together, the very first dot of becoming process (integration process) begins. When billions and trillions of dots come together, it would manifest into some sort of beings - let say human beings.

Respectively, each dot would contain a sort of genetic information that is unique and aggregation of dots would subsequently develop into a pool of behaviour. Such unique behaviour would be enclosed within the same being until the next unbecoming process (disintegration process) begins upon a specific time of maturity.

During the disintegration process, the same basic elements within billions and trillions of dots would liberate from each other and sustain freedom of sorts. When more different beings when through the same integration processes, more different basic elements within billions and trillions of dots would sustain freedom and thus assimilate among each other in the realm of existence.

So now, let say there are 3 different beings i.e. Person H, Person O and Person R. Within Person H, let say there are element-dot of h1, h2, h3, h4 and respectively the same manner goes for the other two persons.

When H, O, R went through the disintegration processes all of their respective element-dot i.e. h1…h4, o1….o4, r1…..r4 would liberate and assimilate among each other. When comes a specific conducive time period, the same fragmented and assimilated element-dot would go through integration process again and through the copulation process of living Person S and Person E (father and mother), thus forming a new being, let say Person HORSE.

As such, HORSE would carry the genetic information deriving not only from S and E but also H, O, R. Supposedly, HORSE would carry fragmented and assimilated element-dot of h1, o2, r1, s3, e2.

In a second scenario, the remaining of fragmented and assimilated element-dot that derived from H, O and R would go through integration process again and through the copulation process of living Person N and Person Y, thus forming a new being, let say Person HORNY. Supposedly, HORNY would carry fragmented and assimilated element-dot of h2, o1, r2, n2, y2.

Now, in a third scenario, the other remaining of fragmented and assimilated element-dot that derived from H, O and R would go through integration process again and through the copulation process of living Person T and Person I, thus forming a new being, let say Person HORTI. Supposedly, HORTI would carry fragmented and assimilated element-dot of h3, o3, r3, t2, i3.

Inevitably, under the natural law of attraction, anything that belongs to the same ancestry would somehow tend to attract with each other no matter how far or near distance; how long or short time period, etc.

Supposedly, HORSE live in England, HORTI in Australia and HORNY in New Zealand. In their present lifetime, HORSE is good friend of HORTI; while HORTI and HORNY are husband and wife. If you view their relationships in a complete scope, all of them are inter-related somehow and somewhere before time. Thus, in their present lifetime they tend to have the 'chances' to meet and know with each other and not other 'non-relevant' beings.

So by now, one would know what 'Destiny is made in Heaven'; 'Man looks for his other half'; 'We shared with a common chemistry' would mean in general context. Finally, according to Christianity, it is believed that all human beings derived from 'Adam and Eve' and this statement may hold its truth literally.

Question 3 Christians believe that we live only once. However, Buddhists believe in continuous rebirth. Who is to believe then?

Answer 3 Who is correct? The right answer is both are correct in their respective point of views.

Now, let us return to the same illustration i.e. Person HORSE, HORTI and HORNY. These persons are unique respectively and no individuals would be the same even though they do share some sort of same genes, before time, etc. For instance, twins are similar but never the same individuals. So, Christians are correct about we living 'once' because we don’t find another 'same we' elsewhere, anywhere, any other time.

But by living once, it does not mean there is no continuity. The element-dot of Person H, Person O and Person R did inherit into new beings of Person HORSE, HORTI and HORNY. This is what Buddhists mean by continuous condition of rebirth.

For general understanding, rebirth does not mean trans-migration. An individual soul does not migrate from one physical body into another body. No, it just won’t fit at all. Every individual or thing that exists would not be the same - it could only be in similar condition.

That is why you have heard in various stories whereby free spirit or ghost has the ability to possess into the body of an individual but it never absolutely overtakes the soul of that individual. This is because one cannot simply exchange soul with each other at one’s whim and fancy. Even, individuals with the most powerful magic charm could not perform this feat. In another instance, you have heard of organ transplant cases, whereby the recipients need to take immunosuppressive drugs to treat transplant rejection – live long.

So, ultimately, it is the wonders of nature again that everyone would not be totally the same or different from each other.

Question 4 Are books, rocks, shirts, tables, chairs, buildings, minerals, water, earth, plants - all living things or only humans, animals, insects are entitled to be called living beings? What constitutes a living thing or being?

Answer 4 Under our common understanding, living would mean having certain characteristics such as heartbeats, self-motions, self-cultivates, self-assimilates, etc. and non-living would have characteristics of motionless, no heartbeats, decays, etc. In another perspective, we classify that living beings would have souls and non-living things would have no-souls.

However, if one was to view it correctly, everything that exists in the realm of existence is alive in their respective senses. Motion-less does not mean dead and non-growing does not mean non-living.

As mentioned before, all happenings or activities started with 3 basic elements i.e. energy, matter and space. When these elements interacted with each other, living condition starts from this first dot - regardless whether a thing or being would be self kicking, expanding, contracting, etc. or vice versa.

We simply could not draw a line for living vs. non-living thing or being without truly understand the law of nature in a complete perspective. Nature in itself is wonderful that allows all things to assimilate among each other and making it becomes too complex for any separation in clean cut manner.

For instance, we like to classify that human as living being and other material things such as air, water, minerals are otherwise. If this statement is true, then we would fool ourselves with incorrect perception. From an article pulled out from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, the composition of human body is as follows: -

“The human body's chemical composition consists of a variety of elements and compounds. By mass, human cells consist of 65–90% water (H2O), and a significant portion is composed of carbon-containing organic molecules. Oxygen therefore contributes a majority of a human body's mass, followed by carbon. 99% of the mass of the human body is made up of the six elements oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus.”

If water, air and minerals are non-living things, how come we are termed as living beings when over 90% of our bodies comprise these non-living substances?

Likewise, we like to portray that when a person is lying dead, only his or her soul would depart from the motionless body, but how true is this? If this statement is acceptable, then the next question would be 'Has anyone ever seen pure naked spirits or ghosts?'

So it is appropriate to quote that everything appears in the realm of existence is very much alive. In fact, those so-called non-living things could well communicate and interact with living beings; like we used to term that our Mother Earth reacted to our wrong doings and raging at times.

Question 5 Birth & Rebirth – Past, Present & Future life, how does it derived? What is the purpose of life?

Answer 5 'Why am I here?' This is a million dollar worth of question that no one could provide with proper and absolute answer to it. In order to analyse properly on this question, we need to segregate it into two categories i.e. creation by nature and creation by mankind.

It is easier to define the creation by mankind but the definition for creation by nature would require one’s in-depth knowledge on the orientation of nature in general terms.

As explained earlier, all activities started with the integration of 3 basic elements i.e. energy, matter and space under balance phenomena. These elements would interact together to begin the very first dot of becoming process or 'Birth' as we usually named it.

The same elements would disintegrate from each other at any time of maturity to begin the unbecoming process under imbalance phenomena. The whole process of becoming and unbecoming would create myriad of activities in a fully occupied realm of existence or Birth, Un-birth and Re-birth.

On the same pretext, one would question that if 'Birth and Re-birth' condition exist, why don’t most of humans have clear memories of their respective past lives or even future lives? Well, it is amusing to mention that most of us couldn’t even recall clearly on all the happenings in the past weeks and what more on our past lives. But in some cases, this statement may not turn out to be factual.

Some individuals did remember vividly on their past lives and could relate it well in their present lives. Some individuals did even see their future lives and relate it in their present lives (with reference to some revered monks). Nevertheless, there is a clear-cut explanation on these exceptional incidences.

Now, let us return to the same illustration i.e. Person HORSE, HORTI and HORNY. These persons are unique respectively and each one does inherit the element-dot of Person H, Person O and Person R.

But now, let us explore further on the density of element-dot that Person HORSE, HORTI and HORNY inherited from Person H, Person O and Person R. Higher density of any particular element-dot inheritance would mean higher retention of genetic information that determines particular pool of behaviour of a predecessor.

In other words, if Person HORSE inherited higher density of element-dot from Person H as compared with dots from Person O and Person R, then the pool of behaviour for Person HORSE would somehow share similar characteristics of Person H. Supposedly, Person H is an ardent pianist then Person HORSE would somehow be naturally talented towards the play of piano or something with similarities.

This is how we explain the naturally 'talented' skills we always uncovered from young children. The same case scenario applies for those 'phobias' in any particular individuals.

So, we could conclude that some individuals could remember their past lives because they do inherit higher density of element-dot derived from predecessors with ardent characters or talents. But most people can’t recall their past lives because they only inherited much assimilated element-dot derived from myriad of predecessors.

Right now, with all the happenings or activities of Birth and Re-birth, do we really have any reasons, meanings or purposes for living? So, what is the rightful purpose of life?

Well, the ultimate purpose of life is to attain the opportunity to learn to live wholesomely. It is regardless whether one would live a good life, luxurious life, poor life or pathetic life. By being alive as humans, we have all liberties or choices of path to begin with. So, one should not mention that 'I have no purpose in my life' because this phrase per se already determines his or her life route.

Question 6 Why are some people born with plenty of blessings? Why some people are lacking of it? Is it due to law of Karma or law of natural random selection or simply God’s favouritism?

Answer 6 It is commonly established in the society that people have tendencies of searching, fighting or defending for justice or fairness but for most of the time, circumstances are on the opposite phenomena.

The circumstance of inequality can be seen everywhere and anywhere one moves about. And there is a saying that it is due to the world is round and not square - therefore 'fair and square' slogan cannot apply in this mundane world.

Well, one may say that the foremost reason for all these happenings is that God would like to test our patience, endurance, etc. But how true is it? Can this statement be taken in literally? Then, others may say that all these happenings are due to the working of Karma.

So, is it due to the working of Karma or God? Let us analyse this.

Frankly speaking, there are many definitions of God. God is referred as deity or superhuman power for someone who is Hindu or Taoist; and according to Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc. God is creator and ruler of the universe. Well, the attributes of God can be never ending and it coincides with the proverb 'Beauty is in the Eyes of a Beholder'. In other words, God is a subject of reverence for most faiths found in this world.

Now, what about Karma? As according to Buddhism, everything that happens in this world or universe is subject to the law of Karma.

Well, for general understanding, Karmic law is a natural phenomenon law – it is not shaped by someone else; no one owns it; neither Buddhism. It is merely a law of balancing – to achieve the circumstances of equilibrium in nature.

If one was to observe one’s surroundings intently, everything that exists would always try to achieve the state of balance. Things would only exist in perpetual condition when there is a balance circumstance. In other words, one should not waste time propagating the idea of justice or fairness. Instead, all efforts would be worth channeled to propagate the act of balancing in one’s life.

When everything is in balance (both Yin and Yang) – peace and harmony would arise and there would no longer be jealousy, hatred and no more uproar in the society.

Question 7 Why anything? Why existence? Why karma? Why rebirth? Why any of it at all? Why something, why not nothing?

Answer 7 If we could analyse and unwind to basic condition on all happenings and activities in the fully occupied realm of existence, we could see the appearance of 3 basic elements i.e. Energy, Matter and Space.

To answer these questions, perhaps, we need to look into 'balance vs. imbalance' circumstances.

We could mention that all happenings and activities in the realm of existence arised from the cyclical influence of balance and imbalance phenomena. The 3 basic elements interacted and un-interacted with each other because of these duality circumstances.

And absolute emptying of all these basic elements and duality phenomena would mean Nibbana, as what Buddha taught. An act of emptying = an act of extinguishing = an act of neutralising ≠ an act of annihilating.

Now, let us take an illustration on cancer cell in human body system. Supposedly, there are cancer elements in human body system and when circumstance is in balance condition (conducive) the same elements would interact with each other to form active cancer cells. Subsequently, the human body system would be overwhelmed and succumbed to suffering in both mental and physical senses.

On the other hands, when the same human body system underwent treatment such as chemotherapy and meditation, the cancer cells would be broken down and thus the same elements would disintegrate from each other under imbalance phenomena (non-conducive). In other words, the cycle of cancer occurrence would prolong until the entire cancer elements have been fully extinguished or neutralised from human body system.

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Re: Intriguing Questions?

Think is first got egg den got chicken. Technically Creature A lay an egg and hatched into something called Creature A. This is the normal process. Den coz of evolution, Creature A laid an egg which did not hatch into Creatre A but instead hatched into a chicken. So egg comes first !!

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