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  1. Debate: Title: The worth of Christians in Godís sight
  2. Debate: Equal salvation but unequal rewards in heaven
  3. Debate: Generation of the brightest and darkest, the best reward or worst punishment
  4. Debate: What does ďNone of us, but all of ChristĒ mean?
  5. Debate: The 2 types of Righteousness
  6. Debate: What does it mean to sin?
  7. Debate: Title: Good people go heaven, Evil people go hell?
  8. Singapore Extraordinary Form (Latin Missal)
  9. Debate: Title: We are accepted and perfected In-Christ
  10. Debate: Title: The teacher that lived within us (The difference between OT and NT)
  12. Debate: What is the truth that sets us free?
  13. Debate: Why do Christians feel condemned?
  14. Debate: Title: Shining for Jesus. Are you a Mirror or Torchlight?
  15. O for a thousand tongues to Sing - HYMN
  16. Do Not Add To God's Word
  17. Many needs of people are not met in church
  18. Help required: Facility for worship
  19. Apologetics against Jesus portrayal as mean spirited megalomaniac.
  20. Those 2 churches I went to teaches forced tithing
  21. Hoping Hari Raya Puasa will let me feel less stressful
  22. Please pray for jesus-is-savior.com
  23. Movie : Son of God
  24. Every Saturdays I went to COOS and Sundays CHC!
  25. MH370 just vanished for 1 month from 8th March
  26. You are in control of your smartphone!
  27. Darren Lim and Evelyn Tan share their testimonies
  28. Definition of an adulterous relationship in Christianity
  29. Which church and denomination to convert to?
  30. Any King James Only churches in Singapore?
  31. Help Catholics, help?
  32. Upcoming conferences in Singapore?
  33. when do you celebrate christmas?
  34. Are We living in the end times or is the church already ruptured?
  35. MissionTrips
  36. Lunchtime Alpha Course starting next Tues 20 Aug
  37. Help in finding the right church
  38. The feeling of them and/vs. us?
  39. Are new Creation Church practicing cheap grace?
  40. New to christ
  41. Do you cry when you pray?
  42. Help Having problem in relating
  43. Do You Still Pray?
  44. Is it even Biblical to Pray for a Personís Salvation?
  45. new to the site
  46. Debate: Is baptism necessary for salvation?
  47. Debate: Was Jesus a Prophet of Islam?
  48. Church politics
  49. Entertaining illustrations of what Jesus did.
  50. Christian Social Networking Site
  51. Any Catholics around?
  52. Radiant Purity Conference
  53. Free Bible App for Android phones (samsung,htc, sony ericsson)
  54. Help Did Jesus really "die" for our sins?
  55. Receiving Grace From God
  56. Blind Faith
  57. Reasons Jesus in not God.
  58. God's Love
  59. Ancient scrap fans debate on Jesusí marital status
  60. good day, good bye to life
  61. Hymn
  62. The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren
  63. Help Prophetic praise n worship
  64. The Necessity For Humility
  65. Church of the Holy Spirit (Catholic Church)
  66. Is Loneliness Eating You?
  67. Mission Trips
  68. Check out Christianhub.com.sg for teaching, meditations and help
  69. How to initiate conversation about Jesus
  70. New Alpha Course at CBD starting 14 Aug
  71. Buying Bibles
  72. CHC
  73. Who is Ho Yeow Sun?
  74. Debate: City Harvest founder Kong Hee arrested for alleged misuse of church funds
  75. Help The problem of Hell and Eternal Damnation
  76. God's voice
  77. Any Catholics out there? Need to ask something.
  78. Specific Calling
  79. Help Bible Study
  80. Reaching out to the poor, lost and needy
  81. Football Management
  82. Debate: About having a tattoo
  83. God in Ancient China
  84. I got a question! and thanks for looking into...
  85. Q&A: About the relation of Christianity and the NewWorldOrder
  86. Help New to Christianity
  87. God is real
  88. Born Again Church
  89. How do You Decide which Church to Belong to?
  90. Do you know that you need to be born of water and Spirit to enter heaven???
  91. Do you know u need to be born of water and Spirit to enter heaven ?
  92. Duty Calls
  93. History of Christianity
  94. a depressive me...
  95. Struggling in my walk with God and i seek help
  96. Are there any other christian churches in Sg...
  97. Debate: Should Christians go clubbing?
  98. Help help
  99. Help Help needed for a Malay guy
  100. Looking for a new church
  101. Anger result to a Person
  102. Just for Laugh
  103. If God exists, then why all the sufferings?
  104. The Beast Revelation
  105. Legend of the Cherokee Indian
  106. Youth Ministy Group!!! :)
  107. Great Outreach for all Singaporean Churches
  108. Can he be considered a christian?
  109. Jews
  110. Help Online resources
  111. What contentment means
  112. Anyone from FCBC?
  113. What every "True" Chrstian should and must know about...
  114. How to pray eloquently?
  115. Help: Pharaoh killing the male babies.
  116. Help need help from christians to guide me
  117. are you a born Christian?
  119. Auditions for Gospel vocalists/musicians
  120. Looking for Christian friends.
  121. God Love
  122. Sad Day: Presbyterian Church (USA) Paves Way for Gay Clergy
  123. Blessed Story
  124. Before you ________
  125. <Free> Bible Tuition Class
  126. Record attendance for Easter Sunday mass at churches
  127. Quality Guitar Lessons with Reviews to match (East)
  128. Help I need advices from christians
  129. Looking for Friday night service
  130. A vision on using the name of the Lord in vain
  131. Debate: Christian.
  132. Ancient Aliens
  133. Tattoo?
  134. What are your views on having a non believer close friend?
  135. I nned Christian to talk
  136. i just smashed the buddlha idols in my home..advice?
  138. The Mayonnaise Jar
  139. Christ erased away the accusations of the Law
  140. Preachers You Listen To
  141. is it weird to attend same cell group as BF?
  142. distant from group
  143. Evolution vs. Creationism
  144. Albert Einstein.
  145. Looking for a cell group
  146. An Atheist's Argument
  147. what is your purpose in life?
  148. Holy Thursday
  149. Christmas Dedication: The Story of the wayward Dragon
  150. I have drifted away from God.
  151. A cell group without love
  152. Urgent RECALL Notice for Christians!
  153. Supernatural movies involving devils/angels?
  154. Gracehope, a new community for Us!
  155. Help i need help
  156. Believer Music
  157. The Forgiving God
  158. Calvinist Methodist
  159. Do & Don't in Facebook
  160. Global Gospel Awareness Movement
  161. Pentecoastal churches and traditional churches
  162. Having faith 'helps patients live longer', study suggests
  163. Jehovah's Witness
  164. Sharing my plight
  165. "Christian" Musicians
  166. Are you Arminian or Calvinist?
  167. Differences between Catholic and Protestant?
  168. Blessings from God
  169. Catholic or protestant?
  170. Old Christian Songs
  171. Pray for our Leaders
  172. Worship Seminar & Concert with J. STEVENSON & BOB FITTS
  173. Tithe- Under Law or Grace
  175. Project Timothy - Talks by D. A. Carson in Sep 10
  176. Do christian need to obey the ten commandments now?
  177. Is it Important?
  178. Anyone goes for bible study?
  179. Guilt & some food for thought
  180. God and science
  181. We Christians are our own worst judge
  182. What songs do u sing in church?
  183. Lets pray for the city harvest incident to get resolved quickly
  184. How come God dont save all ppl that we pray for their salvation?
  185. What's the difference between catholics and christians?
  186. Anyone tried sharing gospel with malays?
  187. How do we explain the Trinity to non believers?
  188. How to share gospel with buddhists ?
  189. How do we explain the trinity?
  190. Why a decline in Christianality in Europe and USA ?
  191. Sharing the Gospel with atheists
  192. Genesis Big Flood
  193. Can a christian believe in Aliens, UFOs and ET advanced technology?
  194. Sharing Christianality with science freaks
  195. Don't worry if you feel that the World Hates you
  196. The Gospel
  197. Church Leadership Training
  198. Period of refining for the church in Singapore?
  199. The problem with Disappointments and Discouragements
  200. Where can I buy bible highlighter?
  201. Help Looking For A New Church
  202. Finding your mission field!
  203. Still a christian or a heretic?
  204. New age Religon?! music?
  205. Anyone knows any malay christians
  206. What are your Christian views on smoking?
  207. Anyone weren't born in a Christian family?
  208. The issue of Sexual Self-Stimulation
  209. Free Christian Music CDs
  210. When you say "I will pray for you", do you really mean it and really pray for that person?
  211. Discuss: The Ultimate Meaning Of Life At Its Direct Core
  212. Anglican Churches meet
  213. My Momís true testimonies
  214. Does God answer every prayer?
  215. Covenant Community Methodist Church - Church Admin & Youth Counsellor
  216. What is a Christian Atheist?
  217. Is Heaven real?
  218. Praying with and sharing the faith with children without their parents permission
  220. Rapture
  221. If God wants you to give your house or car to him, would you?
  222. Will you marry a non-Christian spouse?
  223. Debate: God, Bible, Christian Values and Evolution
  224. Sharing Jesus with Others
  225. Is the Bible relevant for the workplace?
  226. Will God heal any disease?
  227. A question that stuns the Christians...
  228. The Christmas of AD5000
  229. Do murderers go to Heaven?
  230. Short Story: The uneducated pastor Soh
  231. Why doesn't God destroy Satan?
  232. Once Saved Always Saved
  233. How do you know that God exists?
  234. Hypocrites
  235. Singapore Christians are cowards, they do not stand for what they believe in. Discuss.
  236. Christian Views of CHC Acquisition of Suntec
  237. Masoretic Text vs the Septuagint - discuss
  238. Help Is it wrong to question christian teachings?
  239. Tongues Prayers Thread!
  240. Jehovah Witnesses
  241. Roman Catholicism and Protestantism are different.
  242. How do you know if a "gift" is from God or Satan?
  243. Is christianity getting too "modernised"?
  244. Weekday Service
  245. City Harvest Church new building will be at!!!!
  246. Why deny the bad/sad/suffering parts??
  247. Pastor Rony Tan on gays and lesbians issues
  248. New Creation Church Holland
  249. Hillsong Sydney Conference 2010 Tickets
  250. Lunch at Vivo