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  1. Happy Death Day
  2. War Horse (2011 steven spielberg production)
  3. SBC knew the plot to “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” more than 25 years ago
  4. Ip Man 3 spoilers, hints and dissection - DON'T Read if you haven't watch!
  5. Fans queue overnight for Star Wars premiere tickets
  6. Jack Neo to roll out Ah Boys To Men 4 and 5 in 2017
  7. Movie on Amos Yee seeks USD$25,000 from crowdfunding
  8. Alvin Tan debuts his new sex movie
  9. Jackie Chan and 33,000 recycled buttons
  10. Lingo Lingo babe makes movie debut as sexpot
  11. "Flat-chested beauty" Anita Yuen stuns with voluptuous figure in V-neck outfit
  12. Chen Tian Wen to star in ‘un-un-un-un-unbelievable’ movie
  13. Peh and Qi welcome SG50 baby
  14. 4 Ways To Save Money On Movies In Singapore
  15. Han Solo to Get ‘Star Wars’ Standalone Film from ’21 Jump Street’ Directors
  16. Is Donnie Yen going to be in “Star Wars VIII”?
  17. 'Top Gun' Sequel to Put Maverick in the Pilot's Seat Again
  18. Zoe Tay & Huang Biren star in same show for the first time in 27 years
  19. Irene Ang: My neighbours thought I was going to become a prostitute...
  20. Which movie had you tearing/crying?
  21. Patrons at Rex Cinema report being bitten and seeing bedbugs
  22. Patricia Mok: Bullies have no right to call me ugly
  23. Fantasy novelist wants to launch 'Chinese Lord of the Rings' to an international audience
  24. Actress Yvonne Lim moves to Taiwan
  25. Zoe Tay won't do plastic surgery
  26. Captain America: Civil War - Have A Look At The Whole Cast Assembled!
  27. need help on movie title
  28. Jeanette Aw takes a tumble at 2015 Star Awards
  29. Rui En 'black face' at Star Awards draws online brickbats
  30. Will Jack Neo make Ah Girls to NS movie?
  31. Most touching movie scenes
  32. Meanwhile, this is Aaron Kwok at 49....
  33. Charlene Choi takes a big pay cut and strips for her new movie Sara
  34. If you could pick a movie....
  35. Jade Seah Kept Engagement Secret
  36. "Captain America 3" looking for Southeast Asians
  37. If you think Jet Li's wife looks good now, wait till you see how she looked like in the past
  38. 5 original and different ideas for the next inevitable edition of Ah Boys To Men
  39. Michelle Chong caught using cellphone while driving!
  40. Sorry, guys: Cecilia Cheung has a new man -- and he's much older than you'd think
  41. 10 immediate thoughts any Naval Diver would have after watching Ah Boys To Men 3
  42. Glenn Ong and Nicholas Lee engaging in online Twitter war
  43. Jamie Yeo confesses that it was her fault marriage broke down with Glenn Ong
  44. Actor Maxi Lim went all out for nude scene in Ah Boys To Men 3
  45. She's not done: Actress in local R21 film now teases fans with 'Vogue look'
  46. TV actor Zheng Geping stunned to find his photos in online ads for pills
  47. Fifty Shades available in Singapore uncut, with R21 rating
  48. Ya Hui: Singapore’s sweetheart
  49. Star Awards 2015
  50. It's no stunt - HK superstar is now Datuk Jackie Chan
  51. Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu expecting first SG50 baby
  52. S'porean lands lead spot on a Korean reality show -- but here's what happeneS'pod when she got there
  53. Candy Yuen admits to stripping in front of director Wong Jing during audition
  54. Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen official trailer out and it looks like there’s real footage
  55. Vivian Hsu's favourite hangout in Singapore revealed!
  56. 10 Singapore female celebs who went without makeup on social media
  57. S'porean R21 film actress shares saucy photos from FHM shoot
  58. Transformers tops Razzies ‘worst film’ nominees
  59. Avatar’s sequel delayed until late 2017: James Cameron
  60. 'The Lego Movie 2' to be set four years later
  61. which movie(s) do you look forward to in 2015?
  62. Jay Chou abstained from sex for 2 years
  63. S'pore couple left with $28,000 bill after water mixes with diesel in engine of brand
  64. Could next Avatar films feature an Asian star? Producer Jon Landau says expect 'more
  65. Katniss was so stupid.
  66. Singapore actress strips for the camera: 'We are not having sex, it's just pretending'
  67. Gong Li fails to win Best Actress award at Golden Horse, vows never to return
  68. Gurmit Singh bids goodbye to MediaCorp
  69. what's that movie-baby cries, someone dies
  70. Who's the comedian who called Bill Cosby a rapist?
  71. Paddington Bear movie's 'mild sex references' PG rating removed after uproar
  72. Minions TRAILER 1 2015 - Steve Carell Sandra Bullock Movie
  73. Donnie Yen is Back! Best Movie since Ip Man.... Kung Fu Jungle opens Oct 30th 2014!
  74. Z NATION
  75. Lim Kay Tong to play founding PM Lee Kuan Yew in the movie 1965
  76. Fans shocked by how Joey Wong looks like now after seeing her on train
  77. Recommend movies that not many know about
  78. List your most memorable movie quotes!
  79. Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu are married: Reports
  80. Kirsten Stewart and Nicholas Hoult visits Sentosa
  81. Disney's New ‘Frozen’ Short Film Will Premiere in Spring 2015
  82. Ann Kok charms the pants off the Internet doing her eye thing
  83. Veteran actor Chew Chor Meng, who has Kennedy’s Disease, takes Ice Bucket Challenge
  84. Singapore veteran actor David Bala dies
  85. Watch Robin Williams' inspirational video for terminally ill woman
  86. Actor Robin Williams found dead in apparent suicide
  87. Fann Wong gives birth to a baby boy -- on National Day
  88. Anyone tried Golden Village Gold Class or Meal + Movie packages?
  89. Singapore's entertainment
  90. Paramount apologises after 'Ninja Turtles' poster recalls 9/11
  91. What is your favourite animated movie?
  92. Design Film Festival 2014
  93. Smokin' hot Fifty Shades Of Grey trailer released
  94. Worth to watch The Fault in Our Stars in theatre?
  95. Find out why this photo of 'The Rock' has got the Internet amused
  96. Chinese activists criticize Transformers' smoking scenes, say they're a bad influence
  97. Pregnant Fann Wong willing to pose nude for photos
  98. Street Fighter Assassin's Fist
  99. Samantha Ko offered 7-figure fee to have dinner with rich man
  100. Andrea De Cruz may have only 8 years left
  101. Looks familiar? Local celebs share a selfie at Star Awards
  102. The Dream Makers wins big at Star Awards 2014, sweeping 4 awards
  103. The Big Bang Theory and 3 other US TV shows banned in China
  104. Looks like Joanne Peh has an anti-fan -- just look at this defaced picture
  105. Your all time favorite movie?
  106. Jade Seah Kept Engagement Secret
  107. Is that Chow Yun Fat? His weight loss is so dramatic, his wife has asked him to see a doctor
  108. Disney's 'Frozen' becomes top-grossing animated film ever
  109. Recommended Youtube: Bangkok - The Beauty of Faith
  110. Indonesia Bans Hollywood's Biblical Epic - Noah
  111. Do you bother reading movie reviews before going cinema?
  112. Pan Ling Ling beats breast cancer
  113. TVB Show: Lives of Omission
  114. Clothes so tight, I could hardly breathe
  115. Eden: a sex slave's story
  116. Cecilia Cheung is single, available and wants S'pore guys to woo her
  117. Louis Koo secretly builds 61 schools in China
  118. Singapore Short Film Screenings
  119. Airwolf-for those who grew up in the late 80s and 90s
  120. Kym Ng's CNY resolution is to make better use of her brains
  121. 43-year-old Fann Wong is 3 months pregnant
  122. Philip Seymour Hoffman Found Dead in Manhattan Apartment
  123. Will Chinese drama about female special forces be banned for being too sexy?
  124. ‘Ah Boys to Men’ stars reunite for musical of hit movie
  125. Chow Yun Fat reveals that he is 'sick' with a disease
  126. Bryan Wong reveals his all-time favourite dish
  127. A day in Paul Foster's life as a National Serviceman
  128. Meet Walking Dead Stars Rick & Daryl in Singapore
  129. Alexander Skarsgard Naked on a Toilet in middle of Antarctica
  130. 陳小春&應采兒 Wedding Day Highlight (Ding & Jordon)
  131. Any Sherlock fans here?
  132. Cecilia Chung settles in Singapore -- her sons are enrolled in local school
  133. Superstars Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui to tie the knot
  134. Jet Li: "I'm fat and I can't do anything about it"
  135. Jackie Chan to hold 60th birthday bash
  136. The 10 Worst Movies of 2013
  137. ‘I have OCD, ADD’: Jackie Chan
  138. Jack Neo would treat Ah Boys To Men cast to 'special meals'
  139. Japanese actress admits past affair with Jackie Chan
  140. Patricia Mok doesn't care what you think of her -- even after makeover
  141. Ah Boys To Men becomes musical
  142. New X-Men movie coming in 2016
  143. MediaCorp wins Terrestrial Broadcaster of the Year award
  144. Game: Which celebrity is hotter?
  145. Li Nanxing will settle down again -- only after he retires from acting
  146. Suicide and Me: What's it like at a crisis hotline
  147. The Hobbit Extended Edition Screening + BTS (potentially)
  148. Zheng Geping gets nude pics from female fan -- but his wife is happy for him
  149. Fast & Furious Star Paul Walker Dies in Car Crash
  150. I don't dress sexily: Ann Kok
  151. Singapore actor Zheng Ge Ping may be 49 but his ripped body will put younger men to shame
  152. Jack Neo on why he didn't follow his dream of filming artistic film like Ilo Ilo
  153. Ann Kok: I thought of going to a sperm bank
  154. Any TV shows spoken in Singdarin?
  155. Short Film - My Superwoman
  156. Any Chinese and asian fantasy/mythology/legendary film titles to recommend?
  157. Gravity Spinoff: What was happening on the other side of Sandra's distress call
  158. Chinese model in sex scandal with Kpop idols also linked to Jay Chou and other famous celebs
  159. English Actor Comedian Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) died at 58
  160. Joanne Peh and Qi Yu Wu have so much chemistry that they never fight
  161. 'How I Met Your Dad' series moving forward!
  162. Joanne Peh turned off by idea of Botox and plastic surgery on her face
  163. Chinese Movie Poster Turns Thor 2 Into 'Brokeback Mountain 2'
  164. Vivian Hsu to marry Singapore-based entrepreneur Sean Lee
  165. English-Dubbed Anime
  166. Singapore singer-actress Foyce Le Xuan reveals she has breast cancer
  167. Michael Bay attacked by 2 brothers in alleged blackmail attempt while filming TF4 in Hong Kong
  168. Jeanette Aw transform herself for new tomboy role -- by shaving side of her head
  169. Charlene Choi, Fiona Sit and Chapman To go nude to support anti-slavery campaign
  170. Interest check: SGC movie review writer
  171. Donnie Yen's COMEBACK in Special ID on Oct 18th, MMA Movie!
  172. Curse of Chucky
  173. Jaycee Chan says that his father suffers from OCD and ADHD
  174. Joanne Peh: 'Marriage to Qi Yu Wu something that will happen sooner or later'
  175. The Big Bang Theory
  176. Jackie Chan Dead 2013: Hoax
  177. TV host Quan Yifeng's ex-husband now a taxi driver earning $150 daily
  178. Final Season of How I Met Your Mother Premiers in US
  179. Xie ShaoGuang becoming a monk?
  180. Chnl 8 9pm show "Sudden" discussion?
  181. Ris Low ignores comments on her weight gain in debut flick
  182. Most overrated actor/actress in SG
  183. which celebrities have you seen in person?
  184. Guess who is this?
  185. Why Superman is named Man of Steel?
  186. Fifty Shades actors cast
  187. Teletext to end service this month
  188. Who likes Big Bang Theory??
  189. Which TV series made the cut for 2013-2014?
  190. Pacific Rim degrades Chinese: China military officer
  191. Unknown here but Singaporean actress making waves in China and Korea
  192. New season of Sons of Anarchy!!!
  193. Ben Affleck is the new Batman!
  194. Edison Chen contemplates making movies
  195. Joanne Peh and boyfriend Qi Yuwu get all touchy-feely at F1 event
  196. Need urgent help!!
  197. Zheng Geping: I did not change my name for fame
  198. Hong Kong sex scandal star seen selling shoes on Shanghai street
  199. Cameron to release three 'Avatar' sequels
  200. China bootleg DVDs' funny titles
  201. S'pore actor Mark Lee showed his 'true face' on HK set
  202. Wang Leehom to star in Stan Lee’s Annihilator
  203. Next up: From Ah Boys to international pop stars?
  204. Will you see the same movie again and again?
  205. Rui En used to be a tomboy who hated dresses
  206. Do you like the movie called Titanic?
  207. 'Despicable Me 2' banned in China
  208. Actors puffing away in movies are not 'cool'
  209. Why do So Many People Love the Superman Man of Steel?
  210. Malaysian to direct "Fast And Furious 7"
  211. Batman Set to Join Superman for ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel in 2015
  212. Chen Liping wants to lose weight -- the safe way
  213. Mata Mata [New Ch5 post-war Singapore series premiering on 9 Aug 2013]
  214. Five shows about NS we want to see
  215. Fast & Furious director wants to make series on Bruce Lee
  216. What does the "S" on the Superman Man of Steel T-shirt Mean?
  217. Do you like Batman?
  218. Hollywood braces for more flops
  219. Do you look forward to the next Batman movie?
  220. How despicable! Shaw cinema screens part 1 of movie instead of sequel
  221. Silver Surfer to get movie
  222. From Comic Book to Movie
  223. Edmund Chen aims to break world record for longest drawing by an individual
  224. Dai Yang Tian says Fiona Xie is 'too westernised' for him
  225. The Recruit Diaries 《阿兵新传》
  226. What local actor Shaun Chen does when he's lonely
  227. Christopher Lee carries Fann Wong around, just to make her smile
  228. Girl suffers itchy red bites on thigh after watching movie in cinema
  229. James Gandolfini dies at 51; actor starred in 'The Sopranos'
  230. Barberella no more: Michelle's barred from portraying 'The Noose' characters
  231. Jack Neo criticises young directors
  232. S'pore actors blast 'rude' young artistes
  233. Allan Wu and Wong Lilin split
  234. Jackie Chan pens musical about himself
  235. Taiwan-born Mediacorp actor Jeff Wang to divorce Singaporean wife
  236. Felicia Chin is back
  237. Live action Archie film
  238. Charice is gay
  239. "The Voice Of China" in Singapore
  240. Jack Neo's upcoming CNY film
  241. Joanne Peh & Qi Yuwu to enter wedlock soon
  242. Phyllis Quek to wed Australian businessman
  243. Jackie Chan: No to "Rush Hour 4"
  244. 2 more MediaCorp stars hit by health problems
  245. What Do You Pay For In A Cinema?
  246. Angelina Jolie has double mastectomy, fearing breast cancer
  247. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
  248. Veteran local actor Dai Peng dies from same cancer as Huang Wenyong
  249. Parents want Lin Chi-ling to marry
  250. Edison Chen infuriated by a TV interview