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Old 13th December 2011, 07:51 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Orang Minyak – Supernatural sicko or real-life rascal?


The black hand creeping through the bedroom window. That's how Elaine Khor remembers the her encounter with the Orang Minyak or Oily Man.
Elaine was assigned to a training session at a hostel in Malacca and shared a room with her colleagues. In the first three weeks of their stay, they discovered money and undergarments stolen from their room despite it being locked.
"We worked on the same shift so it was unlikely to be one of us. It was so strange to have your things stolen from you with no signs of break-in," this 34-year-old professional told Yahoo! Malaysia in an interview.
What was more bizarre, she said, was the frequent visits by a "black hand" - a black hand that was not connected to any human body.
"I was sleeping but woke up in the middle of the night feeling very uncomfortable. I then saw this black hand, a hand only, creeping through an open window, as if it was searching for something," she explained.
She started screaming and it disappeared. Her roommate witnessed a similar hand trespassing their room the following night. More strange things happened at the hostel, from increased "black hand" sightings to a bed being thrown to the ground in an empty spare room.
"We were tired of this charade. After seeing the black hand over and over again, we decided to fight it."
So one night, Elaine and her colleagues gathered some wood from a nearby construction site and decided to venture out to find the "source" of this hand.
The group of girls and boys then headed out of the hostel and started roaming around. Suddenly one of their roommates saw a black figure running by them.
"It went by so fast! The boys chased it but lost track of the figure, it just disappeared! Apparently the figure looked greasy," she added.
Supernatural or supercriminal?
Malaysians know the Orang Minyak as a supernatural being. But, in some cases, the Orang Minyak takes human form.
Legend has it that the Orang Minyak was a supernatural serial rapist who struck a deal with the Devil to gain supernatural powers by raping several virgins - some say 21, while others say 40 - within seven days.
This version of the supernatural being was used as a plot to produce a 1958 movie, Sumpah Orang Minyak or The Curse of the Oily Man, which starred the late P. Ramlee.

The Orang Minyak was immortalised in the 1958 P.Ramlee movie, Sumpah Orang Minyak.
Another version of the Orang Minyak which emerged during the 1960s was described as a naked man covered in oil.
The greasy man appeared that way to make it difficult for people to catch or grab hold of him. His black camouflage also makes it easier for him to blend into the night.
In the human form, criminals take on this Orang Minyak disguise to prey on victims in women's dormitories or villages.
In September, residents in Taman Pinggiran Batu Caves Gombak captured a man, posing as an Orang Minyak. Police arrested the man believed to be a black magic practitioner.
Slimy and shifty
Evelyn Khoo remembers the Orang Minyak story as a shape shifting spirit. She recalls many reports of thefts at the village near her grandparents' home in Butterworth, Penang.
"It all erupted one night when neighbour said they saw a shiny black figure running away," she said.
Soon after, the villagers went out on night patrols equipped with machetes and sticks.
"I was 14 at that time and they told us the Orang Minyak can transform into a black dog or mosquito to deceive pursuers," Evelyn explained.
Her grandfather's dog was not spared. Some villagers nearly killed it thinking it was the Orang Minyak in a different form.
"More stories were told to us; that the Orang Minyak can transform into a mosquito and back into man, using that as an opportunity to sneak into out rooms to molest us! It was frightening!"
Many believed that in order to deter the Orang Minyak, women had to wear sweaty clothes to give the supernatural being the impression that men were in close proximity.
Another common remedy is to bite the Orang Minyak's left thumb and cover it with a batik cloth.
But, think about it. Would you want to go near a slimy, greasy, oily supernatural spirit?

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Old 14th December 2011, 11:18 AM   #2 (permalink)
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Re: Orang Minyak – Supernatural sicko or real-life rascal?

Who this scary, I thought only in movies, we have this

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Old 3rd January 2012, 03:42 PM   #3 (permalink)
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Re: Orang Minyak – Supernatural sicko or real-life rascal?

Oily men’ strike fear in Malaysian village

Residents of a village in Selangor, Malaysia are on the lookout for what they say are two supernatural beings that have been terrorising their homes and families.

Known as orang minyak or “oily men”, the creatures are said to be human-shaped and sized, but are dressed only in their underwear and appear to be covered from head to toe in shiny black oil.

The beings were first brought to light by P. Ramlee’s 1956 film entitled Sumpah Orang Minyak (The Curse of the Oily Man), and were featured again in a 2007 local production going by their namesake, but the villagers of Kampung Laksamana in Gombak, Selangor, are convinced there is truth to this phenomenon.

Malaysian newspaper The Star reported that since just before the Christmas period, villagers have told of numerous sightings of the creatures. Over the Christmas period, the paper reported that some 200 people patrolled the village streets, many of whom brandished parangs (machetes) and axes.

Residents, it reported, have also vowed to continue their nightly patrols until the two creatures are caught.

One resident who spoke to the paper, 33-year-old Aslam Khan, who claimed to have seen both the orang minyak, described one to be tall, stocky and bald, and the other to be thin and curly-haired.

“It was breathing really loudly, like a cow,” Aslam said, relating one occasion where he spotted the bald orang minyak hiding behind the water tank of a house in the wee hours of the morning.

“It was black and shiny,” he continued. “When I shone my light on it, the thing stuck out its head to look back at me. Before I could do anything, it climbed up the roof and disappeared.”

Legend has it that orang minyak are humans who practice dark arts, either because they made deals with the devil in exchange for personal wishes or were forced into doing so after botched black magic rituals. They are supposedly required to rape anywhere between 40 and 99 virgins, whom the orang minyak are said to be able to recognise, before being liberated from their circumstances, or in order to hold up their end of the deals, depending on which story you read or movie you watch.

Another Malaysian daily, the Sinar Harian, reported that encounters with an orang minyak compelled a family to move out of their house after being tormented by it over five days.

36-year-old Kamal Bahari Satar told the Sinar Harian that his sister-in-law saw the “apparition” inside and outside their house, adding that only female members of the family were able to see it.

It apparently locked some of his family inside the house on Christmas eve, and he said that they saw a “black heap” beneath their kitchen table.

“When other residents poked it with a bamboo stick, we could see blood stains,” he told the daily, adding that police also found black footprints outside their house that evening.

Islamic faith healers who spoke to The Star said that orang minyak douse their bodies in oil in order to assist with camouflage and evade capture, and cannot use violence to do so, only magic.

“It also keeps on coming back to the same place to taunt the people and show off its abilities,” said Darussalam healer Ustaz Ismail Kamus, who also told the paper that they tend to take a few months to learn the magic that is involved, but an orang minyak that has mastered the black magic will be able to walk through walls and vanish into thin air.

The villagers have since filed a police report and sought help from alternative healers, including a bomoh, reported The Star. They also organise nightly prayer sessions seeking protection from the evil “spirits”.

They say this episode might be a blessing in disguise, however, as residents have rallied together against the creatures despite differing political differences.

Office worker K Paramisavam told The Star that he never really spoke to his neighbours before this, saying, “At the most, I would just acknowledge them (in the past). Now I actually talk and get to know them. The ‘neighbourly’ spirit has been enhanced by these happenings.”

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