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  1. <K-Academy> Introduction to K-Pop Dance [November Intake]
  2. Dance crew!!
  3. SoulVibe Crew recruiting
  4. Recruiting dance members! (:
  5. Forming A Female Dance Crew ;)
  6. Recruiting Dancers from YEC/PAYM
  7. Looking for Fellow Dancers
  8. looking for popping, waving, locking classes.
  9. Recruitment for PEPPERMINT
  10. hello! calling all akb48 fans
  11. Looking for people to practise dancing together
  12. Dance Crew (Any Style!)
  13. Cheap Dance Studio For Rent?
  14. Recruiting members to new upcoming crew
  15. Zumba Z-Kickz shoes?
  16. Need A Choreographer?
  17. Recruiting kpop dance crew
  18. <Bring Dance To Your Life 2!> An introduction to Hip Hop Dance Workshop (28 Nov FRI)
  19. Like to get your crew/dancers more widely known? Film-maker here offering his services for free.
  20. Small hip hop/kpop dance crew
  21. genre
  22. FREE Dance Workshops by World Supremacy Battlegrounds 2014 Monster Division Champions NRA Legacy
  23. What shoes to wear?
  24. looking for dancing friends
  25. looking for popping crew
  26. looking for hiphop dance crew to join
  27. Krumping
  28. Recruiting Dancers!:)
  29. Recruiting
  30. Any contemporary dancers around here?
  31. Join StarHub's First Ever Dance & Cheer TV Competition
  32. In need of a Crew!
  33. Wooden boards for tap?
  34. Meet up
  35. ._.
  36. Finger tutting
  37. Hypesteria 2015
  38. Anyone wanna dance together or something?
  40. Wanna practice together?
  41. Recruiting dancers
  42. Looking for a dance crew
  43. CCK got Talent Session 2
  44. wanna dance or go for competition? come join me.
  45. Any dancers keen to practice together?
  46. Any dance crew recruiting?
  47. Looking for a hip hop crew to join
  48. CASTING CALL: Contemp dancers required
  49. SoulVibe Crew
  50. learn a class
  51. Chinese dance?
  52. Dance Community
  53. Best dance videos
  54. Looking for a Hip hop group
  55. Looking for hiphop crew to join
  56. Recruiting Kpop Dance Crew/Forming Kpop dance Group
  57. looking for a crew
  58. HipHop crews recruiting?
  59. Looking for a dance crew
  60. Looking for a dance crew!!
  61. Looking for all boys dance crew
  63. O School Dance~
  64. Looking For Male HipHop/KPOP Dance Partner!
  65. Recruiting Dancers who loves to dance to K-POP
  66. Studio Wu, O School, Danz People
  67. Forming kpop dance group
  68. [RECRUITING] Dance Group (All types of dances; mainly revolving around K-pop)
  69. Singapore AllBabes Dance Crew
  71. Reggae
  72. Kpop Dance competition
  73. [RECRUITING] Dance Group (All types of dances; mainly revolving around K-pop)
  74. Dance Crew
  75. KPOP Dance Group !
  77. Anyone interested in dancing J-Pop/Vocaloid dances?
  78. Dancing Practice Locations?
  79. Recruiting Dancers [URGENT!!]
  80. Suicide Breakdance Move:
  81. Looking for Standard Ballroom Female dance Partner
  82. Lionel Lye Zhenghao
  83. GIRLS POWER KPOP DANCE CREW (male dancers recruiting to dance co-ed songs too)
  84. Male Dancing partner(URGENT)!
  86. nEbO Dance'n'Splash
  87. Anybody willing to teach beginner bboy with 0 dance experience?
  88. Learn dance routine
  89. Handstands!
  91. Interested to join
  92. SWAG Studios audition today!
  93. Kpop Dance Cover Interest (Help?)
  94. Lionel Lye Zheng Hao
  95. Do you think you can dominate the stage?
  96. Michael Sim's Popping Class!
  97. Minimum commitment dance group
  98. Full Video of CROWN of SWAG 2 vs 2 Dance Battle!
  100. Street Edition Dance Crew recruiting (with or without experience)
  101. Cheapest Dance session Available here!(Non-Exp/Exp) are welcomed)
  102. SWAG - Studio Open House Event! Crown of SWAG, 2 vs 2 Dance Battle!
  103. SWAG - My Dance Studio
  104. Question about lessons for first timers
  105. Forming New Hiphop/Kpop Dance Crew ;)
  106. recruiting members for hiphop crew
  108. Mix-Gender Dance Crew Recruiting Male Dancers!
  109. Recruiting of dancers for a dance film musical!
  110. tribal fusion belly dance. anyone?
  111. Recruiting Dance Members ( Mixed Genders )
  112. Mix-Gender Kpop Dance Crew Recruiting !
  113. Looking for dancers!
  114. mix-gender dance crew both males and females are welcomed! aged 16 and above :)
  115. Dance Crew Recruitment <URGENT!> Singers/Dancers Required!
  116. Dance Crew Recruitment <URGENT!>
  117. Dance Workshops
  118. Any Kpop dance crew recruiting?
  119. Teams with ready K-Pop & Hip-Hop Dance routine/choreography... Don't waste it!
  120. Dance school?
  121. K-Pop Dance Competition
  122. $35 for 4x1hr Dance lessons
  123. Kpop Dance Cover Crew Recruiting!
  124. Which is Harder?
  125. Flash Mob
  126. Unusually tight step team
  127. Kelly Manning, Overseas Master Instructor Series
  128. Looking for private dance instructors
  129. Join an Experienced Dance Crew
  130. Dance Competition!
  131. Dance school for people with no experience in dancing?
  132. Anyone know where can practice dance outdoor?
  133. Dance crew
  134. Health & You : Shuffling Dance Challenge!!!
  135. Looking for dance instructor/choreographer
  136. Singapore Inter-School Show Choir Challenge 2012
  137. Calling out for poppers
  138. Forming a girl dance/sing group - 18 to 22
  139. [URGENT] Recruit member for Competition
  140. Are U Looking for a Dance Crew?
  141. Looking for a Dance Crew
  142. Calling out to all girls keen in Girls Hip Hop!!
  143. Interested to learn dance
  144. Teenage K-pop Dance Battle 2012
  145. Hip Hop Pants
  146. Recruiting Crew Members! <KPOP>
  147. Looking For Dancers For K-Pop Dance Competition
  148. Dance Audition
  149. [Urgent] Recruit 5ML dance crew
  150. *Urgent. Take part in Project Dream.Stage
  151. Dance studio question
  152. Hello! :D helping my friend look for dance companions!
  153. Looking for Dance Crew
  154. Who's your favourite dancer or choreographer?
  155. Popping competitions
  156. $15 Cheap Affordable Dance Studio new student rate!!!!
  157. Michael Jackson, Show Luo, Usher, G-Dragon and Tae Yang's DANCERS COMING TO SG FOR COUNTDOWN?!
  158. Where to go for Countdown?
  159. Wanna join a dance crew
  160. Asking for practice partners
  161. Any dance grps still recruiting?
  162. SNSD's Dancers
  163. L> Private hip hop / pop n lock dance tutor
  164. The Carnival Act by NRA
  165. It's happening this Saturday!
  166. 10 more days to PULSE! HipHop KnockOut
  167. Looking for Competitive latin dancesport partner
  168. Calling all Dance Enthusiasts for PULSE! HipHop Knockout 2011 Dance Competition!
  169. STREET EDITION Dance Crew: Recruiting! (with or without dance experience!)
  170. [RECRUITING] Dance Crew
  171. Looking for B-Boys to teach beginner class!
  173. Anyone interested in partner dancing?
  174. How to Remember?
  175. hip hop dance workshops?
  176. singapore kpop group?
  177. da' shocase 10
  178. So You Think You Can Dance
  179. HTC Likes Awards - Best Dance Moves Competition!
  181. The Big Groove 2011... anybody going?
  182. Dance Studio for Rent!!!
  183. Clubbing Event needs dancers/ dance crew
  184. Dance Group .:K.O.A:. Lk> Intrested ppl who Wans/Love to dance
  185. Any one saw the chicky dance video on TV?
  186. The dance studio that you will recommend for beginners?
  187. dance practise
  188. Dance Crew Recruitment
  189. Volunteer performance group needed for major event
  190. Recruiting the "Faders"
  191. [RECRUIT] Masquerade Crew
  193. Any dancers ard woodlands area.
  194. Any Dance Crew Still Recruiting?
  195. L>dance crew. And doing choreography service (no jazz)
  197. Adult Ballet for Beginners?
  198. L>Hardstyle shufflers
  199. Esplanade Presents Bitesize: What is This Thing Called Swing? workshop
  200. Dancers Needed for a HUGE event @ ORCHARD ROAD
  201. Dance Partners
  202. Sessions @ Scape
  203. which is better
  204. Impresario 2011 Dance Category Registration Still Open (Deadline 23rd Jan 2011)
  205. Dance Fiesta 2011
  206. Bootcamps at Krav Maga Singapore
  207. Dance Concert!
  208. FUNK EDITION Dance Crew: Recruiting! (with or without dance experience!)
  209. German students win Ugly Dance World Cup
  210. HipHop: Get started!
  211. Girls' Generation Dance Crew Recruitment
  212. HipHop Shoes
  213. The Legion Of Extraordinary Dancers
  214. where can learn breakdancing?
  215. Popping
  216. Am I too old to learn hip hop?
  217. Breaking
  218. NEW! SNSD [Dance + CosPlay]
  219. Good dancing may be sign of male health, scientists say
  220. New Dance Classes at Natasha Studio
  221. Teens Hip-Hop Dance Crew
  222. Hellow !
  223. Urgently looking for hiphop crash course.
  224. Wanna learn Korean MV dance?
  225. Dance Open Class
  226. Forming a hiphop dance crew!
  227. Shinee Lucifer/kpop dance
  228. Locking Course for Beginners
  229. tap dance? teachers/schools?
  230. Popping dance classes? WHERE
  231. da:ns festival get together
  232. Dance Lessons!
  233. Bedok YEC Dance Competition 2010
  234. Anybody recruiting kpop dancers?
  235. Belly dancing.
  236. Come Join Us! (No Experience Needed)
  237. Anyone interested to join dance crew?
  238. non-profit contemporary dance troupe recruitement
  239. SG Dance crew friendly battle!
  240. Korean Dance Classes
  241. where can learn new jazz or leggae
  242. LA/Lyrical Hiphop beginner course @ oschool
  243. Looking for HIP HOP dance buddies!
  244. Dance class buddy ^^
  245. looking for Tecktonik dancers
  246. Breakdancer hits a kid
  247. Momentum Dance Festival 2010
  248. He pops and locks to victory
  249. Breakdance
  250. SNSD dance crew recruitment