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  1. Are some like this? or am i just weird!
  2. Shave Moustache
  3. Where you shoot?
  4. What do you think is average?
  5. Wearing Speedo Swimming Trunks
  6. Foreskin Poll
  7. Who has been dating for a year or two already, but has not done it?
  8. Men, sex ‘n’ porn
  9. How come so many "chio bu" thrend here! Wtf
  10. Anyone tried aneros before?
  11. pretty prudential Insurance agent:)
  12. When's the first time you did? If have.
  13. hello
  14. GF's birthday
  15. Will You Get Horny If A Gal Sit On Your Lap
  16. mustache
  17. Ever had this experience when beo girls...?
  18. Girls with -
  19. When you see a girl that looks attractive walk pass, what will you do normally?
  20. what topic do you actually chats and msg with a girl..Not gf just let her not to feel bored
  21. How to Turn from Zero to Hero without going to Gym and minimum exercise. (20USD Reward!! )
  22. Official Chio bu Thread! (Picture Intensive!)
  23. Save money
  24. Interesting bikini pictures of Girls in terms of % Weight | Which one do you prefer?
  27. wht cup wuld u consider as big...
  28. Majority guys got this "preferred" view
  29. ChioBu: Ai Takabe
  30. ChioBu: Maki Horikita
  31. NS LOVE!!!
  32. how many people are really Bi?
  33. Just a normal lady friend but ...
  34. I trimmed my pubic hair, the feels itchy
  35. Is this consider "unfaithful"???
  36. ^^ Ladies =P
  37. any one play stunt kite
  38. Keep yourself clean or .....
  39. Own up! Who went to Geylang?
  40. Pick up pints in sg
  41. they took off NS topic isit because of many unhappy man?
  42. Guys rebonding
  43. its normal to feel ur heartbeat from ur peni5 rite?
  44. The 12 Types of Females
  45. Vietnamese Gal in sg
  46. [Full Body] Brazilian Waxing
  47. Do you shave your arm pits?
  48. The Scoop on Semen
  49. How to handle a girl?
  50. how to buy big sweep"大彩"?
  51. Does whiter, creamier, thicker mean healthy???
  52. Sharp PAIN
  53. Need Urgent Help
  54. does anybody know him ?
  55. What to take for bigger and longer d..k
  56. whereto buy contraceptive pill
  57. How to grow taller.. [BOYS]
  58. Mustache grow too fast?
  59. new or old school household income?
  60. hello
  61. Where can I get secondhand e-scooter?
  62. Not model but real soldiers..
  63. Butt hair?
  64. Masturbuation first or Porn first O_O
  65. Enlargement program that works great for me, but..?
  66. Sensitive Penis Glans
  67. mahjong
  68. Any recommendations for a good tailor?
  69. shaving of leg hair
  70. guys with no armpit hair?
  71. Does any female come here to this section ?
  72. Anyone catch your gf watching porn?
  73. Down there hair brown colour?
  74. hi everyone
  75. your little brother length.. share here
  76. I Dun Dare Too...
  77. The new acne product
  78. for those who shave armpits
  79. What kind of swimwear you wear when u go to the pool?
  80. a guy selling ladies handbag in a retail store,would it be funny?
  81. Will you buy a car if your monthly gross income is only 3k plus?
  82. ::: SgClub Men's Most Favourite Underwear 2010 :::
  83. Buying large size clothes ...
  84. Question about shaving.
  85. clubbers get in!
  86. does oral sex cause pegnancy?
  87. Girls in Uniform [PICS]
  88. Age
  89. ladies perfume
  90. Bashing foreign workers on x'mas eve!!
  91. girls...
  92. guys ?
  93. What do you guys think of plus sized/chubby women?
  94. Troubles.
  95. Bros, its time for some south Indian Flavour in these forums
  96. Dumb-bells
  97. Contact Lenses
  98. Where is Rochester Camp?
  99. Do you pee in
  100. When was the first time u watch porn
  101. Top 10 Traits of a “Herbivorous” Man
  102. DSLR or Notebook
  103. Any free tips to share?
  104. which will you choose ?
  105. Do you guys have a hairy body?
  106. Guys Important
  107. EDMW
  108. Ever get your prick caught in a zip?
  109. All Guys Fall In.
  110. Guys like to drink?
  111. shampoo
  112. Gold converse shoes
  113. ::: BEC, AIC & FIC Alumni :::
  114. ★★★ Vietnam Hottest Babe Elly Tran Ha Strikes Back With her NEW PHOTOS ! ★★★
  115. anyone at st jame DF last nite ?
  116. Do you go to club alone to pick girls up?
  117. 台湾 正妹
  119. places or room tat self train.
  120. For guys only..
  121. Stuff that guys get when shopping online
  122. Is it normal to fantasize about BDSM?
  123. Any place for new massage?
  124. What are you going to do?
  125. Condom got age limit meh?
  126. What clothes suit well with Black Velvet Trilby Hat
  127. Do you think SG girls are...
  128. Wave House Sentosa (Singapore)
  129. Does being in a relationship keeps you away from lust ?
  130. Staring at bOObs extend male life by 5 years !
  131. ★★★★ Big Neh Neh Show Girl !! ★★★★
  133. What are you worry about??
  134. Are they really Despo for it?
  135. How do you define a flirt?
  136. is a guy's figure as important to a girl?
  137. Where to buy men thights?
  138. Sexy Sexy Young Babes Showing Off Their Cleavage (FOR GUYS)
  139. What do u prefer??
  140. New Question to ask! Important!
  141. Birthday Gift to girl?
  142. Guy! Help answer me! Is it normal?
  143. Sexy underwear - what does it mean to you?
  144. Vietnam girls like to show off their assets?
  145. What is your impression of china?
  146. Cute Girl Dance GIFs
  147. hi
  148. Do you realise Malay girls have better figure?
  149. :::: Lonely Soul Corner :::
  150. Confused about which one to choose.
  151. for those who have wax before
  152. what will you do if ur gf suddenly wants to be just gd fren with you?
  153. HELP! im a blogging idiot
  154. Pole Dancer breaks Pole
  155. Dress Sense
  156. where to get a good thai massage like in Thailand
  157. F1 team shirts
  158. Remove armpit hair?
  159. [GUYS ONLY] What is the FIRST THING that appears on your mind when you see this picture?
  160. How to increase our "power" naturally????
  161. curious... *Girls do not come in* you have been warned...
  162. dating application
  163. Any Tips ?
  164. Masturbate-A-Thon 2009 Champion Masanobu Sato Speaks
  165. Q : When msn or sms a girl..alot ppl face this problem
  166. possessive?
  167. how many times on average does a man have sex with his wife?
  168. Passionate about photographing gals, babes, racequeens, idols ?
  169. Questions on Protein Supplements
  170. Will over masturbation cause hair loss?
  171. Man, how do u relax?
  172. Sex without a condom lasts only a matter of minutes, but hiv is forever
  173. Career change, does your spouse forbid it?
  174. What perfume...
  175. How to make your face look thiner?
  176. buying faiz belt
  177. Are you jealous of GarryNg174?
  178. Facial hair problem
  179. Sharing Of Pretty Babe Photo (16 Pics)
  180. how to shorten gym recovery time?
  181. Pretty SG Girls Pictures with links to blog/msn etc
  182. Places with room equipped with sand bags for booking.
  183. Is this normal?
  184. guy not making money how?
  185. TAMMY nYp
  186. if Sg ever allows bigamy (having two wives at the same time)..
  187. Manly Hairs
  188. Is it normal for a guy to film his love making scene?
  189. Any good massage (decent) place?
  190. Indoor Tanning
  191. HIV Prevention
  192. Regarding HIV
  193. Spanish Fly Powder
  194. What If Ur Past Ex/Loved Contact You Suddenly?
  195. Gay thread...
  196. Manhattan Portage
  197. Why Garry Ng is so powerful?
  198. lol
  199. Need Advice....
  200. How do you all pick girls up in club?
  201. What will you do if ur gf give you attitude for nothing?
  202. Tanning!!! help pls
  203. Guy, please see
  204. Searching for Hotel/ Motel rooms for few special hours
  205. How Many Dread going for ICT?
  206. hi guys , regarding NS RT
  207. Any Experience Dance Instructors/Guiders Here?
  208. more hairy equal more horny?
  209. how to lose my small tummy!
  210. Japanese Women: A Virgin is Fine, Too!
  211. Japanese Women Want It Hard
  212. any good place for sensual massage
  214. Burning ball sack...
  215. FRESH LAUNCH PARTY [Pictures]
  216. is my hair okay? or a bit balding liao?
  217. is my hair okay? or a bit balding liao?
  218. "Putting girls onto the pedestrians"
  219. [DEBATE] GUYS, do you put make-up?
  220. My thoughts
  221. Weekly Ten: The 10 Types of Guys at the Party
  222. Are Good Guys really Less Appreciated?
  223. Bikini Party
  224. How can i reduce thigh and calf size
  225. What's wrong with meeting women in nightclubs?
  226. what will we guys choose?
  227. any manga to intro?
  228. HairStyling
  229. Anyone interested in Sebastian Crude Clay Modeler
  230. 101 ways to winning a girl's heart!!!
  231. Am i normal
  232. Is it fine
  233. Any affordable Health spa for men?
  234. Is Michael Jackson really dead?
  235. Mens night
  236. Women in the army. Oh yeah.
  237. guys, anyone woke up being fondled in their sleep?
  238. penis foreskin swollen and itchy...
  239. Men = Woman + Money
  240. How would you feel?
  241. My belly button hurts and ooze out puss.?
  242. Better Than Sex!
  243. relationship with a married woman
  244. Condom Dispenser
  245. ***Guideline on Girl Pictures Here [READ OR FACE INFRACTIONS]!!***
  246. The ultimate gift for all guys
  247. How To Shave Your Groin - Shaving Tips From Gillette
  248. guys stop your slutty talks.
  249. Benefits of Ahem
  250. Condoms Condoms Condoms