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  1. Beautiful Fantasy Girls
  2. Any dudez interested to Dance?
  3. Soulblader's official new Chiobus thread -- don't miss it!!!
  4. hair removal cream
  5. Miss Asia 2009
  6. Do you wear colorful cardigan?
  7. Gym Circuit Training
  8. Gatsby Moving Rubber Lock Spray
  9. Why my nose bleeds when I drink beer?
  10. marry that day die die must ahem*?
  11. What kind of Shaver do You Use?
  12. Am i sick?
  13. Laser Skin Resurfacing for acne scar
  14. If girls had Slumber Party, what kind of party should guys have?
  15. How many men are obsessed with Gucci and LV in Singapore
  16. Do you tell gf/girl friends..
  17. HOW DO U REACT!!!!!!
  18. do u get turned off when u find out that ur gf had french her bf?.
  19. How do i makes gals take number frm me? or otherwise? how do i start a conversation with gals and ta
  20. Do ur GF use sex toy?
  21. BROS! Whats better than sex?????
  22. Do u find it pai say when.........
  23. what i should i do I got rejected
  24. Share The Pretty Working Ladies You've Seen.
  25. Addiction to masturbation?
  26. dating a girl 2 yrs older.
  27. Ever In This Situation ?
  28. How to remove pubic hair
  29. LMAO! Look at this thread.
  30. Happy Hour = Pub/Nightclub/ktv
  31. What will be your reaction if you suddenly found out that your wife is not a virgin anymore?
  32. Stylo Milo
  33. erm.. how often do u *Play Chinese Chess* [PCC]?
  34. how many girls took number from u before?
  35. What if theres no such thing as STD....
  36. HELP!!! My hse got attacked by loansharks/ Ah Long!!!
  37. Which country do you wish your dream girl is from?
  38. Men pays for sex
  39. Tell or not to?
  40. If you your gf sleep together in the bed die die must ahem?
  41. Do your gf like to watch porn?
  42. Does anyone else here watch George Carlin?
  43. Do you know?
  45. Do u think its HARDER to resist temptation of Money or temptation of Gals???
  46. guys, what is your clubbingz attire?
  47. TOY BOYS!!!
  48. singapore's online community -sin- ????
  49. Worst BETRAYAL Stories [Share pls!]
  50. HOw to Gf
  51. i think i just screwed up.
  52. thread closed
  53. Would-be wife have sex with ex before day of marriage
  54. What will you do if 2 ladies love you at the sametime
  55. How size you gf cup?
  56. Impotent or Erection Disfunction
  57. do u hate being a men and prefer to be a girl?
  58. Would You Mind If Your Girlfriend Isn't A Virgin?
  59. thread deleted =(
  60. :.. Men's Den Newbies/Novice Sports Outings ..:
  61. clothing-Is it odd to wear twice before washing?
  62. Man or not man?
  63. Will she get pregnant?
  64. Sharing Babe Photo Thread [For Matured Mind Only]
  65. If a company offer you a pay tat u can merely survived to be a AV porn star for 2 yr ... will u wan?
  66. Hot and Sexy!
  67. A Caucasian Girlfriend
  68. For whatever reasons.... Do you shave down there??!?!?LOL
  69. Shaving Hair
  70. What make we guys pee-out blood?
  71. what happen if a girl going to be ur gf soon but u find out she just beded wif other guy!
  72. Clubbing alone....
  73. would u mind if a girl like u is a $$$ spammer
  74. Guy talk... Never wear shirt at home??
  75. ~*`*~*~*~*Men Dream/Wish Thread~*`*~*~*~*
  76. a guy told me he loves me...
  77. Anyone waiting to get enlisted??
  78. isit normal that every morning wake up "brother" steam
  79. Where do most guys go for facial?
  80. Confidence
  81. do u think men more stress or woman?
  82. will u like a girl that is emo+cute+ abit Mysterio and only talk to ppl that she know
  83. What happens in dorms??
  84. Looking good on an important day?
  85. wat will you do if u like a girl but she keep avoiding you?
  86. Do you find it Awkward at Urinals?
  87. do u always go geylang whenever u need it?
  88. Where to buy Office / Business Wear?
  89. your relationship with father or mother bettter?
  90. Would u mind ur gf goes...
  91. I don't know.
  92. Most commonly used facial cleaning brands?
  93. Does all males have armpit hair?
  94. Do you think of relative when DIY-ing?
  95. Guys, do you shave your face hair?
  96. Please choose a christian name for me.
  97. <Relationship Problem Thread>
  98. Minimum age required for male model
  99. shaving armpit hair
  100. are u a gamers/night owl?
  101. " The Good & the Bad " things about being a guy?
  102. do u think Masturbation is healthy or unhealthy come vote now!
  103. do u like sleep in rainy day wif topless?
  104. which one"s important to u?
  105. Fighting fish
  106. legs
  107. Share Ways to Sweet talk or Flirt !
  108. Guys....need some help here!
  109. where do you spray cologne
  110. What Perfume/Cologne do you use ?
  111. ForeSkin still there??
  112. [MEN ONLY] Blood that bad?
  113. Just got dumped!!!
  114. Good places to pick up chicks in SP?
  116. Do you guys like to cook?
  117. Which Babe u like ?
  118. How to know if the person is gay?
  119. Arouse.
  120. How do i know if a girl likes me ?
  121. when a guy get vain ppl go against
  122. Flings
  123. what u will do if your GF wan break up wif u
  124. do you think you are hawt?
  125. how did you learn about masturbation?
  126. What happen if one day ..
  127. Do you bath before sleep, daily?
  128. Guys do you sleep with your shirt on or off?
  129. do you have any good female friend?
  130. which part do you bio at?
  131. Is your face oily? or full of pimples.
  132. PSP Games
  133. What Are Your Strategies/Tips with the Ladies?
  134. Masturbation is healthy or bad for health?
  135. Where do guys usually shop for reasonable price n nice clothes ??
  136. the very typical question!
  137. Computer Games OR GF
  138. Guys do you shampoo your hair everyday
  139. Is it abnormal not to have wet dream??
  140. After Hours ~ for Men
  141. Men's Nite Out!
  142. Guys, whats under your pants?
  143. Guys do you shave or wax???
  144. Confessions
  145. Do you have....
  146. Strict Rules to Observe Here - Little Leniency for Rule-Violators - READ!
  147. Welcome to Men's Den