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Old 31st January 2011, 11:20 PM   #1 (permalink)
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A level stuff and SAT books

Hi looking to sell of some of my used A level notes/books and SAT books. If interested, pls drop me an email at limally[at]ymail.com will reply asap. Wish to get rid of most of my stuff and see whether my notes can be of benefit to others


  1. Broader Perspective 10 issues per year for 2009 and 2010 (total 20 issues) in excellent condition! (OP: 106) $50
    Very useful for GP,why waste time to photocopy issue by issue? FREE PAST YEARS PHOTOCOPIED 10+ SELECTED ISSUES! Includes issues such as 30 essays in 30 days, sci and tech, health etc. VERY WORTH IT
  2. TimesMagaxine Dec 2008 to Feb 2010 108+ issues in excellent condition, all are arranged by dates in clear folder files!. (OP: $300+) $30

  1. 2009/2010 HCI H2 Selected Biology Topic notes [Carbo, protein, Genetics of Bacteria & Virus, Organisation of Eukaryotic Genome, Photosynthesis, Respiration, Evolution, Application excluding stem cells and gene therapy (includes RJ 2008 tissue culture)] (Non Binded) $20
  2. 2010 H2 Biology Prelim papers from various JCs (Binded) ( MJC, NYJC, PJC, RI, RVHS, SAJC, VJC with full answers) $15
  3. 2010 H2 Chemistry CT & Prelim paper compilation from various JCs (AJC, ACJC, HCI, RI, CJC, VJC NJC etc. includes full answers P1, P2, P3) (2 books Binded and one booklet of SPA Planning Qns that is tested in P2) $15

  1. Campbell Reece Biology (Brown - Pearson International Edition 8th Edition) (Book + unopened CD) Wrapped in plastic book wrapper (Paperback) $55

EXTRA READINGS (All books are wrapped in plastic book wrapper)
  1. Economics in Public Policy - The Singapore Story (Paperback edition) $8
  2. Dictionary of Biology by grange books (Paperback edition) $5
  3. Stimulating General Paper Essays by Bennet Albert (RP $13.70) $5
  4. General Paper Essay Library Redspot (RP $13.90) $5
  5. Economics Essay Library Redspot (RP $13.90) $5

  1. H2 Biology Key Points Redspot (RP $16.90) $10
  2. Challenging A Level Economics Essays Redspot (RP $13.90) $8
  3. A Level Study Guide H2 Mathematics CS Toh Edition 3.0 (RP $22.36) $12
  4. A Level Challlenging Questions H2 Mathematics CS Toh Edition 3.0 (RP $22.36) $12
  5. Advance Study Guide H2 Chemistry CS Toh Edition 1.0 (RP $32.05) $25
  6. A Level Practice MCQ H2 Chemistry CS Toh Edition 2.0 (RP $22.36) $12
  7. A Level Practice Questions H2 Chemistry CS Toh Edition 1.0 (RP $22.36) $12
  8. Barrons's 1000 Words You Need to Know 4th Edition (Blue) (RP $26.75) $18

BUY 2 GET $2 OFF! BUY 4 GET $4 OFF! *only for study guides*


  1. NOV 2000/2009 H1 GP Yearly Questions (RP $3.60) $2
  2. NOV 1999/2008 H2 Mathematics Topic by Topic with Short Answers (RP $4.20) $2
  3. NOV 2000/2009 H2 Mathematics Yearly Questions with Short Answers (RP $5) $2
  4. NOV 1999/2008 H2 Chemistry Topic by Topic Questions With Short Answers and Study Guide (RP $6.60) $2
  5. NOV 2000/2009 H2 Chemistry Yearly Questions with Short Answers (RP $11) $5
  6. NOV 1999/2008 (Includes stapled 2009 full paper and answer) H2 Biology Yearly Questions with MCQ Amswers (RP $10.30) $5
  7. 2002/2008 H2 Biology P2 (2007/2008 P3) Ans (RP $7.6) $3(6 & 7 together $6)
  8. NOV 1999/2008 H2 Economics Yearly Questions (RP $3.20) $2
  9. 2002/2008 H2 Economics Worked Solutions (RP $7.80) $4(8 & 9 together $5)

  1. McGraw Hill SAT Reasoning (SAT I) 2010 with 5 Practice Test (RP $34.19) $20

Loooking to sell of all of them. If interested or you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to email me at limally[at]ymail.com anytime and I will respond asap.


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