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  1. Trading BNIB Gateway 3DS for SKY3DS
  2. Help NDS 3 DS LL not charging
  3. Buying Pokemon Soulsilver and heartgold
  4. Pokemon x and y
  5. Error Code 003-2101
  6. Help Pokemon (rather nintendo)
  7. Ds lite slot 2 flash card
  8. Devil survivor 2 nds game
  9. Current NDS lite price?
  10. About R4i
  11. Pokemon X and Y
  12. pokemon latest upcoming events
  13. Pokemon Competitive Battling/Trading
  14. Pokemonm interactions ~
  15. Pokemon BW 2 / New events
  16. Does ds has the " pokemon stadium game " ?
  17. Pokemon Black and White 2
  18. The 3DS XL and locations to buy the games.
  19. Pokémon Black & White - Event: Singapore Strongest Pikachu
  20. Pokemon - Competitive Battling, Trading, etc
  21. Is playing pokemon when you are adult or and teenager consider as childish?
  22. Looking for Action replay DS
  23. where buy TTDS
  24. Acekard 2i On DS Lite
  25. Some questions about action replay
  26. where to buy cheap cheap Nintendo 3DS?
  27. Which flash cart is compatible with 3DS?
  28. R4I gold
  29. Pokemon HG/SS on the DS
  30. best price for ds lite?
  31. Problem with TTDSi flash card
  32. Help Which cart for 3DS?
  33. Help Using old DSTT cart from DSLite for DS 3D
  35. Nitendogs and cats
  36. Buying 3DS? How about the Games you be buying?
  37. DS Lite top screen black [Help]
  38. Local 3DS coming before END OF MARCH
  39. Help nds game download
  40. NDS stops reading card game
  41. Recommendation for games
  42. Pokémon Black and White Game Launch in SINGAPORE!!!
  43. Anywhere to buy 3DS locally?
  44. Requesting for assistance
  45. Anyone selling action replay DS
  46. where to buy ndsl
  47. Pokemon anyone?
  48. It's Nintendo World 2011 tomorrow!
  49. Looking for Acekard 2.1 flash cart
  50. Did I get scammed? >_<
  51. where to get supercard ds two?
  52. Pokémon NDS Video Game Christmas Bash event and Tourney @ TAMPINES MALL
  53. Debate: re:Digimon dusk and digimon dawn
  54. Help NDSi DSTT error occurred
  55. nds lite help
  56. R4 SDHC Sucks!
  57. R4 For DS Lite: Where To Buy?
  58. Help Where can I sell DS/How much can I sell it for?
  59. Help Findin PokemonHGSS Players with Shiny Cyndaquil
  60. How to set up and update EZ-Flash Vi for Nintendo DSi 1.4
  61. How to upgrade acekard 2i to work with DSi 1.4.1 frimware?
  62. Help ndsl stuck at loading page
  63. Where did you get your NDS flashcarts?
  64. DSi not working after system upgrade to ver. 1.4.1U
  65. Help, sd card not working
  66. NDS
  68. Problem with 2 ROms
  69. Virus in NDSL roms?
  70. help!
  71. 3DS Release Date & Price
  72. New Games for NDSL still in productions?
  73. Pokemon 4th Gen Video Game League from official TPCi Organized Play!
  74. Help Re:is Dsi can play jpn games
  75. Action Replay !
  76. Help Flashcards
  77. Help Where to buy Cheap Nintendo DS Lite Console?
  78. R4i Christmas version nds system date error
  79. R4i 3D V1.8 for DSi XL/LL/DSi/DSL/DS Iron Man Packing is out-$9.99
  80. Which to get - DS, DSi or 3D DS
  81. Help DSI cannot charge
  82. where to get a 1.4version acekard
  83. any nice game to reccommand in ndsl?
  84. ds only have pokemon??
  85. NDS lite
  86. Where can I buy NDS lite battery ?
  87. Anyone playing Pokemon Heartgold?
  88. Nintendo 3ds
  89. Dummy qns abt DSi
  90. 3ds REAL image
  91. Game
  92. Help Super Robot Taisen OG Saga - Masou Kishin - The Lord of Elemental (J)
  93. Help Some questions on DSi
  94. Help aftermarket DS accessories....
  95. My R4 not working on my DS
  96. Help My DSi charging problem
  97. Nintendo looks to restore magic with 3D console
  98. Pkm HGSS - Winner's Path & Ranger: Tracks of Light Litographs.
  99. NDSI charger (usa)
  100. MapleStory DS
  101. sort of brand new iEdge card for sale
  102. Where to buy
  103. Where to repair DSL touch screen?
  104. Help any education games for kid around 3 to 7 years old?
  105. DSi Japan?
  106. mario kart price
  107. NEW! Nintendo DS Game: Ghost Trick ゴースト トリック
  108. Vampire Knight DS Chinese version!
  109. What's the best place and price for pokemon soul silver?
  110. ooops!
  111. Ver 1.3U NDSi
  112. any good games for kids 5 years old?
  113. Where to buy R4iTT upgrade V1.6 for Dsi XL/ Dsi II
  114. [Tutorial] How to use the DSi Shop
  115. Pokemon Black and White for the new Nintendo 3Ds confirmed.
  116. Help Question about pokemon game wi-fi NDSL
  117. Wood R4 v1.04 released.
  118. Help while plying my game.. i accidentally remove the game cartidge while it is still on.
  119. Help NDSi
  120. Help Nintendo DSL got error.
  121. Help Intro me some DS games!
  122. Help What the different btw Nintendo DSi XL and DSi?
  123. HGSS upcoming event: Yellow Forest Wifi Event.
  124. Help in fixing DSlite top screen :(
  125. where to find this game title from DS titles
  126. POKEMON: Rate my WiFi-lead
  127. Where to Get Nintendo WiFi USB Connector ?? WPA .
  128. Help MicroSD
  129. Where to buy DS Lite charger?
  130. ttds has ar alr?if so hw to use?
  131. Thanks Depotgo.com
  132. Captain Tsubasa: Gekitou no Kiseki
  133. Spectral Force Genesis
  134. Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow
  135. Pro Yakyuu Famista DS 2010
  136. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction
  137. Montessori Music
  138. Sonic Classic Collection
  139. How to Train Your Dragon
  140. Monster Rancher DS
  141. Naruto Shippuden: Ninjutsu Zenkai! Cha-Crash!
  142. WarioWare D.I.Y.
  143. Finding shops that can help repair my DSlite!
  144. Shiny Pichu available over Wi-Fi!
  145. WTB old Nintendo 8-bit set (sliver colour)
  146. 3D DS Games
  147. Help ndsl charger
  148. What are the colours available for NDSi?
  149. Help DSI worth it?
  150. R4 card NDSi
  151. Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS™: Miles Edgeworth
  152. Downloading games of other Regions
  153. Local DSi released
  154. Help DSlite menu error!
  155. HELP NEEDED: Where to find DS Writer?
  156. Debate: Giving away items
  157. Pokemon battle
  158. is cyclo ds website down?
  159. M3i Zero for DS/DSL/DSi...
  160. Can Games of different Region connect over local wireless?
  161. Buying nds card
  162. Price for a NDS lite?
  163. ezflashV problem
  164. where to buy R4i,R4i SDHC,acekard 2i,M3i zero,DSTTi,R4DS in cheap?
  165. Help My M3Simply not working
  166. Sands Of Destruction
  167. what are the best flashcards out there?
  168. what's the difference between band hero and guitar hero?
  169. New produt:R4i Platinum Revolution for NDSi/NDSL/NDS
  170. Traveler Adaptor for DS Lite?
  171. Max no. of files per folder
  172. DSL or DSi??
  173. which casing are you using for your NDS Lite?
  174. Where to buy DSL parts replacement?
  175. Game save problem for DSL+R4
  176. DS Lite Cards & Features
  177. Problem inserting earpiece into DSL
  178. my DSL got problem
  179. should i get a dsi?
  180. Help Edge won't recognize moonshell
  181. help! DSL does not power on
  182. Help Gold R4i (www.r4ids.com) can use YSMenu ??
  183. How to put downloaded games into my DSL
  184. Where to buy love plus for ds
  185. DSi game
  186. Pokemon Diamond
  187. DS skin problem
  188. Help Anyshop in woodlands area selling acekard 2i?
  189. Where can i buy a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector?
  190. DS Lite stuck on a black screen
  191. flashcards
  192. 2GB or 4GB for R4?
  193. Wanted to buy NDS Lite but need more info
  194. Help 2 little problem.
  195. Help What flashcart should i get for my Original DS?
  196. Does this happen to you? Playing Cooking Mama 3
  197. How much does a R4 card including 4gb memcard cost?
  198. Anyone Know Where To Trade Ds Lite For A Dsi?
  199. Help DS save files
  200. Help After Acekard 2, comes ?
  201. DSi LL
  202. www.ecgameshop.com
  203. Debate: Is Summon Night X better than the previous game?
  204. DS lite or DSI better?
  205. Where can buy R4 or R4i?
  206. Hi, new here
  207. Help NDS white screen
  208. Debate: re:soma bringer 9english)
  209. Debate: re:where to download Soma Bringer(english0
  210. Where can i buy card reader?
  211. Where can i buy cheap R4 Flash card?
  212. How to download game?
  213. Help Original DS able to download games?
  214. HGSS Japanese, Lati@s event.
  215. Help i need help from DS player who upload games themself!!
  216. Help Question
  217. DS Games Release Sequence Numbers?
  218. Guitar Grip for NDSL
  219. NDS or PSP
  220. Help Need more help on Nintendo DS!!! Thanks!
  221. Debate: re:regarding pokecheats...
  222. What do I need to know before buying a NDS?
  223. Noob needs to ask questions
  224. Homebew Games for DSLite
  225. Help Acekard
  226. HELP!!!! My ds cannot read my game card
  227. Help Moonshell 2 on dstt
  228. DS: DSi LL Released in Nov
  229. Mew event for DPPt next yr!
  230. DSTT on DealExtreme? Help on DealExtreme
  231. Where to get EZflash Vi?
  232. Nintendo DS for elderly
  233. Those playing Style Boutique come in!
  234. [NDS] Ouran High School Host Club discussion
  235. Dstti v1.19
  236. new super mario bro mini game...
  237. play Kingdom Hearts 358/2
  238. Help DSI - Related
  239. Video on DS??
  240. How many kinds of flash cards in the market?
  241. Gold version Fire card Evaluation
  242. Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
  243. Nintendo Crowns Nvidia Chipset for Next-Gen DS Handheld
  244. Debate: Confuse with R4isdhc and R4i-sdhc
  245. dslite battery life
  246. Help Stupid AK2i :k
  247. What NDS games are you playing now?
  248. Looking for Pokemon Event pokemon
  249. Idolmaster
  250. Dealextreme