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Old 30th August 2010, 01:20 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Meet the mini mediums

WHAT would you do if YOUR child said they could see dead people?

Kids can develop psychic powers at a young age and parents have to cope with their son or daughter "seeing" people who have passed away. Some may even seem to predict the future.

But how do parents explain to kids about their "gift" and how they should use it, if at all?

SHELLEY MATHESON spoke to three Scottish parents about their unusual offspring...

Jessica Crawford
BIRTHDAY parties were always a little bit special for Jessica - as the psychic kid would invite her DEAD relatives.

Dad Robert first noticed his daughter's extraordinary gift when she was just five years old.

It has now got to the stage where the family hold parties for their dearly departed.

Engineer Robert, 47, from Airdrie, explained: "I wasn't surprised when Jessica first told me she thought she had psychic abilities, as all my children do.

"She began to call on my father, uncle and my brother when we were having birthday parties.

"Now, we actually hold birthday celebrations on their birthdays with a cake, candles and cards."

But special occasions are not the only times Jessica, now 13, uses her psychic powers.

Robert said: "I have asked her sometimes if the family who have passed are around and she will tell me.

"But I've also said to her that she must tell the truth and not just tell people things to make them feel happy.

"When she was at school one day, she spoke to a little friend whose papa had died and told her he was wearing his favourite clothes.

"And when she was in primary school, she was in the assembly hall with one of the assistants when they both saw a spirit CAR coming at them and they both ducked. Neither of them could believe what they saw.

"But, thankfully, nothing bad has happened to her."

Robert admits that Jessica's contact with the spirit world sometimes terrifies the teenager.

He adds: "She's not normally scared but there are times when she finds it frightening and won't go up to her bed at night.

"It's not only spirits that Jessica sees. She also sees apparitions and strange shapes and can read auras.

"She can see through people and solid walls but unlike the rest of her gifts, she doesn't know how to switch that on and off."

And the dad of four says he is keen to nurture his daughter's gift so she can use it when she is older.

He said: "I've been told she is too young to develop her power fully just now but I have bought her a crystal ball and some Angel books to help her learn more.

"I'd like to help her develop her skills because this is a gift she has been given.

"You can't buy it and I hope it is something that she will be able to use to help people."

Ellie McKenzie
WHEN little Ellie casually mentioned she'd just seen a strange man in their hall, mum Dannielle Hendry knew her daughter wasn't lying.

Dannielle had been a psychic kid too and she immediately realised the man in the hall was a GHOST.

The 29-year-old - whose mum is The Scottish Sun's chief psychic Joan Charles - has spent her life shunning her own psychic ability.

Dannielle said: "Ellie was one-and-a-half when she would say things like there was a man standing in the hall. It didn't freak me out but I thought, 'Here we go again'."

When she realised her talents had been passed down, she didn't know what to do - encourage it or hide it.
Dannielle added: "From a young age, I've known I can do what my mum does but I choose not to do it.

"But Ellie is quite happy knowing that she has the ability."

Ellie, now nine, leaves the family speechless when she shows off her abilities. Dannielle explained: "Not so long ago, she said to my mum that my Aunt Rita was coming over from Ireland. Within the week, we got a call saying that she was coming over later that week."

Ellie can also predict winning horses and lottery numbers. Danielle added: "She has said lottery numbers that have come up and when her granddad's putting on horses she'll say who the winner is."

Although Dannielle and gran Joan are keen to help Ellie develop her powers, they are adamant that she should not use them at school.

But it's not always child's play for Ellie. Dannielle said: "She once said, 'Mum, I've got a really bad feeling'.

"She said she had felt something pushing against her chest.

"The same night, the lamp on her bedside table flew on to the floor.That's the only bad experience she's ever had but it still didn't put her off.

"Ellie has decided that this is her path and she has chosen to go along it. I just didn't want to go the same way."

Kyle Gray
DIANE GRAY was convinced her son was hyperactive on JUNK FOOD when he claimed to see beyond the grave.

Kyle was just four when he insisted he'd been chatting to his gran in his bedroom - but she'd passed away just hours before.

Diane explained: "I was in the middle of telling my then husband that my mother had died, when Kyle came into the room and told us that he'd seen his Nana sitting at the bottom of his bed.
"I was quite stressed and upset and we just thought that he had been dreaming and dismissed it."

Like many kids, Kyle complained he could not sleep without a light on.

But the youngster had every reason to be afraid of the dark - he really was seeing ghosts.

Diane, from Greenock, put his hyperactive imagination down to the junk food he was snacking on.

She said: "I just thought that he was eating too many E numbers and drinking Irn-Bru again.

"But it wasn't until he was 14 that the puzzle came together when someone gave him Angel cards as a gift." Kyle spent hours poring over books and searching the internet for answers.

And when he saw an advert in the local paper for a spiritualist church he begged his mum to take him.

She said: "Everyone was going on to the platform and demonstrating their gifts and he said, 'I can do that. I know why I've been put on this Earth, I have been put here to help people'.

"In one of the meetings, Kyle said, 'I've somebody here who had a pet monkey', and I thought it was a funny thing to say. But lo and behold, the guy he was talking about did."

Diane admits she wouldn't have believed in psychic kids until she'd seen Kyle's ability with her own eyes.

She added: "If one of my friends told me that their child was like that, I would have been sceptical. But because I live with him, I know he's the real deal."

Angel whisperer Kyle is now 22, and shares his gift every Tuesday in The Scottish Sun's psychic pullout, The Oracle.

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Re: Meet the mini mediums

Its really scary to have the ability .

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