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  1. Shocking News: Fetus Soup Being Served in China!
  2. Mexico Recognizes 2nd Reference to Mayan Calendar 2012
  3. Go Beyond Samsara
  4. 地藏菩薩的故事--五逆重罪與無間地獄
  5. UK: Gran disturbed by sex pest ghost
  6. HK: Haunted houses for sale
  7. Moth
  8. Super Weird Dream
  9. Russian woman keeps 'alien corpse' chilling in fridge for two years
  10. M'sia: Villagers perform ritual to appease crocodile
  11. cannot anyhow visit a grave?
  12. Help Will my fate be changing if I find out what will happen in my future?
  13. USA: Two ghosts caught having sex in front room, according to Ohio woman
  14. Superstition Keeps Richest Man Out of Billion-Dollar House
  15. Taoist Rock Music 舉頭三尺有神明
  16. Mother invites mediums to exorcise daughter aged 37
  17. Help pls!
  18. Weird encounter in dream
  19. 觀落陰遊地府
  20. Amazing story of 11-year-old London girl who 'levitated' above her bed
  21. Man forces son to be spirit medium
  22. Who's afraid of the $pookfest?
  23. The Rebirth of Buddha
  24. Bedok Reservoir Bad Luck
  25. Jet Li: Fortune-teller helps my career
  26. US faithful await new prophesy on 'end of world'
  27. 'Alien' filmed in Amazon forest
  28. A " Short " Story.
  29. Temple medium: I'm commissioned to sell iPhone in netherworld
  30. Monks conduct rituals in Bishan and Holland Drive
  31. M'sia: Ritual held to enable Steve Jobs to be 'reincarnated'
  32. Help Djinns
  33. Religious ritual planned for Bedok Reservoir
  34. Ghostly voice of drowned woman heard
  35. M'sia: After hell tours, medium sets up 'heavenly trips'
  36. Haunted By Deja Vu..
  37. Wealthy woman 'controlled' by spirit medium
  38. Biography of the Buddha for Children
  39. 地藏菩萨木轮相法
  40. Help when visiting someone's grave
  41. This is how end of world was predicted
  42. M'sia: Hubby claims wife raped by 'invisible man'
  43. Bedok Reservoir Deaths: Footprints of deceasedís spirit discovered
  44. Investigators claim ghost haunts East Coast Park
  45. letting go my babies due to personal problems
  46. Which one are you more afraid? Human ghost or spirit ghost?
  47. 地獄變相圖
  48. The Laws of the Sun
  49. Hawaiiís Lava Rock Curse
  50. A Titanic Mummy's Curse
  51. 25 Dec 2012 , is the true date of End of earth ?
  52. Guanyin appear "live"
  53. Guatemala pig 'alien' born with mutant head after UFOs seen in the sky
  54. Xuan Tian Shang Di's got a new medium (Taoism)
  55. M'sia: Sleeping in coffin for better luck
  56. M'sia: Medium claims to bring participants to Hell and back
  57. Share your ghost/supernatural encounter there
  58. Essex is UFO hotspot
  59. Do you believe the fengshui study?
  60. Why those hungry ghosts need to be appeased
  61. Couple sells child for afterworld marriage
  62. phone call from +00
  63. UFO spotted over highway in England
  64. UFO seen at China airport
  65. Ghost master: Women more prone to seeing ghosts
  66. LP Yeam Kuman Thong Bucha
  67. ramadan vs chinese 7th month ghost festival
  68. last Friday night at Holland V
  69. Any info. on shadow figures????
  70. End Times? Texas Lake Turns Blood-Red
  71. Anything you wanna try?
  72. 地蔵菩薩的故事
  73. what are the occult signs to avoid
  74. Betty And Barney Hill UFO Abduction Story Commemorated On Official N.H. Highway Plaque
  75. Fiona Xie: most likely celeb to meet ghosts
  76. Believe Or Not?
  77. Hungry ghosts festivals Lunar July 2011
  78. China: Alien-like animal scares villagers
  79. Ghostly duo make their presence felt at Bukit Timah railway
  80. How feng shui improved a lawyer's life
  81. the History of Satanism
  82. Chinese ghosts in Chinese culture
  83. What taboos during 7th Lunar Month
  84. Another of my dream...meaning of this dream ?
  85. Is there any differences between Taoism and Buddhist
  86. Taiwan tourist "pinched" while holidaying in Singapore
  87. Do u believe place of Heaven & Hell??
  88. Dreaming Hell
  89. If Dec 21st is the last day.......
  90. Paranormal Show
  91. Ghost marriages amongst Singaporean Chinese
  92. High drama as monkeys wed in India
  93. UFOs spotted flying from giant dust cloud
  94. Symptoms of being a Chinese Spirit Medium aka TangKi
  95. What does this dream mean?
  96. Feeling weird
  97. Which ghost is that you do not want/wish to meet upon
  98. Taoist Mediumship Trance - Taoist magic
  99. What is a Pontianak? Ghost in Malay culture
  100. which places is the common to be haunted places .
  101. Another of my dream...A short one...
  102. What is a Kumantong
  103. 地獄被畫出來了
  104. holiday inn
  105. What does my dream mean ?
  106. The British banker who quit his job to become South African witch doctor
  107. View Rods Hospital
  108. How would a ghost work/exist?
  109. swears for Buddhist?
  110. UFOs + Mothership Spotted over London in three different locations
  111. Russian scientists expect to meet aliens by 2031
  112. Ghost photo taken at Pasir Ris Red House
  113. UFOs seen in sky over London
  114. Any Ghost expert or Ghostbuster there
  115. How to 求签?
  116. Remember to watch!
  117. Outram MRT covered walkaway to Eu Tong Seng haunted
  118. Whats the proper way of discarding worship item?
  119. Mum throw away my kumantongs.. How?
  120. How come my house, ppl who go say feel "gao ei" while my whole family dun feel anything
  121. Buddha Thus Have I Heard - Official Trailer
  122. Is this a squadron of UFOs flying over California?
  123. Dare to Watch This?
  124. Nightmares :) share here !
  125. Japanese Ghost Prank
  126. UFO photographed in China
  127. Esplanade Library Haunted?
  128. What Should We Do If We Smell Something Weird or Unpleasant in a Place?!
  129. do you believe in this?
  130. Real spirit images caught on camera
  131. 琉璃,水晶球,玛瑙 -- Do you own them ?
  132. School turns to feng shui for exorcism
  133. Zombie apocalypse survival guide published by US government
  134. Deceased pets
  135. WARNING! Rapture on 21 May 2011 & End of the World on 21 Oct 2011
  137. Y we cannot look at dead ppl being lower into the coffin???
  138. Old tampines road ghost
  139. The Creation and Adam and Eve
  140. Fanpage made for ghost video lover
  141. Dead 'alien' found in Russian snow
  142. 怪異!外星人入侵 飛碟抓牛影片
  143. China: Woman kills grandson over zodiac sign
  144. Mayan Prophecy Predicted Massive Earthquake for Almost Same Time Japanís Earthquake Occurred!
  145. Any Ghostly Army Camp Story Wan To Share Can Come Here Share!!
  146. Thai Ghosts Video
  147. Share your Genting Ria Apartment Stories
  148. Are we all Martians?
  149. My palm's head line and heart line is joined
  150. Another dream of mine
  151. do u all have such feeling
  152. Help This time round it wanna me to 超度 them.
  153. Die Glocka
  154. Court officials in Malaysia spooked by paranormal activities
  155. All about maya
  156. Creepy Facebook Profile
  157. PLEASE share your NS "sightings" here
  158. Dispel your property feng shui paranoia
  159. Nasa scientist claim of 'alien life' draws scrutiny
  160. Close encounters of the purred kind: Aliens spoke to us in a 'cat-like language' claim Russian...
  161. Superstition still widespread in high-tech Asia
  162. What does my dream means ?
  163. Help
  164. Thai man wears 1,000 amulets to ward off ghosts
  165. Am I cursed?
  166. M'sian wishing tree attracts visitors from near and far
  167. Sweetheart RLGS - Changi Chalet ( With Drawn Pictures )
  168. phra kring katha
  169. ... In my room...
  170. Uncomforable about my house
  171. A not so scary stories to share
  172. Is there really vampires ?
  173. Help EMF Meter
  174. Sweetheart RLGS - Another Ghost In Genting
  175. Would you take Feng Shui predictions seriously and even adjust your life accordingly?
  176. a person will have weird behaviour before death?
  177. Debate: Horror places, Super Freaky
  178. Help Where to get haunted dolls?
  179. kruba Thammamunee
  180. Sweetheart RLGS - Old Changi Hospital
  181. This is super freaky....
  182. Sweetheart RLGS - Pasir Ris Red House
  183. few questions ;p
  184. Fortunetellers: Year of the Rabbit not too cuddly
  185. what a dead person in coffin look like to you
  186. So weird. o_o
  187. Another Ghost Story By Me! - School Toilet
  188. I dreamt of my own spirit
  189. Another Ghost Story! - Don't Read At Night!
  190. Crop circles found in Yogya rice field in Indonesia
  191. Despite discovering more planets, the chances of finding ET are unlikely, says astronomer
  192. George Lucas 'says world will end in 2012'
  193. Do ghost really exist?
  194. The Mysterious Masonic Murals of Denver International Airport
  195. Aloeswood aka 沉香
  196. thai amulet
  197. My Story - Ghostly Experience
  198. 6 wooden umbrellas in a bus stop
  199. Laotian killed wife for 'lucky' foetus
  200. Dream
  201. Creepy Ghost [CG]
  202. Spirited Singapore keeps 'ghostbuster' busy
  203. Help Thai tattoos in thailand ?
  204. Why god never reveal himself?
  205. 'Doomsday on Oct 21 2011'
  206. Romanian witches use spells to protest new taxes
  207. USA: Obama to announce UFO visits
  208. 'Magic pythons' married to bring luck, the bride that wore snakeskin
  209. 2011 Chinese Zodiac Forecast by Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong
  210. Is That a water ghost aka SHUI GUI
  211. My dream -- What does it mean ?
  212. heaven, can or not ar?
  213. Lately a lot report of Naked People Around Singapore
  214. Aliens Coming.....or not?
  215. The Full Prophecies Of Mother Shipton
  216. The 5 things not to do
  217. Ability to see ghosts depending on level of 'luck'?
  218. Folk beliefs. Do you believe?
  219. 5 M'sian cops suffer stomach ache after thieves use black magic
  220. Woman paralysed for 23 years stands and walks after she's 'cured by British spiritual healer'
  221. Weirdest dream I ever had.
  222. Haunted Schools in Singapore
  223. hEH...
  224. what is your horror and happening dreams ???
  225. What is your dream?
  226. Evidence for ET is mounting daily
  227. What's your dream?? ^^
  228. Meet the Britons who are convinced they've had bizarre past lives...
  229. best evidences of ghosts caught on tape by the team of Ghost Hunters
  230. Red eye Phra Ngang
  231. Mysterious Dudley Dorito UFO spotted over UK skies for the third time in three years
  232. Hitler's secret flying saucer: Did the fuhrer plan to attack London and New York in UFOs?
  233. It's been 65 years since Joseph Vitolo's divine sighting of The Blessed Virgin Mary
  234. Brit housewife is UFO magnet after 17 encounters with aliens
  235. Ang gu gue Ghost?
  236. Ghost sightings
  237. Taiwan woman claims to see ghost of Koxinga's aide Chen Yonghua
  238. Man who has DNA evidence of abduction by blonde female Asian aliens!
  239. Ghost Hunters Planning Titanic Mission
  240. Heilongjiang farmer Meng Zhaoguo alleges encounter with 'alien seductress'
  241. Help local English amulet magazine (Mystical Thai)
  242. UFO tape released after 30-year mystery but fails to explain phenomena
  243. Located in Hindu Cemetary
  244. I dreamt that it was end of world last night..
  245. Weirdest Dream Ever Need Help
  246. Time Traveller Caught On 1928 Charlie Chaplin Film Video
  247. Spotted someone burning something in male toilet
  248. Real-Life Hunated House in Yahoo article
  250. 泰国佛牌出让