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  1. What are the types of solid wood furniture
  2. GRC electorial system is an ABUSE of Minority Race trust in Singapore:
  3. S’porean, 17, arrested under ISA out on 2-year Restriction Order
  4. Ex-freelance religious teacher and his student issued Restriction Orders under Internal Security Act
  5. MOH/HPB are reckless and irresponsible healthcare organisations.
  6. Insurance companies are a hazard to population health. It is time for them to pay GST
  7. Too many businessmen (and sock-puppets) in Singapore Parliament today.
  8. PAP should not bully poor people by increasing GST in Singapore.
  9. Destroying Family Relations can theoretically INCREASE Ministerial Salary Benchmarks
  10. Pedestrians should always keep left to maintain order on the streets
  11. Better education will boost efforts to fight diabetes
  12. Road tax, ERP, COE, parking fees, petrol duties should be further increased much more
  13. Medishield-life: Rich people ROB poor people's life savings in Singapore.
  14. wooden floors
  15. How poverty tends to trap people into making poor decisions
  16. Rich, high status and powerful but "calculating and calculative losers".
  17. Glass pieces rain down on patrons at Orchard Central after skylight panel breaks
  18. MRT stations from Pioneer to Tuas Link to close earlier next month
  19. Pipe leak causes water 'fountain' at CTE exit
  20. [Parking Fees] Why is PAP subsidizing (encouraging) car usage in Singapore?
  21. Is PAP systematically Disenfranchising the Poor in Singapore? Why is payment needed
  22. 'Minions' cartoon characters best the Singaporean mentality.
  23. LHL: PAP (Singapore government) is run like the Chinese Communist Party:
  24. Real reason why CEO's "don't listen" to Singapore cabinet Minister's is because PAP K
  25. Singapore needs a new demagogue as PM of Singapore
  26. [LKY coward]: We will be the best prostitutes in the world (because we can never own
  27. Bicycles, health and fitness should be New ECONOMIC GROWTH DRIVERS for Singapore.
  28. [Liveable cities]Half the width of all roads should be reserved for bicycle use.
  29. "Meritocrazy": The differences in path to Parliament, PAP vs Opposition in Singapore.
  30. A high ministerial salary sows seeds of distrust between cabinet and civil service (a
  31. [ST:HDB upgrading] PAP squandered tax payer's $$$ to buy votes for own party.
  32. Failure to pay medishield-life premiums is more serious crime than defaulting on NS.
  33. Officer from Gurkha contingent for next President of Singapore.
  34. Tan Cheng Bock open to leading proposed opposition coalition
  35. Estate Duties Replacement, an important New Government Revenue Source for Singapore.
  36. Lawyer suggests that most Sinkees r dotards/baffoons who cannot handle PMD safely on
  37. Hottest Babes of Ultra Singapore 2018
  38. Singaporeans have to PREFUND the medishield-life premiums of new PR/citizens too?...
  39. Shared path direction of travel: laws of Different Countries apply in tiny Singapore.
  40. Need some advices
  41. Calculation: Medishield-life is a Swindle of Singaporean Poor.
  42. LTA failed to factor in PHV effect when expanding bus fleet and contracting model.
  43. 4 More Important Shield Life plans for PAP gahmen to implement/ consider.
  44. Dengue still a concern in Singapore – here's what to do if you contract it
  45. Why being hit by an e-scooter can be deadly - and a call to ban them from footpaths
  46. KBW 'admits': Singapore is a rudderless ship.
  47. PAP's vote buying shopping spree runs out of $$$:
  48. Open up to dissenting voices to build a more resilient Singapore: NMP
  49. Reforming the GRC system of elections is long overdue in Singapore
  50. Lifetime risk of CANCER for Singaporeans likely far exceeds 50%.
  51. Join us get FREE
  52. Fire Safety Guidelines for HDB Estates
  53. High SES Hwa Chong teachers equate car ownership to professional career development.
  54. Kickbacks and Greed: Why Singapore healthcare costs are getting stratospheric
  55. Is the work culture at LTA equally rogue and deplorable?
  56. HDB is a Ponzi Scheme.
  57. Facing depression: Working adults battle not just demons, but also stigma
  58. American can expat notes that uneducated Singaporean pedestrians create absolute chao
  59. 10% - 15% Daily Profit!
  60. New app that gives you crypto coins
  61. The Big Read: Big stick approach no panacea to errant bike parking
  62. Help for needy more effective if offered in concerted way: Desmond Lee
  63. Researchers create anti-bacterial surface coating inspired by dragonflies
  64. [Libraries] Evidence of the Stupidity disease many Singaporeans suffer from.
  65. NTUC does not support HPB Healthy lifestyle campaign fully enough.
  66. Commentary: We expect good service, but are we good customers?
  67. Big drop in babises born to single mums despite some benefits
  68. Remove thread
  69. Medishield-life turns out to be a scam that robs poor people in Singapore?
  70. What you don’t see about service with a smile – the human being behind it
  71. dfbdfbdfgerwe
  72. sdasdad
  73. Who can I look for to get my thread deleted??
  74. MOH should stop sponsoring the rich at the expense of the poor.
  75. Sinkees need to thoroughly embrace foreigners to maintain the roof over their heads.
  76. PAP installed a devil as school principal.
  77. Commentary: Millennials need a stronger grasp of personal finances
  78. Drug addicts being hired to play national football?
  79. Singaporean rental bicycle users copy their PAP political leaders with spooktacular r
  80. >80% of NSmen have already surrendered in the war against diabetes mellitus
  81. Proof that Public Transport in Singapore is probably the Cheapest in the whole world.
  82. High motor vehicle taxes are to compensate society for terrible disamenities motor ve
  83. Looking ahead to Budget 2018: What it could mean for you
  84. Commentary: The understated importance of shared social responsibility for businesses
  85. Commentary: Singapore must do more to guard against 'slavery of the poor'
  86. Commentary: A Singapore free from errant bike parking? Yes, with incentives
  87. Singaporean Youth are the latest Financial Cash Cow that the PAP has targeted to blee
  88. Neverwinter Air Archon for Dummies
  89. Influencer Marketing in Singapore
  90. $30每小时/hr。私人补习。Private Tuition。83563433。 小学,中学,A-LEVEL高中。primary, secondary, junior college
  91. flocculus lovesickness wood
  92. Pedestrians who walk on bicycle paths should be charged in court, jailed 6months and
  93. Singaporeans = "flock of timid and industrious animals, of which the government is th
  94. Help my girlfriend fight cancer, she might potentially die
  95. Higher taxes and rate hikes? What's ahead for Singapore
  96. Happy New Year: 8 things to look forward to in 2018
  97. 69.9% of Singaporeans had their prayers answered... when MRT finally collided/broke d
  98. Pedestrians should always keep left to maintain order on the streets
  99. 80,000 CORRUPT Singaporean TRAITORS and criminals are on the loose in our midst
  100. Commentary: The dark underbelly of binge drinking among youths
  101. Public service has lost its heart, MPs say
  102. ITE alumni-turned-lecturer inspires students
  103. City Harvest lenient verdict shows Judiciary is sleeping on the job by taking Anti-te
  104. Asset taxes are MUCH TOO LOW in Singapore.
  105. The nefarious GRC system of elections in Singapore.
  106. Calculation of respective liability in PMD vs Car collisions @ zebra crossings
  107. Poor subsidise the rich healthcare costs in Singapore.
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  159. Commentary: Beware the hidden costs of sin taxes
  160. UNHEALTHY lifestyle habits amongst PAP leaders raise taxation rates for all.
  161. Footpath outside Mandarin Orchard Hotel is an accident waiting to happen (Orchard Lin
  162. When you were a kid
  163. S’pore’s ‘demographic time bomb’ starts ticking next year: UOB report
  164. Commentary: Zombie employees and the cost of poor engagement at work
  165. At least 40% of Singaporeans are PIRATES /THIEVES.
  166. Singapore Police like to silence the media to make themselves look good.
  167. On guard: More Singaporean women take up self-defence classes
  168. Ministry of Finance seeks public feedback on Budget 2018
  169. Teaching children to respect personal boundaries
  170. You might get into trouble for doing these 5 things in your HDB flat
  171. Determination and a desperate daughter’s plea: The ban mian seller who turned her life around
  172. Low-income and owning a car. Why?
  173. Born deaf, but 12-year-old doesn’t let that stop her from doing the things she loves
  174. Lightning strikes can cause severe injuries in a flash
  175. Parents urged to widen definitions of success
  176. Photosnapper please come in !
  177. Singapore private Hospital seizes $300,000+ of assets from heart bypass patient to satisfy hospital
  178. Partnering Bike rental companies in War Against Diabetes and MRT train breakdowns.
  179. HDB passenger elevators: the next Achilles Heel of the PAP Junta.
  180. Commentary: Are we still missing the point of education?
  181. Bruce Lee Like SPEED
  182. Fast Shadow Boxing
  183. Human version of old arcade punching machine WITH SPECIAL BONUS!
  184. 办理【美国PSU文凭】毕业证书+Q/微信551190476改宾州州立大学成绩单、学历认证
  185. 办理【美国PSU文凭】毕业证书+Q/微信551190476改宾州州立大学成绩单、学历认证
  186. SMRT bait and switch ruse is finally dead.
  187. hnhju
  188. Is there any Thai Buddhism or Buddhism topics in here
  189. Singapore Hospitals overflow due to citizens following leader's UNHEALTHY LIFESTYLE examples.
  190. [NSL flooding] KBW "has failed us".
  191. [NSL flooding] Reason why KBW is unfit for job .
  192. [Braddell MRT]One switch spoilt = change the entire pump... KBW must justify use of state funds!!!
  193. Braddell MRT architect put all his eggs into the wet basket.
  194. Deaf driving instructor?
  195. Post anything random on this thread.
  196. SingCERT issues advisory on 'multiple vulnerabilities' affecting Wi-Fi networks
  197. Just like SMRT employees, 1/3 of Singaporeans sleep on the job
  198. Asians may be more prone to diabetes due to reduced ability to produce insulin
  199. How to instil good eating habits in children
  200. 4 things Singaporeans can do to live a happier, longer life
  201. Famous Alicia Low
  202. Just Did A Bikini Shoot With Spray-Tanned Babes
  203. Pneumonia: Who gets it, why it occurs and how to prevent it
  204. Buy iPhone 7/7 Plus/iPhone 8 256GB/Samsung S8 $599 Skype: offer212
  205. For better mental health, follow your gut
  206. How to dispose trash down rubbish chutes if there are no plastic bags, ask readers
  207. More than ONE way to make a difference to stray cats
  208. We offer loan at low interest rate of 3%
  209. PRs have the most privileged VIP status in Singapore
  210. Cashless society
  211. Politicians and the Origin of FAKE News....
  212. Mercenary PAP Ministers and MPs look down on SOS suicide hotline volunteers who work for free.
  213. Sportswear Survey
  214. Civil servants need to experience and practise car-lite philosophy themselves if they
  215. Jesus Responds To The WWE Trademarking Bible Verse '3:16'
  216. With traditional Chinese medicine to overcome kidney disease
  217. Breastfeeding: How to ensure your breast milk supply is adequate
  218. 6 things to consider before buying your first family car
  219. What does the girl means if she gives guy this look
  220. What does the girl means if she gives guy this look
  221. Chinese medicine in Singapore recognition degree
  222. Commonsense advice for the judges hearing Kong Hee AGC appeal case in court tomorrow
  223. Don’t bank on betting to grow your nest egg
  224. Commentary: For elderly Uncle Ng, the struggle to navigate a modern world
  225. Streetwear T shirt
  226. Couple found guilty of cheating three victims over talismans
  227. NEA Exhumation Programme Phase Five Starts
  228. Nationalisation of fibre broadband transmission infrastructure (like public roads, transport, water
  229. Crossdress
  230. Beauty pageant contestants draw flak for their looks
  231. Crowds flock to McDonald's for a taste of its new nasi lemak burger
  232. Drs in Singapore should avoid implementing Macau casino like tactics to earn more.
  233. Any active moderator here ?????
  234. 50 Hottest & Cutest Babes Who Will Be At Eden Music Festival
  235. PMO polls civil servants on Lee family dispute.
  236. Homosexuals r INTOLLERENT people who like to have their cake and eat it too.
  237. Rethink labelling of children as illegitimate.
  238. famous good food stall recommend?
  239. Business Loan - Apply For Quick Personal Loans
  240. Help: looking for kakis (lobang for friends deal)
  241. Greedy British PM Teresa May pokes stick into ISIS eyes and shoots self in the foot?
  242. Ultra Singapore 2017
  243. Octopus UEFA Champions league Final Prediction, amazing
  244. HP Sprocket Singapore Ad is damn Epic!
  245. Where are all the mods?
  246. The unbelievable story of Valiant Thor
  247. Geylang Serai Bazaar 2017
  248. I guess everyone has moved on with life...
  249. Is dangerous NTU professor out on the loose?
  250. Fidget Spinner Singapore