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  1. Newly set up group
  2. Man Believes His Dead Wife is Contacting Him Via Cell Phone
  3. Is Levitation Possible?
  4. Strange Moving Coffins of Barbados (Carribean)
  5. Kruba det Tiger oil
  6. I don't understand somethings leh.
  7. Need Help/Comment. A recurring nightmare..
  8. Want to see real Ghost ? No fraud !
  9. Luang Phor Pin amulet
  10. Do You Believe In Ghost & Spirit?
  11. The SGC Zombie Apocalypse Fanfic!
  12. Ghost caught on CCTV at CIMB Bank
  13. Hungry Ghost Captured in a Malaysian Cemetery
  14. Ghost Pictures Show
  15. No such thing as Ghosts? Watch this video and think again
  16. Kumantong Chant Translation?
  17. Urban Legends revolving around Singapore
  18. Shadow encounter.
  19. anyone here got join SPI forum?
  20. Ghost captured on CCTV?
  21. Thai Charm
  22. SAK YANT..??offering..?
  23. UFOs spotted in Cambridgeshire
  24. Code of this crop circle
  25. If you knew tomoro was your last day on Earth, how would you spend it and why?
  26. Anyone seen Russell Lee real person (w/o masking up) before??
  27. How to deal with someone u really hate??
  28. 3 stories per day
  29. 每天三个鬼故事.... Day 2 story 3
  30. 每天三个鬼故事.... Day 2 story 2
  31. 每天三个鬼故事.... Day 2 story 1
  32. 每天三个鬼故事.... Day 1 story 2
  33. 每天三个鬼故事.... Day 1
  34. Dozens report seeing UFOs over Merseyside
  35. Dato Kong Birthday
  36. How do I find the ghost in singapore?
  37. Why Woodleigh MRT still close?
  38. Where to buy aromatic incense?
  39. Things dropping down in the middle of the nite??
  40. Life after death???
  41. Old woman selling incense at HDB block
  42. East Coast Park Tunnnel?
  43. HK documentary on spritual beings
  44. Why disturb the so called "Haunted Site"?
  45. Dreams intepretation/meanings
  46. Wat Ananda Metyarama
  47. Cartomancy in Germany
  48. 2 UFOs crash land in Kazakhstan - report
  49. Anybody Care To Translate (Buddha Mudra) ?
  50. pic with the ghost
  51. Isn't the Thai Amulet a Personal thing to Carry by oneself?
  52. God's 大日子(Birthday) ritual .
  53. is really true? everyppl house gt at least 1 ghost?
  54. amulets collectors..
  55. "Dang Ki"
  56. hey have u ever wonder the top ten places haunted in sg? this is my list
  57. Taoist Talisman Against Swine Flu
  58. Buddhist Holy water
  59. Revenge even in afterlife
  60. WUJUD project Ver 2.5
  61. Khun Phaen Katha
  62. UFO sightings in Malaysia
  63. Sangkajai Amulet
  64. Benjapakhi
  65. Phra Rahu/Rahoo
  66. Banana grow inside the Banana trunk
  67. Standing Kris
  68. Is there really UFOs?
  69. Aliens exist and UFOs are covered-up by US government, says ex-astronaut
  70. any ghost encounter or stories in NP????
  71. Things that go bump in the night at NUS
  72. Moths as Human Souls?
  73. Raffles place's elevator CCTV
  75. HairStyle
  76. Weird happening in office when alone?
  77. wanting to open third eye
  78. Question about afterlife.
  79. Do you believe people can actually predicted the future?
  80. Brunei army training
  81. A basis for understanding spiritual realms (Somdej, Guman, Barrang a.s.o)
  82. Prevention from dirty things to get to you
  84. Wad do u do today if tmr is the end of the world ?
  85. Debate: Do u believe in Tarot reading?
  86. Dreamt of god
  87. Is 2012 the end of our world ?
  88. Have you ever felt a premonition..
  89. Any weird encounters you experience when u were a child?I heard children very sensitive to this..
  90. Any stories in jurong =x
  92. Cheng Ming Bags
  93. the most frighten clip ever
  94. A video to share..
  95. Debate: Are there aliens in this world?
  96. The 10 Stage of Hell
  97. How Pan-Dang r u???
  98. 2012 Comet hitting earth
  99. How To: Keeping Ghost Child
  100. witchcraft
  101. After A Person Is Dead
  103. Woman 'met alien with Scandinavian accent'
  104. Is My Friend Being Cursed or Charmed !! Kindly Advise !
  105. Einstein's Relativity
  106. UFO alien sketches include banana with dangling limbs
  107. Jenglot
  108. Is there really a thing called Curse?
  109. My own Ghost Investigation Team Site!
  110. Katha For Sharing
  111. A close encounter of the blurred kind: Tourist snaps UFO cloud in Spain
  112. UFOs photographed over London
  113. Exorcism Spell
  114. Frogs marry to please rain gods
  115. Explaining ghost with science...
  116. Do you think extraterrestrials are already on Earth?
  117. SBS bus 'ghost' caught on camera
  118. any1 here got join be4 Singapore Paranormal Investigators outing event?
  119. dogs barks sign of seeing ghost (muslim belief)
  120. vampire in this world ?
  121. Anyone here use "Dukun" / bomoh?
  123. Love spell.
  124. Paranormal shows
  125. The crossroad Human Dustbin
  126. ghost at esplanade ?
  127. Relfection / buddhist recollection
  128. How many Jesus are there ?
  129. How true is it ?
  130. Spook
  131. Any LP or Archarn visiting S'pore?
  132. SATAN !!!!!
  133. My Buddha amulet break...
  134. Arjan Piak Guman Tong Consecration Ceremony (How "Ghost childs" are made)
  135. 7th day after a person passed away
  136. ThRee GirLs...
  137. Jatukam Amulet help!
  138. Anyone believe in pontianak
  139. Anybody can help out? Office Lift!!!
  140. anybody want to go Punggol Slaughtering Station?
  141. Anyone know any Sifu know to dispel Black Magic In Singapore?
  142. Small bad/good Things will happen 1st before big matter will happen
  143. Difference between Luang Phor & Ancharn
  144. any ghosts stories happen in ECP?
  145. Is it true that dreams are the opposite of reality?
  146. Thai buddhist tattoo
  147. Weird language during sleep talk
  148. Regalia Buddhist Cultural Centre
  149. feet while slping
  150. Pls verify this 3 amulet different.......
  151. Earth's Record Holders [MUST READ , SO THAT YOU ARE NOT GUNDU]
  152. FAQ:Site Effect After Abortion Baby!Please Share Knowledge Here TQ
  153. Jinns....
  154. Any ghost encounters?
  155. anybody encountered dwarfs b4??
  156. Ancestor came to the dreams???
  157. What if you hear a "woman crying" or "scratching" under your bed?
  158. Dreams of fighting
  159. Does anyone been to kopi hill before?
  160. Avoid and Cant look at the funeral ceremonies!!!
  161. Indian boy weds dog
  162. Weird dream..
  163. Help Danger!!! Help! My dad is being possessed by a malay hantu!!
  164. How 2 Prevent & Protect urself frm any Charm & Evil Spell
  165. Please share Origin & POV of PhraKrit
  166. Alien life may be all around us (or even in us), says professor
  167. Time machine!!Future generation may travel back in time!
  168. RAFFLES hotel is haunted!
  169. shadow walking appears while im on the pc at 4AM
  170. clear ur doubts bout thai amulets wit me~
  172. [Friday 13th] Any one else of you suffered bad luck today?
  173. Friday 13th: breaking a mirror leads top 10 superstitions
  174. 'Infertile' woman gives birth after visit to Hindu god Shiva
  175. UFO 'clone' baby: first pictures
  176. Amazing footage of UFO filmed above British coastline by holidaymakers
  177. All Amulet Discussion:Kumantong vs BabyGhost Pls share ur POV here!
  178. Egyptian King Tut Curse
  179. Fighter jets scrambled after UFO follows plane over Athens
  180. Name Calling In The Late Night...
  181. Heart Sutra chanted by me
  182. Haunted hotel in Genting?
  183. Official Thai Amulets thread!!!
  184. Haunted toilets
  185. Going in to a house that does not have god altars
  186. 7 Ways Of Attracting God Of Fortune To Your House
  187. The Hope Diamond Curse
  188. Number of sneezes
  189. Help Tarot Deck (I NEED HELP)
  191. UK's Most Haunted Roads Revealed
  192. 'Surgical Spirit' Spooks Hospital
  193. Hospital calls in exorcist after ghost spotted
  194. Pontianak, its called Kichkani in my country..
  195. Did a UFO fly past President Barack Obama's inauguration?
  196. Yi Ching
  197. Old woman sweeping the floor around 2 am...
  198. Time Loss
  199. Justification on Natural Disaster
  200. Weird Experience In The Lift..Have You Ever Seen Them??
  201. 'UFO cloud' spotted over Wales
  202. wiccan in spore
  203. The Fifty-Cent Piece
  204. The White Lady
  205. Milk bottles
  206. The Lady in Lace
  207. The Lady in Red
  208. Vote for UFO Disclosure!
  209. Have you ever encountered the supernatural ?
  210. werewolves
  211. Ear higher than eyebrow is good...
  212. Angels? near death experience
  213. Advice for a suitable place for fright night event
  214. I Think my house is haunted.lol
  215. School Ghost Stories
  216. Invisible friend?
  217. UFO blamed for wrecking wind turbine after 65ft-long blade is ripped off
  218. 犯太岁and 冲太岁
  219. black magic
  220. Do u believe in this Abilities ?
  221. Teenagers flock to Santika Pub to take photos of "ghosts"
  222. Whoever heard before " Pasir Ris Red House ", please take a look.
  223. Intro ghost program
  224. sigh. . soii.. or lucky? :(
  225. Sleeping right after u eat
  226. Wearing new shoes first time at night
  227. A game called "angel" "Ouija"
  228. "The 100 Ghost Stories" game "百物語怪談会" "Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai"
  229. Where can I learn more about thai barang/amulets?
  230. Horror game?
  231. List of haunted places in SG to visit
  232. Technical fault or what?
  233. Anyone believe in "ghost press bed" it's always happen to me
  234. To people who brought spirits from ebay
  235. if you receive this as a gift.
  236. Kun Paen and Phra Ngan
  237. woodland 700plus
  238. White house
  239. If you cut all ur hairs from your cock, you will see ghost?
  240. vision distorted .by something
  241. Dreams with real pain?
  242. Anybody watched the *Infection* horror movie?
  243. Déjà vu-i dreamt my day.
  244. Is Jurong Haunted?
  245. Is this for Real ? End of The World 21st Dec 2012
  246. malay hantu
  247. life other than on Earth?
  248. View Road Hospital.
  249. Exorcism in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand!
  250. Need help on answering question.