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  1. Who know tis master?
  2. have anyone seen UFO before?
  3. One in three believe in virgin birth One in three believe in virgin birth
  4. Sleep Paralysis or Sitting Ghost? U decide !
  5. new shoes , must bite ?
  6. Old Sembawang Camp
  7. Thai amulet
  8. karma
  9. sakyants
  10. hav u seen star moving?
  11. Asteroids: Earth's Final Deadly Impact
  12. Ghost tour spooked after car plows into group
  13. Nigeria "witchdoctor" held over child killing claim
  14. Virgin mary Crying Blood
  15. Thai Spirits in Farrang Land
  16. Ghost Stories from our neighbours Malaysia!!
  17. UFO enthusiasts urge Obama to release X-Files about alien sightings
  18. Luk Kok
  19. Kwan Yin Temple at Si Ma Lu
  20. Can i hear some sharing about taosim (chinese style) supernatural/barang??
  21. Do you have anything that you will always take with you?
  22. Haunted areas in Woodlands?
  23. The Siberian Scientists who Drilled into Hell
  24. Abandoned HDB estate
  25. Witchcraft And Wizardry
  26. Who is an Arahant?
  27. What Is That?: Callers, Air10 Spot UFO Over Sacramento
  28. Anyone has LUCID DREAMS before?
  29. Thin eyebrowns = more vulnerable against spirits.. no?
  30. Queen's Mary - Huntings of the ghosts
  31. Dreams that is so real
  32. request for LP yen kunmanthong katha :)
  33. Police helicopter avoids colliding with UFO, report claims
  34. Black Aggie
  35. Raw Head and Bloody Bones
  36. Do you believe in visiting
  37. Bloody Mary
  38. Dancing with the Devil
  39. possessed by 3 spirit
  40. Premonition or the Sign
  41. SFOGS wat happened?
  42. ILLUMINATI. conspiracy unfolds.
  43. MRT Between NS1--NS3
  45. Human with tree?!
  46. PI CHIU
  47. Duke Zhou's out of the world encounter
  48. woman with 3 breasts possible?
  49. Video to make us a scare if we live alone at home
  50. The Fog
  51. The Haunted House
  52. Oh, My Aching Fang - part 1
  53. Pretty in Pick - A Short Vampire Story - part 1
  54. What are the things that make you scared the most?
  55. !!!!HELP!!!!
  56. Amulets, Statues for meditation and occult?
  57. Attn to all thread starters/thread repli-ers
  58. Meaning of mole
  59. Ghosts ~ Dare To Fear?
  60. Chalet
  61. 16 Signs That Your House is Haunted
  63. Which of these Myths do you like?
  64. The dream that brought headed the death
  65. The room in your house that was haunted
  66. the mystic for making love
  67. Spiritual Self-Defence
  68. Any haunted NS stories
  69. Spooky sounds @ night.
  70. Do You Really Believe In Fate?
  71. The ghost bus in the night
  72. The video ghost of Teresa Fidalgo: Real or the Mythos?
  73. Believe or no it"s the true
  74. SOUTV Halloween Bash at Ocean Park
  75. Anyone knows bout the "5eye4ear" amulet?
  76. Punggol
  77. New House-Puddles of water keep appearing
  78. Sponsoring a Supernatural Blog
  79. chinese Dragon exist..
  80. Largest Mysterious Ship Graveyard - Where Ghost Ships Are At Rest
  81. DO you believe in ghosts?
  82. Dreams...
  83. Prai-Jam Lang-Pi-Sed
  84. The Use of Graveyard soil and ashes
  85. Kinesis
  86. Er Ger Fong
  87. Pilot ordered to shoot down UFO
  88. alien autopsy!?
  89. The passenger jet that just missed colliding with a UFO 22,000ft above Kent
  90. Those who know/expert in Thai's amulets
  91. Doors to Hell: Real and Imagined
  92. gdlcuk
  93. Spooky face?
  94. when you can't move at all...
  96. The Quick 10: 10 Stories About the Real Dracula
  97. believe it or not?
  98. Believe in TSGS's stories?
  99. was it just a nightmare?
  100. Ever dreamt of such things?
  101. Anyone encounter this before?
  102. UFOs 'have been here since 1947'
  103. DNA or ur soul decides ur personality?
  106. How will you react if you encounter ghost?
  107. Ever dream of your dead friends or relatives?
  108. Selling Salt
  109. Philipines Magick
  110. Phrayanark (Dragons)
  111. How do mantra/Katha works?
  112. Archan Fon
  113. No Doomsday in 2012
  114. Will you ?
  115. cant sleep with bed facing door?
  116. Do You Believe That Mirrors Can Be A Gateway To The Spiritual World ?
  117. After hearing ghost story at night
  118. Does ghost exist in this world? or it is just a hallucination?
  119. A 2000 mile wide alien light ship will reveal itself on October 14th 2008!!! True or hoax???
  120. Sitting Ghosts
  121. Teh-gong ghost story..
  122. Amazing Illusions
  123. I TI PI SO
  125. Anybody know about Tarot cards?
  126. 九宫八卦图 - Must change yearly?
  127. issit true that OCH....
  128. Purfumes or fragrances use mind attract "things" from the other diemension?
  129. "Hell rider" deleted
  130. a story abt " the white ghosts of changi"
  131. Creature caught on cam
  132. Do you know who you really are at SOUL LEVEL? *not for the faint hearted
  133. RP
  135. Serious thread , but i've no idea what it's all about , care to explain O_O
  136. Sleepwalking
  137. Stories of TP...
  138. 6th sense
  139. things that u cannot do after ur family member have died
  140. 【佛经】大悲咒
  141. 莲池大师【雲樓法匯】节要译意
  142. Ever heard of the OLD CHANGI HOSPITAL!
  143. Phra Lersi
  144. breaking the mirror
  145. Meditation
  146. I have encounter Near dead Experience
  147. spiritual teachers in your dreams
  148. my coke evaporated or due to supernatural reasons?
  149. I'm going to CCK cemetery tonight
  150. End of the world not coming yet!
  151. where to get those holy items for protection?
  152. Anyone got disturbed by ghosts before?
  153. sfogs's Shoikest Video
  154. Strong rain.
  155. Haunted Hotels Over The World
  156. Wedding ghost is spooky guest
  157. 实 施 法 要 ( 超度经文 )
  158. Dream of Thousand Hands Guan Ying
  159. Potent spell FETISH VOODOO spirit WANGA
  160. 如何超度亡灵呢?
  161. Discussion about any Entities!!!
  162. Advice for all forummers using this section
  164. Paranormal State
  165. Do you believe in the end of the world in 2012?
  166. Chating/Praying method
  167. Ghost laughter heard in Xiao Zhu's song "我不会唱歌"
  168. can ornaments really help enhance luck?
  169. My house is haunted
  170. Why cannot swim during 7th mth?
  171. Does anyone remember your dream after awoken?
  172. Mahjong Myth
  173. my encounters with the ghost (:
  174. The ghost of the forest attendant
  175. The most accurate tarot reading!
  176. How to know if someone has been hexed?
  177. Men Sheng (Door God) Encounter
  178. What thing does a Ghost need?
  179. do any one knw abt dang ki ( jumping god) stuffs?
  180. Feng shui masters turn 'wheel of fortune' in Singapore's favour
  181. Please find me for the History of Pasir Ris Red House
  182. World's Scariest Videos
  183. help needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  184. Views For Hungry Ghost Festival
  185. Brutal Art Of Japan
  186. Hell...
  187. Archan Pi (Mo Pi)
  188. BARANGS IN HERE ~~!!!!!
  189. Elevator Ghost, Singapore
  190. Girl attacked by demon!! Caught on surveillance camera
  191. Own Home Experiences!
  192. Help with some amulet
  193. Gate of hell opening in one hour time
  194. cant get up after sleeping facing directly the mirror?
  196. buy spirit from ebay
  197. What is a Ghost To u ?
  198. Unidentified Flying Object (UFO)
  199. Is there anyone who is an absolute skeptic abt the supernatural?
  200. Apollo 14 astronaut claims aliens HAVE made contact - but it has been covered up for 60 years
  201. Short Video on How I seek 4D numbers from Child Spirits
  202. My Personal Encounters.. o(>_<)o
  203. Miniature Coffin
  204. 7th month ghost festival TABOO !
  205. John Titor. from the year 2036
  206. Anyone here have encounter or experience possession?
  207. Will u purchase a haunted doll from ebay?
  208. The third eye...
  209. Medium Concetta Bertoldi answers common questions about the dead
  211. Views about hungry ghost festival...
  212. Scary and strange
  213. "Woke Up" Baffled?
  214. Do u feel the same?
  215. Deja Vu
  216. Are you afraid during the seventh lunar month, the month of 鬼节?
  217. Hungry ghost movie coming in Aug
  218. Does Witch / Wizards exist?
  219. ok... maybe i'm dreaming, but my eyes were open though
  220. Is it true that you are more sensitive to the presence of good brothers when you are young?
  221. Till now i dunno what he is
  222. anyone here a wiccan or satanist ?
  223. ghost n human
  224. mirror
  225. Any one watched incredible tales?
  226. Pontianaks
  227. Sleep Paralysis
  228. Phra OPaKut
  229. "Quantum Pendant" is it a scam ?!
  230. fallin from high places in your dreams
  231. Hello Everyone!!!
  232. 7 People From Around the World With Real Mutant Superpowers
  233. How to tell if your house is haunted
  234. ... >>>> creepy ._.
  235. Police helicopter has close encounter with a UFO
  236. Avoid taking the lift alone
  237. Magic shows
  238. Under the table?
  239. Movies that stated 'Inspired by true event'
  240. 预言 the movie
  241. what's the strangest dream you ever had?
  242. 3 x 3 Eyes ...
  243. dreamt of being raped ....
  244. Secondary School Experience...
  245. Can you change your destiny?
  246. Sound
  247. ghost hunting tonight
  248. why i keep dreaming of animals !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  249. Banana tree?
  250. number of "8"