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  1. Binding Spells
  2. weird dreams again !
  3. Could vampires get AIDS from drinking infected blood?
  4. Help Does anyone know where to buy real crystals?
  5. weird dreams
  6. 1) do u guys run when encounter paranormal things like sudden noise, sound, movement, door closing/o
  7. To see my dead mum...
  8. What is the most Supernatural incident had happened to you?
  9. What is the most scary and haunted place in singapore ?
  10. Would like to know your oppinions on ghosts & spirits?
  11. Why??
  12. Ghost haunting outing at Old Lim Chu Kang Estate ( by SPC )
  13. LP(s)/Ajahn(s) visiting SG
  14. Help Pestering spirits
  15. Slit mouth woman (japanese urban myths)
  16. Lin yi guai tan.
  17. just wanna share somethings
  18. Mike the Headless Chicken
  19. Any exprience with xiao gui (toyol)?
  20. Japanese Hell Girl
  21. Thai Black Magic Movie. The Inbelieveable Here !
  22. Ghost hunting Photos taken at Tyersall Mansion with 2 female figure ( Singapore Paranormal Club )
  23. A nice movie for supernatural fans
  24. Share ur EXP in a lift.
  25. What do you do when a spirit tries to get you?
  26. Japanese Haunted Hospital...alert!
  27. Tingling Feeling Between The Eyebrows~
  28. A site with ghost pics
  29. Where to get EMF detector and Infrared Thermal detector?
  30. OMG
  31. Ghost haunting outing at Tyersall Mansion ( by SPC )
  32. Live Rooster
  33. The power of the Pendulum. Dowsing.
  34. Diary of a broken soul tarot.....
  35. Ghost hunting Photos taken at Botanic Gardens ( Singapore Paranormal Club )
  36. Help how to get your own familiar?
  37. Aliens 'already exist on earth', Bulgarian scientists claim
  38. Fake Phra Ngan Manual
  39. Ghost haunting & Movie (Paranormal Activity) outing ( Singapore Paranormal Club )
  40. Thailand Hotel Ghost Stories
  41. Fake Religion That teach Parent to Use Extreme Violent On child
  42. Paranormal Activity Movie
  43. PT 2 Ghost hunting Photos taken last night at Bukit Brown Cemetery ( Singapore Paranormal Club )
  44. 2012, Dooms day is it true ?
  45. Spontaneous Human Combustion
  46. Part 2 Ghost haunting outing at Bukit Brown Cemetery AKA Kopi Hill ( by SPC )
  47. Help Proper way to burn incense powder indoors
  48. What is wrong with me?
  49. Newbie in tarot reading... need help...
  50. Ghost hunting Photos taken last night at Bukit Brown Cemetery ( Singapore Paranormal Club )
  51. Catholic Church: Aliens May Exist
  52. Vatican looks to heavens for signs of alien life
  53. will my house be huanted?
  54. Ghost haunting outing at Bukit Brown Cemetery AKA Kopi Hill ( by SPC )
  55. Hoon Payong
  56. Ghost hunting Photos taken last night at Pasir ris swamp ( Singapore Paranormal Club )
  57. How to attract Pontianaks?
  58. Scary Pics - Fact or Fiction?
  59. true or fake ghost show
  60. Ghost haunting outing at Pasir Ris Swamp ( by SPC )
  61. Would you encourage your kids to explore other religions?
  62. Ghost Hunter TAPS
  63. What would you do if you saw a ghost?
  64. Photos in OCH PART II taken last night ( Singapore Paranormal Club )
  65. What is a ghost?
  66. Dealing with Ghosts
  67. hi fellow spell casters
  68. Halloween...The begining
  69. Help Where to get authentic Thai Buddhist Talisman?
  70. Death in the tarot.
  71. Ghost haunting outing at Tyersall Mansion ( by SPC )
  72. Any haunted place you would like us to investigate ? for this saturday outing.
  73. marble dropping sound
  74. Post your ghostly pics here!
  75. anyone seen any gods/deity/buddha/famous people before?
  76. Ghost voice rec in OCH when we were there with SGCLUB member ( EVP )
  77. Tarot reading at the singapore Flyer for Halloween 30 Oct to 1 Nov
  78. UFO in Penang?
  79. Destination Truth
  80. Photos in OCH taken last night with Sgclub members!
  81. do you believe?
  82. All kinds of Supernatural Shows
  83. Ghost haunting club ( First outing OCH )
  84. odd decomposing corpse
  85. Master Samlit
  86. Why the world will NOT end in 2012: Nasa scientist debunks conspiracy theories
  87. UFO alert: police officer sees aliens at crop circle
  88. Documentary REINCARNATION- past life evidence
  89. Samhain, a wiccans' new year.
  90. Disturbing news for artistes with Lau surname
  91. 犯天狗
  92. Tarot decks and other divination cards.
  93. Help How to avoid seeing ghosts? (and some questions)
  94. How To Be A Witch
  95. Post Your Genting Ghost Stories Here
  96. Life after death?
  97. Japan Horro(VERY REAL)
  98. All About Ouija Board Article
  99. Norse Runes By Odin......
  100. How to check your ba zi element?
  101. Are You A Potential Witch?
  102. nazca lines
  103. Do you believe that Atlantis existed?
  104. Urban Legends: Light
  105. Dua li ah pek
  106. anyone got any stories??
  107. How Does DeJa Vu actually works?
  108. solar eclipse
  109. Dreams
  110. Urban Legends: The Lobster
  111. Is Jesus God?
  112. Tarot Reading
  113. Question on Witchcraft!
  114. Are "Incredible Tales" really true encounters?
  115. Debate: Is the world coming to its end?
  116. Debate: What u think abt Ghost Hunter?
  117. The Old Changi Hospital
  118. Ghost hunting causes reporter to insanity
  119. Haunted Hotel
  120. What's this?
  121. 2012 The DoomsDay?
  122. Do you believe in fortune telling?
  123. dream of a future LOL
  124. I want to know if...
  125. Curse or illness?
  126. Debate: Seeing ghost
  127. 天命是什麼
  128. I had a vision I died
  129. ghost voice confirmed by video in the news
  130. The next day, my whole fish tank turn black!?
  131. What are the different types of amulet you know? Share with us all here!
  132. Song sisters
  133. 陰陽眼 ( not equal to 3rd eye, 天眼 )
  134. 靈修的知見: 神魔之分
  135. Is this really a haunted house
  136. tribute to buddha
  137. Elizabeth Bathory: The Blood Countess [NOT FOR THE WEAK-HEARTED]
  138. Olivia Newton-John claims to have seen UFO
  139. Unknowns haunted place
  140. Help Seeking a Bomoh/Traditional Spiritual Healer
  141. Ouija Board
  142. 什麼是卡陰?
  143. My 2nd encounter with the supernatural.
  144. haunted?
  145. I believe in ghost ever since that inident.
  146. Bye bye good brothers from hell.
  147. LP Garlong passed away :(
  148. UFO The.Greatest.Story.Ever.Denied - Battle of Los Angeles 1942
  149. buddam apppre on accident
  150. Has Jesus Christ been spotted on Mars?
  151. God spotted on cemetary
  152. UFO 'filmed for 40 minutes' by Chinese scientists during solar eclipse
  153. Is taking away Luck really possible?
  154. Tarot Reading
  155. Do you believe in vampires?
  156. Making decisions for others
  157. Help How can i communicate with my kumantong ?
  158. Increase sex chances with female
  159. 10,000 DREAMS INTERPRETED.. Stay Tune @@
  160. A story to share...
  161. creepy cat
  162. Sutra Languages
  163. Anyone know anything about Om Mani Padme Hum?
  164. Anyone know whats this is called?
  165. Help what does it means when they say 大劫?
  166. Do we really decide? Or are we puppets?
  167. Secret Floor & Rooms in Genting Highlands - I Want the Truth
  168. India: Priests sit in water drums to appease rain god
  169. Guan Yin birthday 8\8\09 - 9\8\0
  170. Sex with banana female ghost
  172. 被鬼压/Painless blue-blacks
  173. Stories of Encounters/Experience with the Supernatural.
  174. Indonesia Ghost Video
  175. 怪談電影 "The Unbelievable" movie
  176. My friend's true ghost story
  177. The Most Real & Scariest Evidence...Ghost Caught In Movie Accientally..
  178. Seemed Scary - Ghost Caught On Film While Driving
  179. Ghost Car
  180. Mysterious suicides in Japan
  181. Medium " TANG KI"
  182. 7month Hungry Ghost festival
  183. Wearing Amulets
  184. kena "good brother" ya & friend exp..
  185. Hungry Ghost Festival Experiences/Myths
  186. 7th month ghost festival so what?
  187. Help Should i go back to the hospital ? Help me !
  188. Hungry ghost month come already, any ideas how to protect yourself if u see one?
  189. UK UFO sightings spiked when blockbusters released
  190. Girls Eyes Produce Crystals
  191. Michael Jackson's face on car bonnet
  192. Hungry for more ghosts? (The NewPaper - 17Aug09)
  193. Spooky encounters with the cast of Where Got Ghost?
  194. Add To Watchlist | Report a Concern Pulau Tekong True Fact
  195. Top 10 Most Haunted Places in Singapore
  196. Dream - what's e meaning
  197. Is zheng fei A god ?
  198. Help I Think I Offended A Spirit
  199. Do not wear mask when you sleep.
  200. Beware This FengShui Conman!
  201. Lunar 7th Month Ghost Finding Substitute (找替身) Believe it or not
  202. Your ways to get out of dream?
  203. Ghost Spotted On tv show at japan
  204. do dreams say anything?
  205. Amulet advice
  206. The 21grams soul
  207. Hotel superstitions
  208. Is it true
  209. supernatural encounters with the computer
  210. Ghost Possession In HK - Real Video Footage
  211. Heal Ghost Possesed With Chopsticks
  212. Magic Books & Systems
  213. Help which is good
  214. What will you do if a ghost is staying in your house
  215. Jolin 看我72变 MV, watch the video and you can listen something weird.
  216. Eerie pic taken in batam
  217. Share your experience in playing 碟仙 (Chinese Ouija Board)
  218. Debate: Do you believe in ghost?
  219. Dreamt about Jakarta bombing came true
  220. Chinnabanchon and bye bye :)
  221. 'Ghost' of Jacko snapped on car
  222. Barbie doll on P. Ubin altar
  223. Santa Muerte (Saint Death)
  224. Magick spells
  225. gathering to go haunted places to see ghost
  226. Khatib's Night Walk
  227. Anyone know who to use a Voodoo doll or know about Voodoo doll
  228. Showcase your daily wearing lucky charms...
  229. Real Aliens Pic!!
  230. Ram Kae Bon vs Faun Pii (Thai Dances)
  231. Ghosts?
  232. Help Arjan Piak
  233. List of The Most Haunted Places in Singapore
  234. Toyol or Bomoh Seeker
  235. Micheal Jackson's ghost caught on film!!!
  236. Unknown Lifeform found in North Carolina's sewer.
  237. being afriad?
  238. Creepy Pasta
  239. Old Changi Hospital
  240. Luang Phor Dum KMT
  241. do you believe that animals can see things we cant see?
  242. Lady in white in bedroom
  243. Pic caught by accidental during recce
  244. Solar Flare 2012
  245. 3rd eye people!,please share you stories here! :)
  246. somethinggggg wierd (taken at ecp yellowatchtower)
  247. familiar dreams
  249. JFK and Abrahim Lincoln connections..
  250. what's the rest of 98%???