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  1. Pop darling Adele praised for not selling sexuality
  2. Any Metal/Hard Rock Fans Here?
  3. Do you aspire to be a singer?
  4. Lady Gaga unworthy of "Fashion Icon Award"?
  5. You'll Never Dance Alone 2011 Hip Hop & K-Pop Concert- Da Films
  6. Lady Gaga was called a slut in school
  7. Gwen Stefani: My solo career is over
  8. Justin Timberlake gropes Mila Kunis's breasts at MTV Movie Awards
  9. Michael Jackson 'Thriller' jacket fetches $2.2m
  10. Eminem calls Lady Gaga "a male lady"
  11. Christina Aguilera reveals dreaded 'orange peel' at L.A event
  12. Help: Find song "First Love" in Kbox?
  13. Lady Gaga banned in Lebanon
  14. Did Rihanna get inked AGAIN? Singer who already has 14 tattoos visited New York parlour
  15. Dub st-st-step
  16. Singer Shania Twain gets Hollywood star
  17. S.H.E Ella Chen apologises for online outburst
  18. It's raining men for A-Mei
  19. Amy Winehouse album delayed after she goes back to rehab
  20. 'I'm gonna kill ya': Selena Gomez receives death threats from Justin Bieber fans in new wave of...
  21. Lady Gaga immitation goes wrong in New Jersey
  22. Sammi Cheng changes wilful ways for Andy Hui
  23. Green with envy? Avril Lavigne matches her acid green bag to her hair as she arrives back at...
  24. Winehouse told: Drink and die
  25. Writer dances naked to Lady Gaga
  26. S.H.E Selina Jen plans October comeback
  27. Rihanna grabbed by fan during performance
  28. Slam dunk! Justin Bieber shows off his basketball skills to girlfriend Selena Gomez
  29. Rihanna turns murderer after getting raped in shocking Man Down video
  30. 'I haven't spoken to Britney Spears in 10 years': Justin Timberlake opens up about his teen love
  31. Lady Gaga: I am addicted to eating hummus - it keeps my weight down
  32. Rihanna likes her men 'hot and hung'
  33. Shakira considering Arabic album
  34. Lady Gaga album sells 1.1m copies in first week
  35. Amy Winehouse back in rehab after one last shot of vodka
  36. Taylor Swift wrote a song in toilet
  37. Paula Abdul: Glad to be back in Singapore
  38. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez kiss pictures in Hawaii send Twitter crazy
  39. Lady Gaga rockets to top of Britain's album charts
  40. Your current Teochew Song obsession...
  41. Lady Gaga to cut Xmas album
  42. 双J舔耳后 蔡依林被喊周太 锦荣遭粉丝逼退
  43. Lady Gaga: I hate Telephone music video with Beyonce, it's too much
  44. Take That begins reunion concert
  45. Funny South Park Singing
  46. Susan Boyle wants to duet with Lady Gaga for second album
  47. Justin Timberlake takes a dig at Justin Bieber... but it's just for fun on SNL
  48. 丁噹-親人
  49. Justin Bieber unveils new Jesus tattoo at the beach with Selena Gomez
  50. 'I feel dead when I'm not performing,' confesses Lady Gaga as she poses for cover of Rolling Stone
  51. Justin Bieber snubbed by Rihanna as security sends him away five times
  52. Faye Wong showcases pic of daughters
  53. 'I never wear the same clothes twice': Dolly Parton reveals her wardrobe secrets
  54. Lady Gaga's dad struggled to accept changes
  55. Lady Gaga to end Adele's album chart reign as she plans Christmas release
  56. Did Beyonce steal the idea for her Billboard Awards performance?
  57. Jolin Tsai: "Jay Chou deserves better"
  58. Internet giant Amazon overwhelmed by Lady Gaga's Little Monsters' demand for cheap download of her..
  59. Is S.H.E Selina Jen getting married in Dec?
  60. Now that's a Lady, Gaga: Mother shows pop star how to dress as they appear on The View
  61. Kenny Loggins reveals his biggest regret
  62. Justin Bieber's romantic vacation with Selena Gomez
  63. Lady Gaga went gaga over threesome once
  64. The full list of winners of the Billboard Music Awards 2011
  65. Selena Gomez congratulates Justin Bieber with a big kiss as he scoops SIX Billboard awards
  66. Lady Gaga tells Loose Women: 'I prefer men over 60'
  67. Beyoncé wears revealing metallic 'spider's web' bodysuit at the Billboard Music Awards
  68. Lady Gaga fans swamp Amazon.com for new album
  69. Bondage-clad Britney Spears receives an onstage kiss from Rihanna at the Billboard Music Awards
  70. Bob Dylan admits past heroin addiction in 1966 interview
  71. Lady Gaga hatches new album, to mixed reviews
  72. 'Paul likes to think he's the only remaining Beatle': Ringo Starr on why the world's most famous...
  73. Lady Martha: Gaga dips into £68m fortune and builds a pad in the playground of the Kennedys
  74. Britney Spears and Rihanna 'set for S&M show' at Billboard Music Awards
  75. Lady Gaga cosies up to Justin Timberlake – but will they duet?
  76. Mick Jagger forms band with AR Rahman
  77. Annie Yi denies singing in see-through dress
  78. Beyonce revamps the Riverdance in spectacular new Run the World (Girls) music video
  79. Steven Tyler admits trying gay sex
  80. New Lady Gaga album leaks ahead of May 23 release
  81. Kesha urges fans to donate teeth
  82. Lady Gaga named most powerful celebrity in the world
  83. MediaCorp Radio holds "So You Wanna Be A DJ" contest to find new talent
  84. Justin Bieber tells Japanese kids: things will get better
  85. help in downloading chinese songs
  86. Actress' mum wants higher dowry from Aaron Kwok
  87. Wang Leehom to marry?
  88. Rihanna goes undercover in camouflage cap and baggy clothes
  89. Tired-looking Lady Gaga has a rare off-day as relentless schedule seems to be taking its toll
  90. Jessie J: Don’t compare me to Lady Gaga – we’re extreme opposites
  91. Britney Spears: Justin Bieber is adorable
  92. Hebe Tien snubbed by Golden Melody judges
  93. Britney Spears thanks Madonna for help during Toxic years
  94. Lady Gaga releases Hair and Marry The Night from Born This Way album
  95. Andy Lau and Faye Wong top Forbes' list
  96. A-mei dating mystery man, changing 'manly' ways
  97. Lady Gaga first to reach 10 million followers on Twitter
  98. how do you organize your music
  99. Time for a new hairdresser? Avril Lavigne looks a fright as she dyes blonde hair green
  100. Two-pronged attack: Lady Gaga wears leather hat with pair of horns as she heads to Carlisle for...
  101. Let them eat cookies! Lady Gaga dishes out dessert to her 'little monsters'
  102. Cyndi Wang battles cosmetic surgery rumours
  103. Wang Lee Hom is always a groomsmen, never a groom
  104. Lady Gaga takes hands-on approach with American Idol contestants
  105. George Michael to go back on tour as he slates Take That for Olympics gig
  106. Beyonce names sexy new album '4'
  107. Taiwan pop star Jay Chou leads music awards list
  108. 'Grumpy' Bieber draws tiny Hong Kong welcome
  109. AC/DC will never let people download its music
  110. Is Jolin Tsai losing her charm?
  111. Lady Gaga goes for sexy bullfighter look at Cannes Film Festival 2011
  112. Dick Lee returns to his roots: "Before the Mad Chinaman, I was just Dick Lee"
  113. Lady Gaga to debut songs on online game FarmVille
  114. Anita Mui's millions to stay in trust fund after mother loses court appeal
  115. 'CSI' star: Bieber is kind of a brat
  116. Lady Gaga to release new song Hair from Born This Way next week
  117. Whitney Houston back in drug rehab
  118. Madonna working with daughter on new song
  119. Andy Hui will not bring forward his wedding
  120. Lady Gaga: Judas music video is not a biblical lesson
  121. Stefanie Sun gets hitched on May 8
  122. 咱们中国的超牛歌曲《甩饼歌》
  123. Justin Bieber Egg Attack in Australia
  124. Tanya Chua falls for A-Mei’s rumoured boyfriend
  125. Justin Bieber scolded by air stewardess
  126. Jay Chou getting too old for showbiz?
  127. Remus Choy Yat-kit of Cantopop band Grasshopper nabbed for drunk driving
  128. Kylie Minogue to perform in Singapore on June 29
  129. Show Luo: Jolin Tsai has bad 'table manners'
  130. Hauntingly beautiful song
  131. Rebecca Black - Friday (Chinese version)
  132. Electro-Sonics Diploma!!
  133. Lady Gaga: Judas video is the greatest
  134. Sammi Cheng: "I am quite afraid of marriage"
  135. Lady Gaga wears costumes to bed
  136. Justin Bieber writing new album on tour
  137. Lady Gaga’s Twitter account hacked
  138. Michael Learns To Rock marks 20 years of fame in Asia
  139. Beyoncé releases new music video to help fat kids lose weight
  140. Justin Bieber in Malaysia
  141. Weird Al gets a million views with Lady Gaga parody: viral video spotlight
  142. S.H.E Hebe fuels bisexual rumours
  143. Lady Gaga's tearful confession
  144. Stefanie Sun says "troublesome" wedding prep makes her feel "like I should have eloped"
  145. Beyoncé releases new single Run The World (Girls) on iTunes
  146. Gay Walk of Fame for Christina Aguilera
  147. Jay Chou to open restaurant in China
  148. Lady Gaga apologises for usage of R-word
  149. DId Cyndi Wang go under the knife?
  150. Jolin Tsai vows to marry by 40
  151. songwriters, where u get ur inspiration?
  152. Black Eyed Peas to start music academy in NYC
  153. Rihanna is not The Only Girl as it is revealed that the R&B singer has a secret family in Barbados
  154. Semi-naked Lady Gaga turns up for 'surprise spanking' in Tampa club
  155. 'I'm not manufactured': Lady Gaga bares all in latest raunchy photo shoot - bar some carefully...
  156. Elton John returning to Las Vegas for three-year run
  157. Justin gives Beliebers the slip in Singapore
  158. Foul-mouthed Lady Gaga
  159. Max Mok Siu Chung arrested in Beijing drug bust
  160. Is there any popular top chart for english songs and radio sites?
  161. plz RECOMMEND Chinese Songs/bands
  162. Chew on that! Lady Gaga upstaged in the wardrobe department by Snow White's Evil Queen
  163. CoCo Lee involved in traffic accident
  164. Lady Gaga reveals new album artwork
  165. Lady Gaga on plastic surgery
  166. Ricky Martin blasted for being gay
  167. Joe Bonamassa Live In Singapore!
  168. Beyoncé dresses up as desert queen for new Girls music video
  169. MTV Video Music Awards set for Aug 28 in Los Angeles
  170. Concert Coming Your Way - Turn, Turn, Turn by Singapore ensemble re: mix
  171. Justin Bieber under siege in Israel
  172. Stefanie Sun secretly married last month
  173. Lady Gaga falls from flaming piano
  174. Lady Gaga's Judas video will 'shock the world', says director
  175. Britney and Rihanna team up for raunchy track
  176. Request All Your Songs Here. [Chi, Eng, Korean, Jap]
  177. Christina Tan - Singapore's Jolin Tsai?
  178. Selina Jen won't become radio host, solo album "in the works"
  179. Boy George wants info on gay socialite attack
  180. Michael Jackson Russian dolls
  181. Gwen Stefani: I'm very vain
  182. Lady Gaga remodeled as Chinese cabbage
  183. Mariah Carey shows pregnant belly for naked Life & Style magazine cover
  184. Janet Jackson to grace Life Ball Aids charity
  185. F.I.R’s Faye Zhan defends ex-boyfriend Real Huang: “He is not an unfaithful man.”
  186. Show Luo’s eyes insured for S$13 million
  187. Stefanie Sun gets pranked hard by Dennis Chew on Y.E.S.93.3FM
  188. Lady Gaga reveals Judas release date in Gagavision comeback
  189. Lesbian Justin Bieber lookalike becomes web sensation
  190. Lady Gaga to be newspaper guest editor-in-chief
  191. Paris Hilton sued over jewellery
  192. Stefanie Sun's album signing in Singapore attracts over 3000
  193. Bryan Ferry rushed to hospital amid heart attack fears
  194. Lady Gaga leads MTV's O Music Award nominations
  195. Pet Shop Boys return to support Take That on tour
  196. Lady Gaga's mum to join daughter on tour 'to keep eye on boozing'
  197. Rihanna shows off new hairdo at Country Music Awards
  198. Stefanie Sun felt 'stupid' for talking about boyfriend
  199. JJ Lin goes raunchy: He kisses female singer on lips and chest at Taiwan concert
  200. Taylor Swift wins top prize at country awards
  201. New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys team up for new single
  202. What Kpop and jpop songs u sing at KBOX?
  203. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon on Broadway?
  204. Taylor Swift celebrates 20 million sales in London
  205. Michael Buble marries in Buenos Aires
  206. Shakira helps rebuild quake-hit Haiti girls school
  207. Rihanna: I love being spanked and dominated in the bedroom
  208. Any good chinese songs to recommend?
  209. Leslie Cheung's final words
  210. Boy George ditches drugs, finds nature
  211. A-Mei suffer's eye injury, denies dating bartender
  212. Shakira confirms romance with Pique
  213. Beyonce says bye bye to dad as manager
  214. What a cheek! Rihanna wears racy spray-on hot pants for Rolling Stone cover
  215. Isn't it a bit early for that? Britney Spears films free concert for Good Morning America
  216. Lady Gaga hits a bum note while exposing her G-string in sheer bodysuit during surprise...
  217. 请听新的新年歌。。。
  218. The split personality of Lady Gaga: Singer reveals she only has tattoos on the left side of her body
  219. Gwen Stefani donates US$1 million to Japan
  220. An 'emaciated' Lady Gaga releases shocking photo to promote new album
  221. Justin Bieber, U2 on new album to aid Japan
  222. Bottle blonde Lady Gaga reveals her hair is falling out because she dyes it so much
  223. Lady Gaga: I get my fashion inspiration from Princess Diana
  224. The worst pop song of all time? - 10 million YouTube hits Rebecca Black's 'Friday'
  225. Fish Leong's new look
  226. Malaysia radio cuts gay lyrics in Lady Gaga anthem
  227. Selina Jen to tie the knot on 30th birthday
  228. Ride 'em Gaga: The Lady hits Texas in her ten gallon hat and cowboy boots
  229. Amon Tobin
  230. Electro Dancing
  231. Celine Dion returns to recession-hit Vegas with new show
  232. Rihanna finds a new way to stand out from the crowd - with a low-cut top and a fiery red afro
  233. Fish Leong: Singer now, actress later, mummy never?
  234. Bryan Adams to become a dad at 51
  235. Double vision: Lady Gaga impersonator comes face to Poker Face with singer on stage
  236. Zhu Zhiwen, 'Male Susan Boyle' in China
  237. 50 Cent mocks Japan earthquake
  238. Phil Collins confirms retirement but says he's 'not a tormented weirdo'
  239. Robbie Williams 'eyes solo deal' after Take That success
  240. Paris Hilton wants kids
  241. Lady Gaga launches Japan relief bid
  242. Faye Wong to perform in Singapore in October
  243. Beyoncé to make comeback with new Michael Jackson-style album
  244. Stephanie Sun brings her sexy back
  245. Britney Spears shows off her intimate tattoos in revealing new photo shoot
  246. Beady Eye's Liam Gallagher: Lady Gaga's got balls
  247. Eric Clapton auctions dozens of guitars for charity
  248. No revealing dresses for Stefanie Sun
  249. Lady Gaga promises no duets on new album as Cliff Richard asks to team up
  250. Stefanie Sun undergoes sexy makeover