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  1. Debate: Wicha Master in Singapore
  2. WTS Rare Centipede Pearl
  3. Predictions for Year 2017
  4. My New Fengshui site
  5. My New Fengshui site
  6. Beware the fire monkey: Feng shui masters warn of financial, political turbulence
  7. 2016 Chinese Zodiac Forecast by Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong
  8. 23rd September 2015
  9. Tarot
  10. Glimpse Of The Afterlife?
  11. Daily Exercise
  12. Year of the Sheep won't be baaa-d, fortune tellers say
  13. Man who went missing in creepy cave in Nevada received eerie warning before trip
  14. Boy, five, claims to have the memories of a woman who died 13 years before he was born
  15. Think you've seen them all? These are the spookiest sightings in S'pore ever
  16. Help Supernatural shops in Singapore
  17. 10 Most Common Nightmares and What Their Meanings Are
  18. 24 haunted places in the world that will send chills down your spine
  19. 滴水觀音
  20. 2015 Chinese Zodiac Forecast by Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong
  21. help me or teach me
  22. 16 Pantang/Superstitions we grew up with and still practice. Well some of them.
  23. Help Wake up at 4am everyday!
  24. Myths about the 7th month Hungry Ghosts Festival
  25. weird dream?
  26. Cherian George partly blames bad Feng Shui for his ousting from NTU
  27. OPINION POLL : What do you think about the local New Age scene?
  28. My father blames my recent ghost sightings on a mantra wheel I brought home from Buddhist Bookshelf.
  29. Looking for ppls who are interested in doing magick research... or who have good knowledge of magick
  30. Chinese can't say neigh to Feng Shui in year of the horse
  31. Wars, fires forecast for Year of the Horse?
  32. can you see the number?
  33. 2014 Chinese Zodiac Forecast by Grand Master Joey Yap
  34. Cursing
  35. 2014 Chinese Zodiac Forecast by Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong
  36. Debate: ANyone got see UFO in SG or not?
  37. Paranormal experiences ?
  38. Debate: do u believe in reincarnation? or schizophrenia?
  39. Spooky figure sighted at abandoned house near Seletar Camp
  40. Do you believe in ghosts? Share your personal experiences!
  41. Friday the 13th!!
  42. Age of aquarius
  43. Earthlings are really Martians, says new theory
  44. Do You Believe in Doppelganger?
  45. Tell me ghost stories of your school/office
  46. Xinhua reveals China's 'Area 51' in Inner Mongolia
  47. Area 51 does exist and there were strange things going on, CIA admits
  48. M'sia: Man slits seven-year-old son's throat before drinking his blood
  49. Ghost-town roads
  50. Guan Yin Temple's Interpretation
  51. are dreams real?
  52. Nearly 1 in 5 claim supernatural happenings at the office
  53. [ExtraTerrestrial] - The Alien Disclosure Project 'Deception'
  54. Theory on selling salt in the cemetery
  55. 100 years and still going strong
  56. Do you have supernatural talent?
  57. People who go overseas always forget this
  58. Do You Believe in Magic?
  59. Deja Vu
  60. Alien-Looking Skeleton Poses Medical Mystery
  61. Shall we spice up this forum?
  62. Nightmare Equals Death?
  63. [Movie] - Dark Skies (2013) is about the supernatural
  64. 'Sirius,' Steven Greer's Film, Claims To Unveil Tiny 'Alien' Humanoid
  65. Sexuality (including homosexuality / lesbianism / transexuality)
  66. Full Ghost apparition captured on camera
  67. Worshippers offer cosmetics to Barbie doll at Pulau Ubin temple
  68. Exorcism/Demonic Possessions
  69. The Ghost Hunter's Talisman :: Stimulate Third Eye and Protect Against Harmful Spirits
  70. Ancient Aliens Conspiracy Theory
  71. Have you dreamt of falling?
  72. Super Powers You Want to Have
  73. Do you believe in Ghosts and Possessions?
  74. Unknown Ghost Adventurers Recruiting
  75. Need a fengshui master or anyone can help me
  76. Question, please advise
  77. Hospitals
  78. Si Ma Lu Guanyin temple
  79. M'sia: Schoolgirl encounters 'ghost teacher'
  80. Dreams that came true in real life
  81. Take on the snake
  82. Chinese zodiac report: Most of Singapore's wealthiest men born in Year of Rooster
  83. Asian astrologers warn of stormy Year of Snake
  84. People who see spirits
  85. Accounts from See'ers
  86. Debate: Stressed . Christian , Buddhist or freethinker ?
  87. Year of the Snake not at all negative, says feng shui expert
  88. Ley lines and places where the veil is thin in Singapore?
  89. 2013 Chinese Zodiac Forecast by Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong
  90. After the doomsday
  91. metaphysics
  92. 2012 Doomsday countdown timing. (accurate)
  93. Today is the END of world :'(
  94. 21 Dec 12 End of the world countdown
  95. how to stop evil xiao gui?
  96. Nostradamus predictions
  97. 21st December 2012 is not the end of the world.
  98. Australia premier Julia Gillard: Mayans were right, end of the world is coming
  99. Caught on camera: 'Ghost' haunts East Coast park
  100. pole shift may be imminent
  101. One Month Left
  102. M'sia: Crowds flock before image of Virgin Mary on hospital window
  103. Thai 'wizard' held after 'bulletproof' tattoo brawls
  104. Cute Kumantong
  105. Fengshui master claims S'pore will see huge storm within the next 2 weeks
  106. Humans may find another planet to live on before Earth dies
  107. Dreaming of being naked?
  108. What's the weirdest dream you had?
  109. do u fear death?what do u think death is like?
  110. Taoist devotees carry 100kg sedan chair
  111. Tried regressing to your previous lives?
  112. Want more lady luck? Try fengshui
  113. bookstore in singapore
  114. Haunted Vacations
  115. My new kids Thanks to Bro KC
  116. Sharing my bro KMT
  117. Taiwan: Showgirls strip for the dead
  118. How many did you saw at this photo.?
  119. Shutterbugs rush to capture giant halo, 'UFO' in M'sia
  120. Kumantongs Know Your Every Moves
  121. PPOS Presents Ajarn Bert, Bangkok from 27th Sept to 10th Oct
  122. Look at my Boy Boy new car
  123. Dead Alive: What do y'all think?
  124. Do u believe in fortune tellers?
  125. Help I need suggestion!!
  126. Experienced.
  127. 10 sex dreams explained
  128. How to get the Kumantong
  129. Why do human afraid of ghost?
  130. Picture of Kumantong
  131. PPOS is proud to present Ajarn Guy, Sakol Nakorn (North Issan) from 13th to 22th Sept
  132. M'sia: Lovestruck ghost 'stopped' man from marrying
  133. what is a Kumantong , and what it can do for you .
  134. A new Paranormal Investigator Group in SG
  135. Thai Group Says Steve Jobs Reincarnated as Warrior-Philosopher
  136. How to activate your Third eye/Pineal gland ?
  137. The most recent backfire case that i encounter
  138. Kumantong Kumannee
  139. Pungent flower smell outside my doorstep at midnight
  140. PPOS proudly presents Lersi Dtey Cho, Sakeow from 30th Aug to 08th Sept
  141. Which is the most haunted location overseas
  142. Help Anybody know how to read this thai amulet name?
  143. Superstition thrives in modern Singapore
  144. Help Thailand Amulet
  145. Phra Pirab Occult Specialist Event from 13/08/2012 to 23/08/2012
  146. Lunar 7th Month! Hungry Ghost Festival
  147. Give birth to smart kids in seventh month
  148. 2012 Mayan Prophecy and the Shift of the Ages
  149. what was ur last dream about? at night?
  150. Help Pagan
  151. Debate: Paranormal Investigator or Priest
  152. Why there isnt TAOISM topics in here ???
  153. Types of Ghost/evil spirit You encounter
  154. Help Basic for ghost investigation
  155. Erm what is this
  156. Anyone got sintua acc
  157. Anyone there have been warded in "Hospital" B4
  158. bomoh in singapore
  159. ways to get rid of ghost/spirit
  160. List of Chinese God/deities
  161. Ghost thread
  162. 10 Ways To Tell If Somebody Is Possessed.
  163. UK: 'X-Files' reveal UFO sighting over Chelsea stadium
  164. 9 ways to tell if you're sleepy
  165. 16 Signs That Your House is Haunted
  166. Ghost in Singapore Carpark Caught on Security Camera
  167. 9 ways to tell if you're possessed
  168. Most scary real ghosts caught on camera
  169. Do you believe there is ghost.
  170. What are the common deities/god that are commonly invited by the Tang ki
  172. There is a ghost around me
  173. wenchang padoga
  174. Phra Kring
  175. Help Is Thai amulet suitable for me ???
  176. Debate: Name List for People to Visit Haunted Location
  177. Visit Haunted Location
  178. Help Its back to hunt me.
  179. Khun Paen
  180. China X-files: UFOs spotted at space rocket launch
  181. Any Jatukam experts ??
  182. Birth date Character Analysis
  183. Real story that happen to me
  184. Transit of Venus not the end of the world: Mexican astronomer
  185. Sexy chick wants a car ride
  186. Indonesia Black magic VS Thai Gong tao
  187. Incense stick
  188. 神游
  189. Marina Bay is Singapore’s hub of prosperity: fengshui experts
  190. basic entering
  191. Chating
  192. meat eaters are more likely to... ?
  193. Some scary legit shit right here mates .
  194. 1 in 7 Thinks The World Will End
  195. Dear non-believers, for your viewing pleasure...
  196. About the Third Eyes"
  197. Confessions of a fortune-teller
  198. Afraid of ghosts?
  199. Snake With A Human Head
  200. Worrying That Your Dreams Are True
  201. 'Monolith' Object on Mars? You Could Call It That
  202. Be prepared – it’s Friday the 13th!
  203. UFO spotted over Seoul
  204. Story not meant to be told at 'their' doorsteps
  205. Ghost in NS
  206. UFO Burns Up Over New Zealand
  207. Talismans to catch and keep ghosts exposed!
  208. Urban legends
  209. 如何避免戰爭-1因果報應是科學,天下沒有白吃的一塊肉★吃素抗暖化&#
  210. 108歲許哲居士 Sister Teresa Hsu She was 108 years old in 2001
  211. Pulau Ubin Research
  212. Turning the Tide by Protecting the True Buddha Dharma
  213. 不可思议的世界
  214. Praying for baby boy
  215. Interesting picture my team got in our most recent investigation
  216. Is that a ghost?
  217. Help me to identify this
  218. Soothsayer selling 'magic' numbers preys on gullible S'poreans at Waterloo St
  219. Young Vietnamese woman exorcised before large crowd at Kwan Im Temple
  220. Bedok reservoir floating corpse cases Divination
  221. 米饭被大骂一个月会变臭,以后最好不要乱骂你身边的人,不然也变臭!
  222. Any ghostly encounters ?
  223. Teletubbies haunted ?
  224. Ask Ask Ask
  225. Gogreen After Dark – Haunting of Blakang Mati
  226. When does the Dragon year really begin?
  227. Suggestions for a new paranormal documentary show
  228. Fortune-telling boom spells gloom for some
  229. UK: Six UFOs spotted
  230. Help Is my brother under a curse???
  231. China: Carpenter laments believing in doomsday
  232. Help Buying House
  233. Today is Friday the 13th
  234. SHOCKING ANNOUNCEMENT about 2012 (Princess in Japan) MESSAGE OF LOVE
  235. 2012 Chinese Zodiac Forecast by Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong
  236. Feng shui master: Not all Dragon babies will succeed
  237. Looking for film crew to continue Singapore Paranormal Club
  238. Mexico Mayan region launches apocalypse countdown
  239. Orang Bunian – our neighbours in the supernatural world
  240. A letter to 2012
  241. Another Story i heard.
  242. Orang Minyak – Supernatural sicko or real-life rascal?
  243. Pontianak – Malaysia’s undying vampire
  244. Food Alchemy - We are what we eat
  245. Debate: Reincarnation ? True? False?
  246. Mayan glyphs don't predict end of the world: Expert
  247. Desperate undergrads pray to 'bell curve god'
  248. Cammi Tse's charms traced to 'foxy spirit'
  249. A haunted HDB block in Singapore?
  250. Inside Church of Scientology worshippers will be told they can become superhuman