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  1. 有趣的网上游戏
  2. How Cold Are You?
  3. For ppl who noe whats ume or seme *v* come and see which one u r
  4. What world do you live in? Quiz~
  5. What is TEMPER level? quiz~ (find out if your temper is like a volcano or the peaceful river?)
  6. At what age,will you ever STOP using internet?
  7. Will you survive 2012 QUIZ....
  8. Find out what you will be in your AFTERLIFE.
  9. Are you a cat or dog person? =) (pet personality quiz)
  10. Are you straight, bisexual or gay/lesbian? QUIZ
  11. Are you a perfectionist? (that is a 'sickness' that will affect us deep inside us)
  12. How sexually perverted are you? (Im sure all of us are rather pervert,but how pervert?)
  13. What Famous Literature Character Are You?
  14. What is your MENTAL age? (do you think like your own age or..?)
  15. Past life analysis: Wanna know who you were at your past life?
  16. What's your personality disorder?
  17. Another Personality Quizz
  18. How Well Do You Know abt Singapore?
  19. Gals, Do You Have the X-Factor?
  20. Robin Hood Morality Quiz
  21. How Logical Are You?
  22. Interesting Facts Trivia - True or False?
  23. Tricky Word Problems
  24. Who's Youngest or Oldest Brain Teasers
  25. Challenging Brain Teasers
  26. Which Side of Your Brain is Dominant?
  27. How Healthy is your Emotional Expression?
  28. Ice-Cream Flavour Personality & Compatibility
  29. Personality Profile Test
  30. Harry Potter and the Socerer's Stone Ultimate Quiz
  31. Does He Like You?
  32. What Kind of Boyfriend/Girlfriend Are You?
  33. Basic FRIENDS Quiz
  34. Think you are SMART?
  35. What Personality Type are You?
  36. Does She Like You?
  37. Are You Happy?
  38. Should You Dump Your Boyfriend?