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  1. Japanese Sadako Prank
  2. Japanese Ghost spotted on camera!!
  3. Thai Amulet
  4. End of the World postponed
  5. Ghostly photograph taken at execution site
  6. Do you believe End Of The World?
  7. GPS
  8. Phua Chu Kang incredulous tales
  9. What is that thing? How a UFO brought the streets of New York to a standstill...
  10. Dropping mirror
  11. ANSWER for the phenomena of St Bernadette ‘s body
  13. M'sian bomohs capture 9 spirits
  14. Powerful KUMANTONG (Created by Ajarn Pan with 3 Ajarn's prayer and LP Khrey)
  16. Anyone heard of Gloomy sunday, the sucide song before?
  17. Samhain Celebration
  18. Dreams
  19. Dream about this yesterday (TRUE) help me see what it represent
  20. WHY I NO DREAM =(
  21. Help What kind dream is that?
  22. Help what does this dream mean?
  23. Help Wanted to get a Fighting thai amulet.
  24. Help Snake dreams.
  25. a real story to share with everyone
  26. Change your luck and wealth destiny!
  27. Help Curse handphone number?
  28. Inquiry About Kumantong
  29. Ghost spotted in Cumbria pub
  30. Destination Truth Season 4
  31. Something strange in the neighbourhood & it's for sale:would you buy Britain's 'most-haunted' hse ?
  32. !NEW! Sak Yant Amulet Hut is now in SINGAPORE!!
  33. 幽默鬼故事
  34. Help Thai Amulets Needs To Repaired/Restored
  35. Record Keeper Crystals. Sunken record keepers.
  36. Is palm reading accurate in tell your future or face reading?
  37. Aliens exist but have yet to visit Earth
  38. AC Meng come to Muar, Johor, Malaysia..
  39. Meet the mini mediums
  40. Another Top Ten Ghost Video :)
  43. Telling your future/previous life
  44. Anyone here pray to "Monkey God"?
  45. Eyes in the sky
  46. Clementi Abandoned Cinema
  47. Top 10 Ghost picture ( Japan)
  48. Favorite Paranormal Show
  50. How to survive the Hungry Ghost month
  51. infiltration to area 51
  52. Hungry Ghost Festival 2010
  53. Purpose of visit 9 temples a day?
  54. Si An Tan 2010 VIdeo
  55. Creepy Baby doll at Canal
  56. WHAT IF....
  57. Expert predicts possible UFO appearance
  58. DO ghosts really exist???
  59. Event
  60. Singapore's HDB 'Ghost Town'
  61. Anyone can help me?
  62. Anyone know " bone heaviness" telling?
  63. shows on religion taboo
  64. Global Disclosure Of UFO & Aliens
  65. Man claims aliens are pelting his home
  66. M'sia: UFO sighting causes stir
  67. When is our age of luck?
  68. Some said lottery depend on luck/karma
  69. China UFO come in talk....
  70. Omens
  71. Digital clocks time at 11:11
  72. writing ghost stories to russell lee?
  73. Singapore is invaded by aliens and you are the representive,what will you say to them?
  74. Spiritual Healing Treatment- A way out for victims of occult
  75. Is there a haunted secondary school in west zone(jurong) area.
  76. Share your experiences or stories you've heard
  77. 13 taibao
  78. What is one "impossible" dream of yours?
  79. communicating with ur decreased love ones
  80. Help finding some things.
  81. Curious about Powers
  82. Sharingan aka 写輪眼
  83. Psychic Kids
  84. I NID HELP!!
  85. Who felt errie when going to toilet in cinema? (old type of cinema)
  86. Super-Natural Tour
  87. The Red House/Observation tower
  88. haunted office stories
  89. Have you ever encountered ghost before?
  90. House Cleansing For My Haunted House
  91. Using just.......
  92. Purple Orb
  93. M'sia: Touching wild boars for fortune?
  94. Do greek gods existed?
  95. when your eyelid ''jump''
  96. Urgent Help! Looking For Reliable Spellcaster!, Bomoh/Witch/Hindu or Voodoo Priest/Medium
  97. Ghost Lab Investigation of the Rape and Murder at Bukit Batok Park With SPI
  98. Creepy grudge girl in the mirror
  99. My experience.. =(
  100. The Nurse
  101. The Red Ribbon
  102. Under The Bed
  103. The Truth About Djinn / Jinn / Genies
  104. Help Pestering Spirits ?!
  105. Evil charms released by PARENTS onto son's family
  106. Take a coffin nap for better luck
  107. Love Spells
  108. Haunted Temple In Singapore
  109. OCH
  110. Advisory for newbies who is into magic,occult etc
  111. Share share 4 Face Phra Ngang
  112. lady in white near cemetery took taxi and ...
  113. Stephen Hawkins said we don't communicate with aliens..
  114. Spiritual Healer (help in removing evil spirits, charms, vodoo etc)
  115. Selling salt in cemetery
  116. Sakyant:Arrow Punch Yant
  117. Help Tarot Reading
  118. Reincarnation Is Not A Myth!, here is proof.
  119. haunted items
  120. SGwitch Korean dolls....Urggh!!!!!!!!
  121. Message from other dimension
  122. Tarot cards.
  123. Anyone have any spiritual entity's with them?
  124. Light switched off by itself..
  125. Occult Information by Witchz aka Sgwitch
  126. Is that true that ear piercing really affect your luck?
  127. ' Hungry ghost ' in cementry
  128. New Age/Metaphysic outlet Grand opening!
  129. How to volunteer at sintua?
  130. Where would you think you would go after death
  131. How many of you believe that aliens are the real power behind US presidency?
  132. What is Ectoplasm?? By Ali G
  133. Any one know what is this hell god
  134. Execs join ghostly business
  135. Between
  136. 4.44am
  137. If you had a supernatural experience ...
  138. Actress Five V once cheated by spiritual guru
  139. Wiccan, Witches, Pagans??
  140. Hi wiccans/ witches/ pagans in sg=D
  141. New Zealander auctions "ghosts" in a bottle
  142. Why the emphasis on necromancy?
  143. kumantong.
  144. Stories? :p
  145. Doll phobia !!!
  146. No woman no charm. Girl not interested. Thailand has the help of love.
  147. is it true that ....
  148. How to remember your dreams and increase psychic channel
  149. Do you believe in... Dreams?
  150. Visions of the Future
  151. I have spoken to Thai kumanthong and worship.
  152. Initiation into ATRs?
  153. Thai tattoos competitions
  154. Do you think or believe that December 2012 phenomena will come?
  155. Orbs Found in Pictures Taken with Handphone?
  156. What will u do? RUN or STEP?
  157. How to get nightmares?
  158. 20 haunted schools in Singapore - Rumour or truths?
  159. Debate: HAUNTED CHANGI... isn't this dangerous?!
  160. Imagine this
  161. how to many 大二爷伯 level in hell?
  162. UFO over Stamford Bridge?
  163. Barang: Letting Go
  164. Top 10 Reasons The World Won’t End on December 21, 2012
  165. Rumor : Lady gaga worships satan
  166. They are around..... I think.
  167. Help Human Transform to An Angel
  168. How many barangs, spiritual protection or etc do you carry daily
  169. BEWARE: Indian "astrologer" = conman?
  170. info of arjan maha tana
  171. Kruba Duangdee Passes Away
  172. Help Blue orb means?
  173. How to get Lucid Dreams
  174. Work near Cemetery area at lim chu Kang road.. how arh
  175. 新生活报 new life post
  176. anyone here using oracle decks?
  177. Been dreaming about Tsunami almost everyday
  178. Alternative to Tarot: Rune Divination
  179. Help got a quis to ask
  180. Superstition of Moth
  181. anyone dream of flying before?
  182. New Self Published tarot deck.... hezicos tarot.
  183. chosen one to be a medium
  184. Candlemass (Imbolc) 2010 Wiccan Gathering
  185. UFO appeared in Msia in January 2010
  186. Finding things in weird dream...
  187. banana O_O
  188. Clairvoyance
  189. Pets & sprits?
  190. tarot cards
  191. Tony Leung performs ritual to improve relationships
  192. How true?
  193. Wiccans
  194. Are female ghosts scarier than male ghosts?
  195. Ghosts in hotels
  196. What will you do. If your hp rings when you had off it?
  197. jalan bahtera moe camp haunted????
  198. Top 10 Best Ghost Photographs
  199. Help Before You Buy A Jinn/ Djinn/ Genie
  200. does 解梦 exist ? Decipher dream ?
  201. Is Ang mo Kio haunted?
  202. Reality ghost shows.
  203. M'sia: The ghost hunter
  204. Is it true that ghosts come nearer when you are telling ghosts stories?
  205. The Talking Doll
  206. The Smith Sisters
  207. Do you believe ...?
  208. Is life fated by god?
  209. Ghostly figure photo taken at Haw Par Villa Outing ( Singapore Paranormal Club )
  210. Pictures of Haunted Korean Dolls
  211. Happy new year to everyone here. Greeting from Singapore Paranormal Club :)
  212. orb on my photo
  213. how many 6th sense
  214. The Boy In My Camp
  215. 麥玲玲2010年虎年運程 (完全版)
  216. Another Fake Manual Called Phi Phop
  217. Ghost hunting outing at Haw Par Villa ( by SPC )
  218. O_O ufo captured on my handphone on vacation to bali
  219. Using dark magic will go to hell?
  220. Genting's secret revealed
  222. The 5th International Buddha’s Relics Arts & Cultural Exhibition
  223. encounters with the succubus
  224. Fortune Telling
  225. 8th Heaven
  226. What will happen if u have sex with ghost?
  227. Are you afraid of ghosts? Yes or No
  228. Anyone know how to Hypnotize? ^^
  229. What does hell looks like?
  230. Can't get over mum's death........
  231. Scariest Video!
  232. Spirit Communication, Divining & Dowsing: How Pendulums Work
  233. Scare you to death
  234. Ghost hunting Photos taken at Macritchie Reservoir ( Singapore Paranormal Club )
  235. Any 'gathering' to go find 'friends'
  236. Back from Death's grasp...
  237. Do you consider the ability to see ghost a gift or curse?
  238. Ghost haunting outing at Macritchie Reservoir ( by SPC )
  239. Reactions of Animals
  240. Personal incidents of family and friends
  241. Hear ghost stories till sian liao, anybody encounter God before?
  242. Question about dreams.
  243. Tangki Possession by the souls of a suicide family (Part 3)
  244. Tangki Possession by the souls of a suicide family (Part 2)
  245. Tangki Possession by the souls of a suicide family (Part 1)
  247. Ghost hunting Photos taken at Old Lim Chu Kang Estate ( Singapore Paranormal Club )
  248. pulau tekong
  249. Connection with the red thread
  250. SAR DU SAR DU