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  1. Clubbers party hard to the tunes of guest DJ Paul Woolford at Club Kyo
  2. Party goers ushered in CNY with a bang at Shanghai Dolly
  3. Clubbers party with a high on Sugar Rush Fridays at Bang Bang
  4. Party animals rev up for a thrilling night with renowned DJ at Bang Bang
  5. Thrill seekers are up all night to get lucky at Altimate's casino-themed party
  6. Butter Factory to close after lease expires in March 2015
  7. job @ nightclubs
  8. Get drunk without going broke: Singapore's cheapest happy hours
  9. Looking to meet people over lunch or supper
  10. Come party at GENESIS !
  11. Celebrity nightclub brand Avalon closes after 2 years
  12. Celebrate Mr Jack Daniel's Birthday with an awesome BBQ event.
  13. Nightlife
  14. Anyone clubbing this weekend ?
  15. CLUB DREAM TONIGHT! 28/08/2013
  16. Craft Beer
  17. dislike nightclub?
  18. Clubs here offer "X-rated" entertainment to draw in the crowd
  19. CLUB?
  20. National Day Plans
  21. Frequent clubbers?
  23. Zirca to close, last party on Saturday
  24. CASSIS: SoundSession and Chartreux : Th3 Asian Affair
  25. Thai Thai must try!
  26. Now we can Check Awesome Clubs happenings in Singapore
  27. Paid-to-party girls in Singapore (Part 1): Danaís story
  28. HTC users get free entry to Zouk on Saturdays
  29. hi all, here who dun or quit clubbing 1?
  30. SMOOVE EVENT AT POWERHOUSE , Anybody interested ? :) *CLUBBING* 6th SEP
  31. Zouk 25/8/12 anyone ?
  32. Imperial Club (Soft Launch)
  33. No more Mambo night
  34. Pubbing
  35. How much are birthday packages at avalon/zirca/zouk?
  36. Errrr. What is clubbing exactly?
  37. DJ Gravity - GRAVITATION Official Launch ! @ Club Avatar
  38. Safra mount faber rehab pool party in July
  39. Unopened Absolut Vodka
  41. Clubs or Pub is for you
  42. St James wins Best Nightspot
  43. Clubbing Questions
  44. Where do you like to club or pub???
  45. St. James to open new megaclub in Sípore by June
  46. Only 'feminine' women welcome on Ladies' Nights
  47. Invite all to new Pub....goodies inside
  48. Top 10 spots for students in Singapore
  49. clubs/ drinks
  50. :)
  51. Club Avatar- EYE CANDY Wednesdays ! FREE entry for ALL !
  52. Clubbing promotions!
  53. Where is the best place to karaoke?
  54. places to drink
  55. club club club
  56. Clarke Quay suggestions?
  57. Raising a glass to 20 years of Zouk
  58. Dynasty KTV Prices
  59. mimolette anyone?
  60. pub at 11 changi south st 3 level 4
  61. What is the hottest nitespot in Singapore!
  62. Sparks - like Disco!?
  63. More clubbers splurge on premium drinks
  64. FREE PARTY at LA MAISON Fri 14 JAN 2011
  65. Saturated scene
  66. Pub in Turf City
  67. Spotted: Zouk's youngest clubber
  68. Rooftop Cafes / Bistros / Pubs
  69. Clubs that play Top 40 music?
  71. Nightspot offers free entry to those with condoms
  72. Anyone heading down to ZoukOut?
  73. Singapore's favorite night spots: The makeover
  74. Night life and clubs in Singapore
  75. Where are the good pubs for oldies?
  76. Supper Club
  77. Underage clubbing (tourist)
  78. sake bar
  79. Taiwanese tease with garang garland girls
  80. wan to no abt pubs...
  81. Thai Club/Pub in sg.
  82. Goodbye Boat Quay, hello integrated resorts
  83. Sexy devils in heels
  84. New karaoke outlet in iluma
  85. Which ktv got alot of korean songs?
  86. www.sloshspot.com.sg Online Home of Offline Nightlife
  87. Which club do you frequent the most?
  88. Bartender Training Programe
  89. Which club plays nice House music?
  90. Clubbing. What do u think about it? What is ur purpose of clubbing?
  91. Which club is the best now?
  92. Can anybody tell me where is TOP BAR?
  93. Which pub to choose?
  94. Any idea how many litres is a standard beer mug?
  95. Nice but not very ex. KTV Pubs?
  96. Clubbing?
  97. KTV Pub, Chill and relax
  98. Do u all think that those ugly OR fat guys & gals shd not go clubbing?
  99. Clubbers unite!!!!
  100. Which Bar/Club would you NOT go?
  101. Where Do You Like to Party?
  102. What is the club/pub you will never go ?
  103. hich Club Is The Hottest In Town, Disco, pubs,clubs
  105. Singapore should close down clubbing areas.
  106. Pubs and club
  107. How much is the cost singing at Party World? happy hours?
  108. Regarding Club Babyface
  109. Searching for new pub to go around town
  110. going zouk first time what to know
  111. What's your favorite alcoholic drink or mocktails at pubs, bars or clubs ?
  112. Great Place To 'Chill Out' On A Hot Singapore Weekend?
  113. Which bar would you go to?
  114. Anyone ever been to Hooters? How are the girls there?
  115. anyone here below 18 goes to clubs for over 18 ? :D
  116. Party for a Cause @ Butterfactory,M.O.S
  117. what is mos?
  118. KBox Club
  119. Underage Clubbers
  120. MOS, DXO, ZOUK
  121. More F&B, recreation and retail outlets planned for Tanglin Village
  122. Ladies Night - but only if you're under 36
  124. MOS
  125. No smoking in clubs from next month!!
  126. Do u go clubbing?
  127. clubbing ??